Great Advances in Solar

I've written about my opinion on solar energy in the past but I honestly believe that 2017 will be the year that this industry gives us more advances to the technology. You may not be aware but there were vast improvements in 2016 and I know this only because my family has recently looked into installing solar panels to save a buck where we can.

First and foremost one huge change that took place in 2016 in the solar market was the acquisition of Solar City by Tesla. Tesla has positioned themselves as the premium standard when it comes to electric vehicles and it seems only natural that they would acquire a company that has continually out performed other solar provider.


Oil Cleansing Method

The harsher weather is definitely in full effect and the colder temperatures typically wrecks my skin but not this year. For as long as I could remember I've struggled with acne but since my skin care regime has changed, I've noticed fewer (if any) breakouts. If you only change one thing this year I highly suggest it be to start cleansing your face with cleansing oil. It's really does work wonders. My daughter worked an overnight shift at her job and I went to pick her up in the morning when her shift ended so that she wouldn't fall asleep behind the wheel and her co-workers told her that her sister was there to pick her up. She followed up with "that's my mom" and I was all types of hyped (LOL). There is really little you can do to slow aging but if you search and read up on people who currently use the oil cleansing method to cleanse their skin, they all have the same reoccurring theme and it's that they tend to not look their age.

I will admit though if you're use to washing your face with soap or some other type of cleansing agent then the change will be hard to get used to at first. You'll feel like you'll need to do more and follow up with something else but after that initial feeling has passed, you're skin adjusts to the new routine and you'll start to see results. I've included a few brands that you can find locally priced under $12 which can be found at most stores like Target and Walmart. From the list I must admit I've only used the Garnier brand in the past but here's another little tip... you can make your own and it's super easy!!!! It's also great for men as well and women who shave their bikini line. Especially if you're prone to razor bumps.


Me, You, Our Vision and a Movie

Has anyone else caught the Netflix movie Barry? It's the portrayal of a young Barack Obama. The movie starts with a college aged Barack settling into life as a transfer student attending Columbia University in the early 80's and his encounters with racism and self reflection. It seemed to be a honest depiction of the self discovery that most young adults experience during that time frame but it also touches upon the his inner-conflict with being mixed.The path to understand ourselves is universal and honestly it should constantly be evolving as we do but it has to be a bit more difficult to carve out your path when adding in the complexity of fitting into the imaginary boxes that society has created based on color. In the movie we see a young Barack struggle to fit in with both the black neighborhood in which he lives (Harlem) and the white friendships he's developed in school which leaves him conflicted and withdrawn until he settles into accepting that he'll never fit into any one mold completely. I feel that we all can identify with this inner conflict to a certain degree. Often as adults we are still on the quest to find what completes us or fulfillment. Which brings me to the next topic which comes along with this time of year when we're all creating New Year goals and resolutions. Hit the flip for neat useful tools that I've found to help you take over the world in 2017 and catch the preview of Barry available now on Netflix.


Movie review: Arrival and Dr. Strange

During my travel to the Disney parks one of their attractions were a in-depth preview of their current movie releases and while trying to escape the heat, I went in to check out the preview for the newly released Dr. Strange and I was immediately blown away. The preview was so impressive that I spent one of my days while on vacation checking out the movie and it was spectacular.

I am definitely a movie fanatic but I'm not a super hero enthusiast to say the least but I was definitely surprised by the Dr. Strange movie and I give it a solid 10. It was action packed and full of underlying truths. I do believe that all of our lives and everything in it follow distinct patterns and this movie is based upon this same concept. Basically if your aware of the Flower of Life and metaphysics then this movie is a must see. Not to mention that the 3-D version is phenomenal and definitely worth the extra few dollars. I'm not going to bore you with my quirky beliefs so I'll just drop the trailer here for you to check out but for me it was GREAT!

I also wanted to check out Arrival which debuted this past weekend. Although I love a good Sci-Fi this movie was kind of lack luster to me. It was good but in a completely different way than Dr. Strange which was action packed from the very beginning. Arrival was a bit dry and lacked the action you want while sitting through a 2 hour movie but it was still very thought provoking. I felt as though the last 20 minutes of the movie was the true "ahh ha" moment and it still left a few questions burning in my mind. Such as why didn't they go more into detail about the husband and his version and side of the story. It was about the woman and how she interacted with the aliens but he was still a very crucial part of that entire dynamic and what were the contributions from the other 11 ships? They mentioned at the very end that they all worked together but HOW was intentionally left out. I prefer for my movies to bring it all back home and I prefer to not have more questions about would be scenarios. That means that the story telling wasn't fully on point because there would be no pending questions. So my rating for Arrival is 6 out of 10. For me it was a DVD movie night type of movie but with that said... my daughter loved it.

Oh and another little note. If any of you have seen both check out this link and tell me where you see the correlation between BOTH movies. Both movies are completely different but still very similar underlying message. It's funny how these "patterns" keep popping up. Little life hints from script writers??? You decide for yourself and let me know when you spot what I'm referring to (only if you have seen both movies).


Review of Essie Gel Couture

I love for my nails to look great with a manicure that's chip free but unfortunately I hate spending the money at a nail salon for a manicure because it typically last about 2 days before I notice the chipping. So I either take the time to do my own manicures at home or go without polish. Usually in the winter months, I will spend the time to manicure at home and redo them every 2-3 days because my nails tend to get really dry and brittle during the winter months therefore the polish protects them while retaining some length. Luckily doing them at home isn't costing me anything so I don't mind dedicating the time to tidy up my cuticles and add a bit of color. My only problem with home manicures is as a mom finding a free hour to wait for them to dry is a luxury most moms don't have.


Weekend Political Funny Skits

I'm so over the political messiness and I'm ready to vote and get it over with already. Most people already know who they're voting for and why they're voting for them so while watching the debate and seeing those people who supposedly haven't made up their mind yet baffled me. How can you honestly say that you haven't completely judged the characters of these two candidates so far? That's BS if I've ever seen it but hey. I know who I'm voting for but to be honest I'm not satisfied with either candidate and I honestly wish Bernie had won so there would be no doubts in my mind but that's water under the bridge.

One thing that has been consolation for the entire debauchery is the funny skits that have been circulating. I've compiled my favorites to share with you.


1st round picks in Smart Home Technology

I purchased a new home five months back and although the repairs we want to make are minor and cosmetic, my home still has a long way to go. When we were in the process of shopping I envisioned a contemporary smart home filled with tech wizardry. What we have now is not too far off from being up to par with the latest tech for smart homes but it's not entirely wow worthy either and that's what I think technology is missing today. When I think of improvements that I want, I think of meal prep like defrosting drawer in the fridge, or a vacuum that set to run at 1pm.

Although my house is coming together on the tech side, there are still a few gadgets that I definitely have my eye on for the future. Life and the nuances of chores should be getting less complicated as technology simplifies our days. Things like scrubbing tiles and meal planning should be getting easier as our time spent outside the home increases leaving less time for home chores. I'm also not a huge fan of wasting money either so I would be more willing to invest in the latest and greatest as long as it enriches my family and our time together. Let's face it, life isn't getting any easier but our daily choirs that have been the same throughout generations should be, so I've compiled a list of the gadgets that I found to be game changers for the market leading the way to the new and improved smart home.


Please get your Life!!!

Listening to the radio and they kept mentioning the "Slut Walk" which took place in LA this past weekend so I had to hit IG to see what the hell it was all about and I was not impressed. Sooo basically Amber Rose who became infamous for who she has slept with decided that she was tired of being branded a "whore" and decided to create an event to bring attention to "slut shaming" and rape culture. Which really means generate revenue for herself because she needs to earn an income somehow to sustain that Hollywood lifestyle. Despite that oversight  I in no way believe that her intentions were to bring light to rape culture which she claims and I'm not bothered by the way in which a woman makes her money. Go get it but what left a scowl on my face while browsing IG was the fact that so many women really don't see a problem with being affiliated with the term slut. No one should be allowed to brand you with a title and if they do happen to label you, why embrace it? People are going to say a lot of things about you in life. Some good and some bad but the key is to disregard those who have issues with you and to keep it moving as long as it's not impacting your well-being or livelihood who cares what people think.


Save your money skin TIP

We're constantly bombarded with advertisements for expensive face creams that promise to rejuvenate, exfoliate and everything else under the sun but do they ever live up to the hype? Newer isn't always better. It's all about revenue to these cosmetics companies with hyped up new to market products. One of my favorite go to night creams is plain ole Vaseline and I have battled acne all my life and I've tried just about everything from prescription grade to over-the-counter  but nothing works better than Vaseline when trying to keep my skin wrinkle free and youthful. Vaseline works wonders for your feet, hands, and face as a night time skin rejuvenation serum and it's super cheap. It doesn't only add value to your wallet as a face cream either. It can be used for countless quick beauty tricks that can replace many of your expensive cosmetics.


Canada Ready

Jokingly after watching trends the morning after the presidential debate, I told my daughter that I wouldn't be against packing up and moving to Canada if Trump won and obviously I was not alone in my feelings. Stories and memes about people pondering over the possibility of moving north is seriously becoming a heavily weighed option.

As a joke a radio DJ put up a webpage for those Americans who were considering the transition. The website only took him 30 minutes to create and was partially done as a joke but it immediately began to get serious traffic with 800,000 views in a 2 week time span.

So what are your thoughts on the idea? Seems like the natives of that small island are excited and eager for any new additions.


Drugs are bad... Okay

During a run to McDonalds with my kids, I heard a young man loudly boasting to his friends that his routine for partying was drinking followed by lines of cocaine so he exclaimed that he should cut out the drinking to get right to the "heavy hitter" and so many things rushed through me while listening to him reducing his potential. Im not surprised that kids find drug use cool especially listening to popular music but my concern was with the rationalization of him and his friends. Out of 4 young men there was no one in their lives to advise them on how drugs stagnant? When I was young, drugs were for junkies and in addition to voluntarily reducing your appearance and appeal to others, the shit cost major money. Why would anyone choose to spend their disposable income on something with such a fleeting effect is beyond me.

With all the obstacles that life provides naturally why do so many people choose to add shit like drugs into the mix which further complicates things? It's like a self inflicted wound. The long term issues it can lead to should foreshadow the temporary feeling of euphoria. In addition if you're young who the hell wants to date a burnout? Your pickings are narrowed because no wants to date someone they view as dead weight. Does young adults not think about their future? I'm grown and I still worry about mine. The price of necessities are continually increasing and that means you have to try harder to get more money for just the basics. Why waste money on drugs?


Your favorite athletes are budding venture capitalist

Kobe Bryant has finally revealed what he'll be doing with all his time now that he's retired from the NBA. He's partnered with Jeff Stibel to form Bryant Stibel in which he's now a venture capitalist. The two have been actively investing in separate projects since 2013 but has partnered to officially form their firm based out of Los Angeles with a combined $100 million dollars looking to invest in technology, media and data which in today's market is pretty much all investor capitalist are looking for. Kobe joined the ranks of other athletes such as Carmelo Anthony and Steph Curry who have been known to invest in start up ventures but remain silent about their involvement.


How to Change the World

If you want to change the world go home and love your family.  Wiser words have never been spoken in my opinion. We see such horrible atrocities occurring throughout the world and often we feel helpless in preventing such things but the truth is all of these horrible things are done by people who have been wounded in their own lives in some sort of way. If you've never been hurt by someone you love, you're less likely to out into the world and hurt those who you love. So the simplest form of making an impact on the world is to simply love those around you to the best of your ability so that they too can go out into the world and spread the love they have experienced.

Let's start with self love. I believe in self affirmations that uplift. If you're not hearing the words your soul needs to hear then you say them to yourself while looking in the mirror at least 3 times per day. It really does work.  If you love and value yourself, you're less likely to let people into your circle who negatively impact your life. You'll have less patience for the bullshit because at your core, you'll understand and will be able to recognize who feeds your spirit and who sucks the spirit out of you.


Thankful Monday

I swear I woke up today not wanting to face the conflicts that I knew were awaiting me but through it all I'm thankful. Mondays are dreadful to think about on Sunday around 3pm. LOL But I'm thankful for what I have because it could definitely be a lot worse. Despite my mixed emotions on this Monday morning I am grateful and I've learned to not let the things I cannot change alter my emotional state but it's hard. It's difficult to not let the pressures of all those external factors impact how you feel but you must remain level headed and continue to do your personal best while understanding that you'll get through whatever hurdles life throws at you. Appreciate yourself, your family and your peace of mind and learn how to control your emotions with these simple steps.


My Experiences as a Black Women in IT

It's been 8 years now that I've in IT and I've always heard stories about the lack of black IT talent as
well as stories about the lack of women in IT so I would like to add my own perspective on it. When I originally started in IT, I was recruited within the company that I worked for by a black IT manager and a Pilipino women who was fairly new to the department and I was her resource. At the time she supported the department in which I worked and relied on me heavily for assistance to complete her task so they recruited me and I've been in IT ever since. My reason for providing the historical data was to show that I was recruited by people of color based on my skillset and since then, I've continued in the field and I have participated in a group for Women in IT for a large organization which found that women start in IT but for various reasons, end up out of the field entirely. For people of color, the statistics are far worse because the induction into the field doesn't even occur.


What does Marriage mean?

There has been subtle shifts that I've noticed in how people view marriage. Increasingly so people are putting off marriage and more disturbingly, once married, some people feel trapped in what they consider to be the wrong choice in life partner. It's natural to question decisions but the problem with marriage isn't necessarily a problem with your choice but more often a sign of internal conflict. The trick is realizing the true source of your discontent. This is something that I've overcome myself throughout my own relationship when at times I've categorized the feeling as a sense of boredom and felt the slight urge that I may have been missing out on something which couldn't be further from the truth. The man I choose to share my life with is absolutely perfect for me but I didn't always have this appreciation.


Here comes the long weekend

It's Friday and I'm soooo ready for the long weekend but it never fails I always feel like the weekends fly by.

I've been on a serious hiatus from sharing but as discussed in my earlier post its due to me going through some changes. I've recently switched jobs which unfortunately requires more of my time in commuting and I also just recently moved. With all of this going on simultaneously I must saying that moving is by far the hardest damn thing to do because there's so much that goes into it. I swear after going through this experience, I don't understand how people move so frequently. Some people move every year or two and its costly and stressful so my hat goes off to you if you're one of those people! It's not just the physical move that's tiring, it's all the stuff that goes along with it such as painting, decorating, unpacking and just getting use to a new space.


Game of Thrones

It's been a while since I've posted but I definitely wanted to come back with a bang and what better way then to discuss the seasons finale. If you haven't seen the finale yet then don't worry... I'm not going to ruin it with any details but let's just discuss the main underlying pattern that we're noticing in the story which correlates with life in my opinion and that is the power of women. Although the collection of stories being told on The Game of Thrones is multifaceted with many different people the storyline of the women are pretty consistent with real life. Once a woman is scorned and hurt she can become brutally calculating and at times deadly but hopefully not in a literal sense of the term. Truth be told I absolutely LOVE a fiercely strong-willed woman. It's the gift and the curse and when watching it play out with these fictional characters, it really gives you the keen view on how life and it's obstacles can lead a woman to unimaginable highs and lows.  


Everything Changes!

I've been in a funk. Maybe it's the stress of some changes that have occurred recently in my life but overall I'm just not in a happy place but that's fine. When you're not in a place of contempt it usually triggers a person to make radical changes and push themselves to accomplish more which is where I am now. Don't get me wrong... my life is far from in shambles. Actually if I laid out the changes most people would ask why am I complaining but people hate change. Change is uncomfortable and people resist change which is one of the reasons why people will stay in situations that aren't beneficial to them.  But change is also necessary to grow.  This topic is one that has been studied and delivered to business leaders everywhere but leaders understand that change often bring about optimal results. Harvard Business Review has covered this topic and below are a few reasons why people resist change but one thing that we can take from this is to understand and internalize how it impacts us and overcome the adverse feelings associated with it.

Excess uncertainty. If change feels like walking off a cliff blindfolded, then people will reject it. People will often prefer to remain mired in misery than to head toward an unknown. As the saying goes, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.” To overcome inertia requires a sense of safety as well as an inspiring vision.

Everything seems different. Change is meant to bring something different, but how different? We are creatures of habit. Routines become automatic, but change jolts us into consciousness, sometimes in uncomfortable ways. Too many differences can be distracting or confusing.

Loss of face. By definition, change is a departure from the past. Those people associated with the last version — the one that didn’t work, or the one that’s being superseded — are likely to be defensive about it.

Concerns about competence. Can I do it? Change is resisted when it makes people feel stupid. They might express skepticism about whether the new software version will work or whether digital journalism is really an improvement, but down deep they are worried that their skills will be obsolete.

More work. Here is a universal challenge. Change is indeed more work. Those closest to the change in terms of designing and testing it are often overloaded, in part because of the inevitable unanticipated glitches in the middle of change, per “Kanter’s Law” that “everything can look like a failure in the middle.”

Ripple effects. Like tossing a pebble into a pond, change creates ripples, reaching distant spots in ever-widening circles. The ripples disrupt everything else that may have been of routine in our lives therefore we start to push back, rebelling against changes.

As long as we're aware of all these points regarding how abrupt change can cause us to be uneasy then it's worth persevering on the new road. So if you're like me and your going through a recent spurt of change ride it out. The summer is upon us and even the weather is going through changes so a little pressure builds character. You'll be okay... and together lets make significant change in our own lives for the better.


Beyonce's Lemonade

So Beyonce debuted Lemonade on HBO and it was interesting. It's been looping again and again as I type this out and more than an album, it's an artistic collage of expression. She expressed her love for her husband and family. The empathy and protest for the loss of black lives with a quiet tribute to those mothers impacted. She celebrated women and love. She expressed her dark side and crazy jealous womanly side! Haven't we all gone through those same range of emotions? But for those who are yearning for the new music, it was released at midnight on Tidal. If you have it then you received the ping! LOL I haven't listened to the released album on Tidal yet but I'm sure it includes the music from the HBO special. A few of the songs from the special seemed to be about her husband cheating on her which was a little odd because I hope that he isn't but who knows. She may have just picked songs from writers who followed a theme. Women sometime need motivation and a bit of stress to spark the creative juices so maybe it's just to make it spicy.

The best part to me was her little skit showing her and Jay displaying their matrimonial bond and really expressing their love. It was cute to see and then they incorporated their baby girl and clips from special days in their lives such as their wedding and the wedding of her mother. She also had a few guest appearances like Zendaya and Serena Williams displaying her body in full flaunt mode. while twerking.  I was like Ok now Serena... We see you... GET IT  Mama! Serena was unapologetic bold, curvaceous and definitely feeling herself as she should. That body takes work and is woman who has mastered her own craft so she has every right to display that work!


Weekend Ready

The weekend is finally here and I couldn't be happier. I so live for Friday's and good weather but unfortunately the weather will suck here in Jersey and there are no good movies that came out so my weekend will be a lazy one but it's all good. I'll take it regardless. I actually haven't been to the movies in a minute because there hasn't been any good releases recently but I am eagerly awaiting the release of Sausage Party. It looks like it will be a good one and I love a great comedy. Check out the trailer here and tell me you don't think this will be one of those great dark twisted humor films. I love it and can't wait.
Side note: the damn hotdog buns look gross as hell but I think that was part of the humor. Disgusting but I love it!


Recap of Award Shows

Last night Black Girls Rock aired and as expected it didn't disappoint. Surprisingly there was only Tracee Ellis Ross who hosted unlike previous years where she shared the responsibility with Regina King. Despite being a solo host this year she still did a great job and I absolutely loved all the costume changes.

On Sunday if you missed The iHeart Radio Awards show hosted by Jason Derulo you honestly didn't miss much. Jason as a host just came across as trying entirely too damn hard to seem cool and came across as extra corny but hey... it's a check right and I'm sure his fan based liked it!

As for my favorite awards show of the entire year I loved Tracee.... She was paying homage to her mom here and she killed it. Get it Ms. Ellis Ross! Her body stay on 10! #bodygoals


Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday BFFers! Well I've been a little slow posting recently but if you recall I started a new job so I've been trying to get into a new routine and it's been difficult. Actually the new job is far from difficult. As far as functionality goes this new job is way less than what I previously did and it's a slower paced environment. My biggest draw back however is that it takes more time out of my day with the commute so I'm wondering if the extra dollars are worth it in the long run?

When I worked at my previous job I had down time but I feel that the people employed at my new employer have mastered the art of looking busy for appearance purposes only. They stay in the office for obscene amount of hours to appear that their actually over worked which is crazy to me. There are office hours for a reason and I like to adhere to those as much as possible for the most part. I do understand that occasionally, work demands that you put in extra time but it shouldn't be done for appearance sake. I will not be participating. Especially when it takes me over an hour to commute. I also discovered that many people have left the company and they suggested that the recent trend is due to managements push for a change in culture and that I'm a part of that "new culture". It's been described to me as people who are informed and are willing to push for more efficiencies to minimize overhead so I took that as they see me as a potential threat instead of an ally. Whatever right. We shall see about this one and it left me feeling like the picture below. Hahahha


My Crazy Dream!!!

I have officially started a new chapter in my life with the new job and I must admit that I was a bit nervous. I was so nervous in fact that I had a crazy dream last night in which I carried on my day heading off to the new job with my box of stuff in hand. Well in the dream I unpacked my stuff and went through the day as usual until lunch came and one of my co-workers said "so when do you start the new job?" and in my dream I begun to panic because I then realized I started my day at a new location but the people there were from my old job so I was basically at my old company. I then screamed "they're going to fire me" because I had spent the first half of my first day at my old company. LOL.. I woke up frightened and I didn't really know how to process the dream. I took it as even though I'm starting fresh with a new organization, it's basically the same job because ultimately I want to work for myself. I firmly believe that we all must start our own ventures to truly see the most impact in our lives but that's just me.

Despite the strange dream, the first day went well. Nothing out of the ordinary and either way it goes, I take every experience as an opportunity to learn and to meet new people. Ultimately it's the people who truly make the difference in each job that we work because it's those interactions that change our state of mind. The task is mundane and if you have the knowledge then the execution is effortless. Anyway... that's how my Monday went. How was yours?  

On another note, on my way to the new job this video gave me my laugh for the day. I'm always thinking of funny crazy scenarios and as disturbing as it may have been for kids to see the Easter Bunny fighting with a dad during photos, it is hilariously funny to me. Check it out below if you haven't seen it.

Spring's Here and So are new TV shows

Spring's here people and I'm eagerly anticipating the warmer weather. Crazy thing is that it was snowing a bit earlier here in NJ but that's cool. Next week the temperature is going up and hopefully it stays that way. I thought that I would be well on my way to a slimmer beach body but I'm here on the couch eating while watching the Hulu series 11.22.63. I've been binge watching it all day too. Started out watching it on the treadmill which is always a great way to kill time getting cardio in but I didn't think I would spend my entire day watching this series but I'm not complaining because it's good! It's staring James Franco and it's about time traveling teacher who is trying to change the future  by saving John F. Kennedy. Now I know it sounds a bit lame but it's not. It's actually really good but it's long to watch because each episode is an hour. Anyway if you're looking for a good show to get into then check it out.


What Makes a Good Guy?

Today's my last day on the job. I'm finally calling it quits at a job I've been at for 9 years and to me, it's definitely time to go on to new adventures. You learn what you can from experiences and then move on. Life should always be moving forward and we should be learning from each experience. Same goes for relationships. You should be learning what you like and what you don't like in every relationship that you have and with that said the topic of discussion on the radio today during my final 1 hour commute was do women really like 'good guys' which was loosely related to the engagement of Ciara and Russel Wilson. I personally feel if two people who have both lived and experienced life and have found each other then it's no ones business as to what makes them happy. I was shocked to read online that so many people find issues with their union because Russel is supposedly "a good guy" and that implies that Ciara is somehow not worthy of such a catch or damaged goods because she has a child. Well let's dissect this one together shall we.


Spotting a fake friend

Happy Friday!!!! I hope your weather where ever you are is just as nice as the weather here in the Northeast region. It's been beautiful here in Jersey!!! I'm so ready for the Spring. Nice weather means more time to socialize and enjoy with some great people but make sure that your people are quality. It's also a great time to add some new friends into your circle but the trick is how to spot quality people?  With social media categorizing everyone that you know as a "friend" it's kind of hard to weed out the real from the fake these days. Trimming the excess out of our lives periodically is a necessity but when it comes to our closest inner circle it can be hard to tell who is real from the fake. Here are a few key ways to identify those who may not be the best for us as well as qualities to look for when socializing.


Reality TV

During my commute into the office this morning TBC (The Breakfast Club) interviewed Cardi B. of Love and Hip Hop. Admittedly I do not watch the show but I definitely know who she is from these internet streets (LOL).  I consciously don't watch reality TV and I don't allow my children to watch it either because I feel that it glamorized a mindset that is counterproductive and damaging to impressionable young minds who tend to gravitate towards reality television.

I'm aware that's it all entertainment but what exactly are we loosing or gaining from shows like these? I'm including the interview below for you to reference yourself but please be clear on the fact that I'm not singling out Cardi B. but rather using her as a reference. Actually as I listened to her interview I sensed from what she said that she's maturing and I actually heard growth in some aspects. She mentioned that she doesn't do certain things any longer for various reasons and is planning and thinking through your decisions instead of just acting out and that's growth but growth is not the story line of these shows. It's not to depict long term growth but rather the opposite as it pushes overly sexualized content to their supporters that generally consist of a younger audience. Take the recent nude photos released by Kim K.. Why? What message are you sending people when you post a completely nude photo?

I get sex sells which is why these shows pick stars who tend to be linked to the sex industry in some way. Now... I don't see anything wrong with embracing your own sexuality so don't misunderstand me. We're designed to be attracted sexually to a mate so in no way do I see anything wrong with expressing your sexuality but when sexuality is all you have to offer or the only topic of discussion then there is a problem. It should be one piece of the story and not THE STORY. A fuller picture needs to be told to the younger generation who are fed to believe that more sex means a more fulfilled life when in actuality it can be the total opposite.

Your thoughts?


Weekend humor!

Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am but I somehow always feel like it passes to quickly. In a blink of an eye.. it's Sunday night. WHY???? Anyway enjoy your weekend. What's left of it. LOL


Develop who YOU are

It's important to be comfortable in your own skin. It's important to know that we all have our own unique path and our own unique attributes that make us independent of others and it's imperative to feed that uniqueness within ourselves. It's also important to understand and know that not everyone will like you. You will not be everyone's cup of tea and that's fine. You're not inadequate because of that fact. Actually it's the opposite. You're unique and special because of it.  Ever want to be liked by someone (typically this scenario is called a crush) but you're crush doesn't reciprocate your feelings? Then time passes and you learn that you've dodged a bullet. Let's dissect this one a bit further.


Aura Reading

Happy hump day friends! You know that when I have one of my moments of discovery I make it my business to share and recently I've had one of these deep thought provoking moments where I believe I may have stumbled upon something good. If you've been visiting the site regularly, then you know that at times I post one of my favorite topics about discovering your talents or just carving out a path that is truly your own. All of these topics that I've discussed in the past led me to finally venture out and get my aura photo taken and at the time, I let the man in the store decipher what my colors meant and I kept it moving.


Spring Bag

Happy Monday!!! Hope your week is off to a great start. The weather definitely seems to be calming clearing the way for Spring and with Spring comes new bags. I love a fresh new bag for Spring! Typically I love a big bag and if you read the blog often then you're also aware of my fondness for accessories, which is why I absolutely love the Marc Jacob's Wingman Shopping Bag. I'm not talking about their everyday Wingman tote but the tote that so heavily embellished it's hard to ignore. It screams Spring and it features so much bling that it will immediately ramp up any maxi dress or denim casual outfit. I prefer the bag in the colbalt blue color. Also it is a bit on the expensive side at $900.00.  This is because it's the beginning of the season but it will go on sale like everything else. Give it a while and wait until it's at least 60% off which will be a gamble but you'll feel better and your wallet will thank you. I've might even splurge at 50% off the sticker price but nothing less.

This is the red which is not my personal favorite color but I wanted to show all the options.


Rihanna's ANTI Review

With all the fuss and conversations taken place about Beyonce's one song, it seems the media and fans have all but forgotten about Rihanna's debut of ANTI. Beyonce just eclipsed Rihanna's entire buzz with one damn song but it may be with reason. Although I love me some Rihanna it was reported that Anti only sold around 1,000 copies but that doesn't include the downloaded copies. Actually the release was already platinum before it's release date because Samsung purchased 1 million copies as a promotional deal with the mobile phone manufacturer. If you have listened to the album do you like it? I personally love 3 songs but 3 songs doesn't make a album good. My favorite songs are Yeah, I said it, Needed Me and the bonus Sex with me.


Recap of the Grammy's, Kanye West New CD and SNL

Listening to Kanye West new album has me convinced that he's the embodiment of Black Swan. He has some real heavy internal battles waging on within himself and you can totally hear it in the music. His latest CD which has changed names yet again was released on Tidal and it's out there. There are a few good songs like Waves and Real Friends that are worth listening to but other than those it's one of those to run through and keep it moving. He's all over the place with it.

Next topic of discussion was the Kendrick Lamar performance last night on the Grammy's. It's was truly an epic performance to say the least. I wasn't really feeling To Pimp a Butterfly but I felt his performance.



Fashion All-Stars

I've been slacking on my fashion post for you guys and it's one of the busiest weeks for the hotness. So here goes the fashion All-Stars that we love but most can't afford. As for me, I use these designers as inspiration and then buy accessories to complement what I can afford for "the look". You know there is nothing wrong with being unique and dipped to the nines! Buy patches and pins to add a sense of uniqueness to your outfits. It doesn't have to cost a million for you to look like a million. That's exactly what these designers do to stay current and different. They add dimension with textures.



Beyonce Killed the Super Bowl and My Hair Health

This is my mood today after Beyonce slayed the Super Bowl.
 Love and respect to the Carter's and I love how Jay can let his wife do her while playing his position. Just in case you haven't seen the video.... here it is!


Ready for Valentine's Day???

Oh what a tangled web we weave. It's almost Valentine's Day and I can't help but to notice all the excessive Valentine's Day memes and post. Then there's the daily loop of 50 Shades of Grey to get the juices flowing I guess. So it's that time of year again and it brings me to my topic or question for you. Are women designed to be submissive? And if you believe that they are then have the majority of women lost their submissive nature? I personally think that women are naturally submissive but learn to mask it well due to their experience as it may be misconstrued as too passive. There is nothing wrong with a woman being soft and catering as long as you don't loose yourself and your brain in the process. With that said what will you be doing with your time of Valentine's Day? Here are a few great ideas to help you out for the season and they're perfect for singles or couples.

Nothing gets the juices flowing more than the visuals. It's exactly why selfies are such a hit and why people constantly want to improve their online images. Investing in a sexy boudoir photo session will not only make him excited, it will also be exciting for you and a little memorabilia for yourself later in life. You will always look at those photos with fond memories because it will always remind you of your perfect feminine essence. The trick is to keep it black and white or vintage low lit. You can also play with your camera for a do-it-yourself session to save money of have that special someone take the photos for you.


More Men's Fashion NYFW 2016

More from NYFW Men's collections. The collection for one of our favorite men's designers were hit or miss this season in my opinion. These are the few looks from Public School had me swooning but not many. However Public School has their individual colt following due to their fashion forward styles but it's not for everyone but individualist appreciate that uniqueness.


NY Fashion Week Men's Wear Edition

It's that lovely time of year in NYC that we call Fashion Week. A great marvelous time of year despite the weather where we get to see the latest and greatest in fashion for the upcoming seasons. There is nothing more enticing then a well dressed man and the few shows for the Fall 2016 collections didn't disappoint.

Brett Johnson Fall 2016. I was in love with the coats! Especially the coat with the fur collar.


Have Kids? Peace of Mind

My kids weigh heavily on all my decisions and the role of Mom is priority #1 for me. I'm sure if you're a parent then it goes without saying that their safety is always in the back of your mind especially during those milestone events like starting a new school, their first days in a new class, or when they develop friendships that require playdates with other parents. These days occur whether you're ready for them or not. My youngest daughter who just turned 6 begged me to spend the night at her friends house from school a few months back and although I felt comfortable with the other child's parents and siblings, there was still an uneasy reluctant feeling I had about letting her go and spend the night somewhere else. Despite my uneasy feeling I did let her spend the night but I made her take my cell phone with her just in case. To make a long story short nothing happened but I was still very reluctant because of those "what if moments" that played out in my mind.  What were those 'what if moments' that ran through my mind you ask (LOL)???? Well what if she changed her mind but was nervous about mentioning it to her friend or her friend's parents? What if she felt uneasy about something that occurred while there and the parents turned all crazy and didn't let her call me directly? You may be laughing now but I swear the most outrageous scenarios play out in my mind which I can laugh at now because they never come to fruition but what if? Then she should be able to call me right? But I look even more crazy buying a cell phone for my 5 year old so I didn't even though I wanted to.

Then my daughter started kindergarten this past September and again it's one of those milestones. What if she get's on the wrong bus? It too was one of THOSE what if scenarios that played out in my mind and then one day the school called me while I was at work and said "Hi... your daughter missed the bus and she's in the office" while she was actually already walking home with my older kids. There was a mishap though... she almost missed the bus because she was confused as to which bus was hers. Because of that a teacher reported her name so they thought she missed the bus but she saw a neighbor on a bus then she got on it and they took off and luckily it was the right bus. But who's kid did they actually have in their office and what about that child's parents? They didn't actually know their child missed the bus and even worse... what if my 5 year old had gotten on the wrong bus? This happens all the time. Especially during the first few weeks of the school year.


Are you ready for the Zen life?

I haven't done a new music post in a while so I figured what better way to start a long snowed in weekend than with some new music. Coincidentally it's also G.O.O.D. Friday which is a term coined by Kanye where he releases new songs every Friday in anticipation for his upcoming album release for SWISH. So far he's released Real Friends and No More Parties in L.A. with lack luster results. Personally I liked Real Friends but I'm not really feeling No More Parties in L.A. which features Kendrick Lamar.

Take a listen for yourself


Wendy versus Martha & Touching Vag for the 1st time

I read in the NY Post Page Six section that Martha Stewart came on to the Wendy William's stage set super judgmental. (you can read the NY Post story here: pagesix) But after watching the segment I just felt as though it was NJ women being NJ women... a bit catty. Both women are from NJ and have made phenomenal careers for themselves but it's a bit odd watching them because clearly it was a bit contrived. I think they just got off to a bad start and it set the tone. Maybe I shouldn't label it a NJ woman thing. It's most women. We feel each other out at first and initially our interaction is a bit contrived similarly to this ordeal. We grow to feel comfortable with each other. Did you see how Martha let the age thing slide at first and then she said don't put my age out there like that. LOL... I think that's what set the wheels in motion. Then Martha threw in "so you love Tequila I hear?" and look at Wendy's face. Hahahaha..... see that's the shit right there that I'm talking about. That's sooooo NJ/NY "ish". It's little moments of "was that shade" that set the tone of how we interact with one another. It's not really mean spirited... it's just how we interact but it definitely leads to good t.v.. You want to see the shade. That's why these television shows are so popular now like Housewives of.... It's full of shade! Anyway... check it out.

Hectic Week

It's been a hectic week so far. I took my kids on a road trip to D.C. which isn't really that far away from us when you consider D,C, is only three and a half hours away but it felt like forever! We actually went to DC for a college tour which could have been conducted online via a panoramic pan around of the campus because we learned absolutely nothing about the college from our visit.  It was freezing outside so our attention was on how cold it was while the college senior ran us around showing us trees with sorority and fraternity letters on them. He also pointed out buildings but the buildings all had labels on them so if you could read, then you already knew which classes were held where. When asked if we could physically see inside the buildings to get a better overview for the prospective students, we were told that it would make the tour too long. How could a visit possibly be too long? We've visited Columbia as well and although it was a bit longer they took us throughout the campus. We went inside most building and visited a lab in progress. It piques the interest further and you're actually able to see first hand how life on campus could be. If you're traveling from out of state to visit then I personally think it's expected. Needless to say we weren't impressed.



I have a four day weekend and I'm bored out of my mind! Am I the only one who feels guilty for sitting around doing nothing? I watch television and feel bad. I can watch a show or a movie but I must do something other than binge t.v..

Besides me being bored binge watching movies and shows, I wanted to let the ladies know of a product for your hair that I stumbled upon. I went to Ulta to purchase some lipstick for a future post and the cashier's hair was amazing. Surprisingly she mentioned that she gets her hair done at Ulta. I didn't even know that they offered salon services but they do and then she said that she gets her hair straightened with a steamer infusion flat iron so you know I was interested. The cashiers hair looked super healthy and she had color in it. I did a bit of research and found that there are two flat iron steamers that are frequently used but they're actually the same product under different names, both made by L'Oreal. Redken steam infusion and the L'Oreal Steam Pod which now has the steam pod 2.0. I found one on Amazon but it was $500 which I'm not paying so what's a girl to do??? I purchased a similar one from China. I always go to the discount market online looking for a good deal and I found one for less than $100 but going this route is a gamble. I've been disappointed a few times purchasing from China. It's really hit or miss and it's difficult because the market is saturated with people trying to make a quick buck.

Anyway... I'll be reviewing later but for now... here's a bit of information on it. Have you ever had this steam flat ironing treatment?

 From these pictures it looks like a simple flat iron press but I know what I saw so again... I'm trying it. I'll definitely give you the real deal review after I've tested it out. I should receive the iron 3 weeks. Yeah... I know that's a long time but getting stuff through Customs sometime takes a while but you'll see it soon. Make sure to check back on it. In the mean time, I have some lipsticks to review for you which was why I was in Ulta to begin with. I'll be doing that review tomorrow.


Powerball Scandal

Are  you playing the Powerball? If you're in a state that has it then I'm sure you're tempted to join in someone's pool or play yourself in the hopes that you win the $1.5 Billion dollar jackpot.

With that said have you heard about Powerball's recent scandal? I'm sure you haven't because I sure didn't see anything on the news about the PowerBall executive who rigged the game and stole: (click here for the story: Powerball Scandal). This is definitely news worthy but I didn't see any coverage on it.  In my opinion there is no coincidence that the jackpot is the largest it's ever been which happen to overshadow and quiet down the noise that a scandal would have brought. The realization of the fact that the numbers may not be so random could potentially cause people to stop playing and could possibly bankrupt the organization. So how else do you overshadow that news? By giving people hope that they could potentially be BILLIONAIRES! Did you read the link??? It's not a sensationalized news source. It's the NY Daily News reporting it and it's the only news that I've seen about it. Crazy right?


Golden Globe Best Dressed

The best fashion from the Golden Globe last night.

Jennifer Lopez does it again! In my opinion the best look of the night goes to J.Lo. The rest were gorg too but this yellow with the high split... FLAWLESS!

I loved Jennifer Lawrence dress too! Absolutely gorg!

Then Sylvester Stallon brought his family along. Love seeing the family pics!

Good Eats!

I also have to share a recipe with you guys that I tried. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! But it's heavy so be careful with this one.The recipe is the blooming cheesy garlic bread and here is a pictures of how mine turned out. My family loved it!

I linked the video I used below but I made some changes to this one. I used mozzarella cheese and aged cheddar by Cracker Barrel. I used a mix of olive oil and butter as well and didn't use real onions. I used onion powder, garlic powder, and I cut up fresh parsley on a fresh Italian loaf from my grocery store bakery.

Warren Buffet's Good Advise

I know I'm never beyond taking good advise from someone who has seen more than myself. Honestly even if a person isn't older than me, there is always things you can pick-up from others to enrich your current situation. I learn things from my daughters everyday and they are 17 and 6. When a man who has made his fortune in money gives free advise on how to manage money then I'm wide open to any suggestions. Warren Buffet offered some sound financial advise which is a bit of common sense but don't we all need to be reminded or what's sensible every now and then?