Oil Cleansing Method

The harsher weather is definitely in full effect and the colder temperatures typically wrecks my skin but not this year. For as long as I could remember I've struggled with acne but since my skin care regime has changed, I've noticed fewer (if any) breakouts. If you only change one thing this year I highly suggest it be to start cleansing your face with cleansing oil. It's really does work wonders. My daughter worked an overnight shift at her job and I went to pick her up in the morning when her shift ended so that she wouldn't fall asleep behind the wheel and her co-workers told her that her sister was there to pick her up. She followed up with "that's my mom" and I was all types of hyped (LOL). There is really little you can do to slow aging but if you search and read up on people who currently use the oil cleansing method to cleanse their skin, they all have the same reoccurring theme and it's that they tend to not look their age.

I will admit though if you're use to washing your face with soap or some other type of cleansing agent then the change will be hard to get used to at first. You'll feel like you'll need to do more and follow up with something else but after that initial feeling has passed, you're skin adjusts to the new routine and you'll start to see results. I've included a few brands that you can find locally priced under $12 which can be found at most stores like Target and Walmart. From the list I must admit I've only used the Garnier brand in the past but here's another little tip... you can make your own and it's super easy!!!! It's also great for men as well and women who shave their bikini line. Especially if you're prone to razor bumps.

To begin start by rubbing the oil into dry skin and letting it sit for a few minutes.  
Do not wet skin prior to applying the oil! After letting it sit, take a warm wet cloth and rub it off. I prefer to get into the shower and letting the steam hit my skin then taking a warm washcloth and wiping it off.

Oil Cleansing Method Recipe for Skin
50 % Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
30% Hemp seed Oil
20% Sunflower Oil

To test the method try one of the oils alone for starters if you don't want to spend a lot of money to combine oils. Most people already have an extra virgin olive oil in their pantry so I would start there. Initially your skin may react with breakouts BUT it will subdue within a week or so and your skin will glow. Remember I've struggled with acne since early puberty and I mean it's been a constant in my life since early childhood but now I rarely see any bumps. I tend to breakout with some form of cystic acne right before my cycle begins and I haven't experienced it at all since beginning this regime and that's never happen. EVER!! I had acne before I even knew what the hell acne was. Puberty came early for me and red cystic bumps that left scars have been an issue ever since. I've tried everything from expensive creams and soaps to chemical peels but I've never had the constant results that I now have and all I've done is to switch up the way I clean my face. I also get bumps on the top of my back which tend to leave scars and I use the oil cleansing method for my chest and back as well and it works. The only other product that I use on my face currently is an SPF sun screen moisturizer by Lancome because it doesn't leave the white residue from the sun screen and those are the only two things I use in my skin care regime. 

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