Ready for Valentine's Day???

Oh what a tangled web we weave. It's almost Valentine's Day and I can't help but to notice all the excessive Valentine's Day memes and post. Then there's the daily loop of 50 Shades of Grey to get the juices flowing I guess. So it's that time of year again and it brings me to my topic or question for you. Are women designed to be submissive? And if you believe that they are then have the majority of women lost their submissive nature? I personally think that women are naturally submissive but learn to mask it well due to their experience as it may be misconstrued as too passive. There is nothing wrong with a woman being soft and catering as long as you don't loose yourself and your brain in the process. With that said what will you be doing with your time of Valentine's Day? Here are a few great ideas to help you out for the season and they're perfect for singles or couples.

Nothing gets the juices flowing more than the visuals. It's exactly why selfies are such a hit and why people constantly want to improve their online images. Investing in a sexy boudoir photo session will not only make him excited, it will also be exciting for you and a little memorabilia for yourself later in life. You will always look at those photos with fond memories because it will always remind you of your perfect feminine essence. The trick is to keep it black and white or vintage low lit. You can also play with your camera for a do-it-yourself session to save money of have that special someone take the photos for you.

New under garments are always in high demand but I recently did a whole post specifically related to sexy lingerie and feel good jammies. Check it out here: lingerie but here's a few brands to inspire you.

The trick is to get out of your comfort zone so take a class that makes you feel sexy or go to a Bed and Breakfast for a night away. Monotony is the killer of great sex! You need spontaneity even if it's with the same person. Do something different to spark that lust and it cannot be one sided so you have to involve the 2 people in the relationship. Getting out of the same space is a perfect way to add a little change but you also have to add a little extra to make it memorable. Let me set the scene for you with these ideas... take a pole dancing class or look online to see how to dance on a chair sexily, add some special lingerie, possibly a wig, bring out your sexy photo as a gift wrapped in a red velvet box (present those first) and have him sit while you command that he keeps his hands off just to watch for 10 minutes. Do you dance in your lingerie, add a small whip (make sure you're moving slowly) and WOW. Get IT girl!!! He'll be a happy man.

Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!!!!

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