Wendy versus Martha & Touching Vag for the 1st time

I read in the NY Post Page Six section that Martha Stewart came on to the Wendy William's stage set super judgmental. (you can read the NY Post story here: pagesix) But after watching the segment I just felt as though it was NJ women being NJ women... a bit catty. Both women are from NJ and have made phenomenal careers for themselves but it's a bit odd watching them because clearly it was a bit contrived. I think they just got off to a bad start and it set the tone. Maybe I shouldn't label it a NJ woman thing. It's most women. We feel each other out at first and initially our interaction is a bit contrived similarly to this ordeal. We grow to feel comfortable with each other. Did you see how Martha let the age thing slide at first and then she said don't put my age out there like that. LOL... I think that's what set the wheels in motion. Then Martha threw in "so you love Tequila I hear?" and look at Wendy's face. Hahahaha..... see that's the shit right there that I'm talking about. That's sooooo NJ/NY "ish". It's little moments of "was that shade" that set the tone of how we interact with one another. It's not really mean spirited... it's just how we interact but it definitely leads to good t.v.. You want to see the shade. That's why these television shows are so popular now like Housewives of.... It's full of shade! Anyway... check it out.

Another video that was a bit odd is this one. Why would you want to show a random stranger your vagina or let them touch you? Okay so their gay and they've never seen nor touched a kitty. I just found this odd. The things you see online I swear. LOL Listen to some of their comments. Hilarious!!!!