About Me

Hello friends! Thanks for visiting my About Me page. I'm Shakira and always excited to meet the people who visit and interact with the site. My goal is to bring your daily lives a bit more dialog, laughter and peace of mind. I want you to feel that you have a friendly zone to just be yourself and escape to comfort.

Here on Ur Shady BFF, you'll find my thoughts, discussion topics and beauty reviews that are of interest to me. Please feel free to comment and interact as you're a part of the blog family here. 

Let me tell you a little about myself... I'm passionate about my family! They rock my world. I have 2 daughters, one 5 and the other 16 and a 16 year old son who's extremely handsome. You'll find that I mention them often here because they teach me so much. My eldest daughter like myself is extremely interested in fashion and beauty. I strongly believe that women are beautiful but all things in life is a process of learning and girls need to be taught their worth and shown how to develop and bring out their beauty. In life we're all constantly growing, learning and evolving and part of my goal with this blog is to re-enforce the beauty in the process of growth while laughing at the stumbles along the way.

I studied at Fashion Institute of Technology but I currently work in IT for a cosmetic conglomerate. 
I love fashion but I don't believe that one needs to break the bank to enjoy it. I think that fashion is an outward forum to showcase our inner passion and style. Fashion has the power to uplift your spirit and can make you FEEL. Just think about how sexy you feel in certain clothing or how motivated you are to get in shape when wearing sporty attire, It changes your entire outlook and mood so when people downplay how important fashion is, it's because they haven't really thought about the psychology behind it. It's truly a beautiful thing and we'll see tons of it here.

Thanks for allowing me to enter your journey along the way!