Spring Bag

Happy Monday!!! Hope your week is off to a great start. The weather definitely seems to be calming clearing the way for Spring and with Spring comes new bags. I love a fresh new bag for Spring! Typically I love a big bag and if you read the blog often then you're also aware of my fondness for accessories, which is why I absolutely love the Marc Jacob's Wingman Shopping Bag. I'm not talking about their everyday Wingman tote but the tote that so heavily embellished it's hard to ignore. It screams Spring and it features so much bling that it will immediately ramp up any maxi dress or denim casual outfit. I prefer the bag in the colbalt blue color. Also it is a bit on the expensive side at $900.00.  This is because it's the beginning of the season but it will go on sale like everything else. Give it a while and wait until it's at least 60% off which will be a gamble but you'll feel better and your wallet will thank you. I've might even splurge at 50% off the sticker price but nothing less.

This is the red which is not my personal favorite color but I wanted to show all the options.

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