Boris and Nicole's New Deal

I think these two are a beautiful couple! I feel you rarely see two extremely gorgeous people and usually that comes with gigantic egos but I don't get that vibe from these two and they've been together for a while now so they should definitely be past the "who's ego is larger" phase.

Starting July 6 they'll debut a talk show on FOX (could've been a better channel but heyyy) which will discuss everyday things couples go through from love to kids to infidelity. Their goal is to bring the regular chat into your living rooms and I like it. Even though they're Hollywood sexy, they've always seemed very regular and down-to-earth and that gives them a vibe of relativity that translate to their audience when they're together. I once saw a show where they featured their home in California on one of the Home Design networks a few years ago and the way they presented it seemed very nice and free spirited. Anyway I wish them well on their new show.


Google's Experiment with A.I.

If you're familiar with the blog then you know I'm a techie. It's grown on me throughout the years and I believe that most of you are too with your addiction to your cellphones and tablets. I had brunch this weekend and I saw a man sit alone at the bar with his food and his tablet typing away and he was there when we arrived and remained there when we left. I'm sure he would not have described his situation at lonely or odd and I didn't think of that either when I saw him but a few years ago that entire scenario would have been taboo but I'm sure the scenario is become more common as more and more people think of the internet as a 24 hour requirement. It's no longer a luxury or a passing interest to be wired and working online. 

With that said I recently read about Google artificial intelligence chat bot and what I read was a bit disturbing. It may seem innocent but uncharted territory is just that and in my opinion it's opening Pandora's Box. Long story short, Google created a "chat bot" which is one of their versions of artificial intelligent robot and had a conversation with it and the answers where not programmed into the robot. It's a rationalizing technical product hence why it's called A.I. and the answers that it gave were brief on the surface but highly telling.  

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Naomi Campbell

I truly believe that Naomi Campbell needs to win some sort of lifetime achievement award for modeling. She is still and has always been on top of her game in the modeling world.  There will never be another like her. She's 45 and still able to walk with the best of the young girls. Okay... she has a few flaws but let's just agree that when it comes to the runway, she is ON POINT.  Face and body is definitely model material and she's been serving it for years. I commend her.

2015 BET Award Perfomances

Good morning beautiful people. Soooo I caught the BET awards last night (well some of them) and there were a few performances that had a smile on my face. Overall I thought it was a nice show and I'll do a quick recap for you guys who missed it.

I thought Meek Mill, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj were cute. Meek looked at Nicki like YESSSSS! He was ALL SMILES and that was cute. Men are suppose to feel like that about the woman they give their heart to right?

The Bad Boy reunion had me feeling like I was in high school again. LOVED me some Lil Kim before she went and switched up her face. Puff was in that tunnel when it first started looking stiff a bit but the performance was still great! Mase pretty much looked the same and Faith looked great too.

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Is this the future in Driving???

If you're familiar with me and my love for the futuristic then you'll know that I loved watching this concept of what the future in driving will be according to Mercedes. I think it's pretty cool! The flying car was what we all thought would be the next prototype that would be more accurately depicted for 2015 time but that hasn't happen YET so this doesn't seem that far fetched. My daughter's friend can't parallel park without the assistance of his car's parking feature so cars basically can do this now. It's just cool that it will be completely autonomous so that you can do other stuff while not worrying about crashing but my only question is "how fast will these cars go"? I'm a speed demon and this car is definitely obeying all speed laws and seems to give everyone the right of way. That will definitely add time to the average commute. LOL 
Take a look. 


Do you drive like this???

Instagram flossin

I had a conversation with 2 separate people about all the beautiful people they see on Instagram and how it's full of interesting people going to interesting place all while looking flawless! My reply to this was Instagram is full of mirages and trickery from filters. I'm not saying that people are not actually doing stuff or that they're not beautiful BUT what I'm saying is that a picture from one moment in time is only part of the story. I don't see many people walking around during my normal travels that look like they've been styled by Beyonce's professional team of beauty experts. Hell... it cost a lot of money to look like Beyonce and most people don't have the time nor the money to do so. You may see someone and say oh her hair looks nice or their outfit is nice but very rarely do you see someone and say WOW their entire presence is perfection and when you do TRUST a lot of effort and time went into it and it's most likely not an everyday thing or if it is it takes a lot of upkeep. How many times have you gone to a salon and thought to yourself that your stylist doesn't have the best hair you've seen? I've thought that many times but then I've seen my stylist out in the mall and said ohhhh her hair looks great! That's because she put forth effort to do her hair prior but for the most part her hair looks like nothing special.

Beyonce and Kim with minimal make-up (not even bare faced... well Kim is bare faced and I'm sure you don't see that often) and they look very regular. Not horrible but very regular. People don't use these types of images to compare themselves though.


STD Detecting Condoms???

Three young boys who are (in my opinion) too young to have sex has invented a condom that detects sexually transmitted diseases when worn. How freaking great is that??? From the mind of babes who aren't even getting any and I think it's magnificent. Their invention which they labeled S.T.EYE will change the color the latex of the condom when antibodies of certain strains of virus are detected. Outstanding work for such young men who are only aged 13-14. My only concern is that they received recognition, a trip to meet the prince and about $1,500 for such a powerful invention. Where are their parents and a lawyer??? The company can potentially make billions from such an invention and to not give these young men their cut is crime!


What's New???

Hi guys. I have been on vacation and went on  tech break while on vacation as well but I've missed you all. As you all know if you read the blog that it's a bit therapeutic for me to chat with you. Plus I love bringing you all back the information and new stuff I see and learn. This vacation, I went with the family to Orlando. We've been together 5 times and while there we decided to invest in the Disney Vacation Club because as you know I still have a young 5 year old and I foresee a few more visits to Orlando. Plus with the Disney Vacation Club we still get travel around the world as well without the kids. Sometime you need grown up vacation too! Anyway as for the DVC (Disney Vacation Club) I don't think it's a bad idea to invest in vacation especially with children but I don't particularly love Disney. I prefer Universal Studio's which is where we spent the bulk of our time but we did do a Disney park. My older kids don't really like Disney either outside of the Hollywood Studio park because it has rides for older kids but the villas on the property at Disney are all beautiful. They really do offer top notch rooms and it beneficial for them to continue to upgrade and upkeep these rooms so I don't foresee the property going down or becoming outdated so the DVC was the best alternative for us. As for Orlando itself, I love Universal myself but it's more of a park to visit every 4-5 years because it remains the same. Since the last time we visited they added the Harry Potter section which doesn't honor the fast passes that we purchased which was really an inconvenience because it was very HOT there and the Harry Potter section was extremely crowded but overall a great experience. Since adding that section to the park their revenue as climbed so it's safe to say there are huge Harry Potter fans out there. They were also adding another section Skull Island Reign of Kong which will be King Kong upgraded rides and features.

The rides at all these parks seem to really utilize the virtual rides and screen simulators to make the rider feel like they're doing more than it actually is and to me it made me nauseous but I'm just getting old and a ton of shaking makes me sick. I really feel that it all was just extreme shaking with screens in front of you to trick the eyes into feeling like you're doing a lot but in actuality it's not that much and a lot of the rides are like that at both Universal and Disney. Disney is more for the shows and character interaction too so in my opinion it's more for kids to see their favorite characters. My older kids aren't interested in the dancing and shows so Universal is better for them. My 5 year old loved Universal too. When comparing Disney World to Disneyland, I personally like Disneyland because it compacts most of the favorite attractions from Disney World into two parks versus the five at Disney World and you pay for each park so why not get the best of 5 in 2. Again Florida in the summer is excruciatingly HOT and a bit unbearable. If you're going to Disney World, I would suggest November because it's still warm and it's less people.

Also I went to check out some auction homes because I have a co-worker who has 2 homes in Florida that she rents out to tourist and both are booked out for two years but the trick is to get the homes cheap so that you get the most return because if you're not a resident, you'll need to hire a management company to do all the work and contract out a cleaning company and that all eats into your profit. Didn't get much of that done though with the kids. They didn't want to hear any of that stuff. Also the top spot for tourist is NYC so my best option is to start looking for bargains here at home and I can take care of the upkeep and maintenance myself. BUT... these are all just thoughts. If any of you guys are into the tourist rental market, let me know what I should keep in mind before I try to venture into it with blinders.


Metallic Nails

Summer months are when the toes come out to play and although playing with bright colored nails are nice, they rarely go with everything. Once you get your nails done in that bright lime green color that looks great with denim or basics, may look awful paired dressier clothes or it may not go with the color scheme in your multi colored maxi dress because we all know summer would be less fun without a great maxi dress! So with that in mind, I've been trying to find a great neutral color that doesn't clash with my bright colors but also gives me a great polished looked and metallic colors came to mind. Metallic nails look great with everything especially paired with jewelry. You can get a great metallic nail with a bold print and you won't have to worry about anything clashing or not working well with dressier attire. If you have a few weddings to attend, metallic nails can take you from the wedding to the beach, then to work and to the dance floor effortlessly. So with that said I'll be trying my theory testing out a few colors starting today.
My first choice is a rose gold hue that I love because it matches my sun glasses and favorite bracelets. If you know me then you know that I'm all about building onto what you have currently and I have tons of gold tone jewelry and it complements my skin tone well too. I'm starting off with Essie's Penny Talk. I'll be trying the below design for my upcoming vacay. I think this design really adds to the playfulness of the tones without coming off bland and boring. The cracked cobblestone look add a punch to the already bold color. I also will be doing this myself as I'm cheap and don't like paying someone to do my nails because I can do them myself and spend my $20 eating dessert somewhere. LOL


Best French Toast Ever!!!!

So you all know I love bringing back my foodie tales for you and experimenting with recipes. I had to tell you all about the best french toast I've ever had and it all came from the most ironic place which is a Westin hotel. My girlfriend invited me to have brunch with her and a few other ladies yesterday and she chose the Westin because they had unlimited Momosa's for their brunch special but my goodness, the brioche french toast was by far the best thing on their menu. I haven't tried to make it yet but I think the syrup is the magic ingredient. It was super thick and I assume made in-house. If you're ever in Jersey City and you're hungry make sure you try the french toast at the Fire and Oak restaurant located at the Westin hotel. Seriously I'm going back there and trying it again and I'm going to try to replicate it because it's a MUST in your recipe box! It was that damn good. Seemed like it an entire weeks worth of calories but still OMG good.

Here's a picture and I swear I'll try to replicate the recipe and update the post. Just in case you want to try for yourself it's brioche french toast with caramelized bananas sweet brown sugar rum sauce and toasted walnuts topped off with whipped cream. It's DIVINE!

It's Monday!!!

Happy Monday people!!! I hope your weekend was awesome! Here in NJ the weather was finally cooperative so I took full advantage. There are so many topics to discuss... where do we start??? Did you catch the season finale of Game of Thrones? OMG They killed off Jon Snow in such a disrespectful fashion. I wasn't even shocked because I knew he died in the book but watch the actual sense I just shock my head. That entire sense just reaffirming my perception of people like "damn... people are so manipulative and vulture-ish" here he was trying to save them by increasing their army and they turned on him using manipulation and deceit to lure him out defenseless and through the kid in there to bury the final blade. DAMN!!!! Here I am dissecting it like it's real or something right??? LOL... but the thought process can easily be translated to modern times and real life situations. You try to build an empire or business with the hopes that you're employees feel the same way you do about the business and they're off selling secrets or trying to undermine you where they can or worse your family or friends come for you with the BS. Happens everyday which is why I keep my distance from people. No loyalty. Anyway let me get back on topic... I hate the long hiatus between seasons. These shows need to do something about shortening seasonal hiatuses because people have short attention spans. If your favorite recording artist doesn't put out fresh music for you to consume, you're on to the next. Soon television will need to adjust their seasonal programming. I don't know for sure I'm there has to be some sort of drop in viewers from season to season unless it's a word of mouth phenomenon like Breaking Bad which I LOVED!!! Who didn't? But most people I know, including myself binge watched Breaking Bad to catch up because I don't know of anyone who caught that series from the absolute beginning. Ironically my father was the person to tell me about the series and he started watching season 1 and my dad's never on trend with anything.

Then there is Rachel Dolezal!!!! The highlights of that entire ordeal is the "Ask Rachel" Twitter hashtag questions that has been trending since the story broke. They are hilarious!!! OMG... I'm not going to go into the story because it's everywhere but the damn questions for Ask Rachel... Love it!

Here are my favorite.

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Your Minority Report

Happy Wednesday shady friends! I feel like I have to post more stuff for us to interact more. I swear I go about my daily routine and I do and see stuff and say I would like to share but rarely do so this post is about some of that stuff that I've taken mental notes to share with you. Yesterday I shared a little bit of information from the IT symposium but there were tons of stuff I wanted to share so I'll go through a bit of that now. One of the presenters were a highly positioned VP with AT&T who also happen to be a professor at Stevens who while speaking to our small group shared one really valuable point that he said help him the most in life to achieve his successes and that was keeping a journal and notes. I've actually did a post about that previously on how much writing in a journal can help (work/life balance post 1/20/15) and I tell my kids the exact same thing but his journal, which he shared entries spanned 30 years and were very precise. It was more like a 'to-do' list instead of an actual journal.  

Listed on his 'to-do' list he displayed examples of a great personal metrics and analytical data about your self progression. Very basically stated he said that life and the future is going to happen regardless so why not plan it out to do exactly what you want to do with your time. What he showed was that if you make a list and plan out your days, despite what other none foreseeable occurrences arise, you'll still find time to tackle and complete the things on your list because it's now a habit to finish those task. 


Big data traces you're leaving RIGHT NOW!

Yesterday I attended an IT symposium and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I like attending these types of events because I always learn something new. Technology is so vast and rapidly growing that you can never stop learning in the field of technology.  One of the presenters had a great presentation where he compared a Radio Shack Presidents' Day ad from 2000 and said that all the devices on that ad would cost you around $3000 but today they're all standard features of your $200 phone.

Another topic that was incredibly eye-opening was just how much information these companies gather about your lives. One great example of this is the 3 way bundle providers for your internet, TV and phone. 


Will You be watching Power?

I've mentioned often that I don't watch many series on television but one that I do watch is Starz Power. I loved the first season of the show and hopefully the second season doesn't disappoint. I'm not sure if I'll be in the house on a Saturday night at nine but that's what DVR is for right? I'm excited!!!! How about you?

While we're on Omari can we talk about how well they dress this dude on the show? He's sexy and the suits.... killing it! Nicely done as far as styling goes.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday beautiful people. I hope your weekend is well spent whatever you're doing. Can we chat about this little gem Riley Curry for a moment??? OMG I love her. She's a doll baby if there ever was one. She's too cute with her huge personality.

I love this! Her face at the end of the little clip gave me life for days!!!! I don't even watch basketball and my husband's cheering for the other team during the playoffs but I'm cheering for this little ladies daddy because I like her. I could careless about the teams. (Men... don't roast me for saying that. LOL)

Ohh and since we're watching Vine's I decided to post my all time favorite funny Vine. It's hilarious!


Dental Horror Story

None of this would have happened with my child. I've been to the dentist countless times and at no point should it be that painful where it would require strapping me down. My children have had procedures done as well and I must be present and if I feel that it's unorthodox or uncomfortable for my kids we're out of there! No discussion required and if by any chance we got to the point where my child is screaming.... Houston... we have a problem!
I feel that is a huge issue with parents and people in general today. At times we feel that we must be polite and overlook common sense or what we know to be right from wrong. I couldn't bear to look at the video of the parent taping her child. HER CHILD SCREAMING. When she took the camera out, at that very moment she was fully aware that something just wasn't right with the situation. On top of all that you're paying for this service. NOOOOO! Not gonna happen at all. If I'm paying you for any service then it must be done correctly.
My daughter recently had a hair appointment for her junior prom so I dropped her off and I came back and her hair was horrible so I paid due to lack of time and returned the next day and told them to fix it. I politely told them that the job they did on her color was horrible and they knew it!  Some situations aren't able to be re-done. Prime examples of this is visiting a restaurant with crappy food or service.  If I pay for bad food then I'll take it and just not return unless but if I see a problem at the beginning such as bad service then and I'll demand that they return it and I'll leave with my money in hand. Services cost to much for you to not be 100% satisfied.

My daughter says that I can be rude at times, but it's not rudeness. It's being fully aware and present during all interactions. I believe in vibes and auras and if people give me an funny vibe, then no thank you. They can keep whatever it is they're offering. It's my money like it's your money so please be selective and aware of what's going on especially when dealing with children. OMG this made me upset!


Glamour Awards

Apparently Glamour magazine sponsors an award show but it's in the United Kingdom for their UK editorial. I wasn't familiar with a lot of the attendees but I did notice that Kerry Washington won the international TV actress award for Scandal which apparently is a huge success pretty much everywhere. I'm familiar with the show but I have to admit that I never started watching the series and now I feel it's too late to get caught up so I'm like one of the only people who doesn't watch. I'm not a big TV person. I tend to like movies more. Congrats to Kerry for her epic success and congrats to all you Gladiators who watch!


Kate Hudson received the Entrepreneur of the Year award and her mother Goldie Hawn was there to help cheer her daughter on as she received the award. I love their closeness. They seem as though they have a really great relationship.

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Okay... Caitlyn it is!

So Bruce has finally transitioned. I swear I didn't even recognize him in these pictures. I saw them and thought well who is this? Heyyyy... if he likes it then yadda yadda... you know the rest. My only objection is that once you have children, I think it's kind of selfish to redefine your identity because your identity impacts your children's sense of self despite their ages. We're anatomically defined by sex and the bearing to create children are defined by your sexuality and altering that identity later in life after you've chosen to raise children must have some bearing on how they view themselves and the "new" you after all is said and done. Just my thoughts on it but ultimately it's his life and his right. I guess fulfilling a life long dream is everyone entitlement. I just think it's selfish to do after you've created an identity and roles that impact others.

Caitlyn even launched an official 'tweet'. Twitter name change and all.

Healthy Meatless Recipe

So tonight I made a vegetarian option for dinner and everyone doubted it would actually be good but everyone went back for seconds and there are absolutely no left overs and that rarely happens in my house. If you're familiar with the blog then you know that I love sharing good recipes with you all that are healthier options and this one will not disappoint you.