You will Marry the Wrong Person

Are you the type that says you're never settling in regards to love? I tend to see that all the time posted on social media and I immediately think the same thing when seeing those post. Instantly I believe that the person posting it will be single for a long time, constantly searching for bigger and better love or if they're in a relationship they're unhappy because they're looking for all the wrong things. To love someone truly means that you're settling for who they are because no one will ever meet our expectations in all capacities. However we accept settling all the time in other aspects of life. You're children will never make all the right choices or live the life you pictured when daydreaming about them. You're job or career will never be exactly how you envisioned it. To top it off, you're not seen by others the exact way you envision yourself because we all have a warped sense of self  both figuratively and literally. Meaning none of us are perfect but we're constantly searching for what we consider perfection in someone else. So when someone says they're not settling what they really mean is that they want the butterflies in their tummy type love. However are those who choose that route always making the best choice for a mate? Blinded by love is a saying for a reason. Do we tend to overlook long term incompatibilities for the immediate allure lust?  Take a listen to this video and decide what's best for yourself.


Do you have excema or acne? You may have demodex mites!!!

Could your hair loss and skin irritation be Demodex mites? If you haven’t heard of Demodex mites you're not alone. Most have not heard of them and there has been little progress in study evolving how they are contracted but the one thing that is certain is that you may not even know you have them.
So what exactly are Demodex mites? Well they're microscopic mites that live in your oil glands and hair follicles and feed on your skin cells and another variation of them feeds on the sebum secretions of your oil glands. They are also believed to be the culprit behind many skin issues ranging from acne, eczema, rosacea and hair loss. It's also believed to be the underlying cause of scaly skin that we call dandruff. Some other common issues that are actually symptoms of demodex mites are loss of eyelashes, itching, red skin, eye irritation and skin discoloration.

The thought of having microscopic bugs or organisms living on your skin too much for you? Well they seem relatively easy to treat as there are a few simple solutions that can reduce and correct a problematic infestation. There is also a link between an over abundance of Demodex that are linked to people with weak immune systems that are thought to be the precursor to skin ailments such as eczema and rosacea. Ridding oneself of any type of bug is a high priority for me. Especially since there has been recent studies that suggest there are more than 100 of these type of microscopic species that try and feed on your skin. The thought alone freaks me out. Therefore you'll be happy to know that these common over the counter remedies exist.
- Sulfur (sulfur shampoos such as Sulfur 8).
- Benzyl Benzoate
- Salicylic acid
- Selemium sulfide
- Sea Buckthorn Oil

The most natural solution from this list would be the Sea Buckthorn Oil which has had wonderful reviews online in healing skin conditions. Once I started digging into how effective Sea Buckthorn oil was for eczema and acne I came across the underlying issue which in many cases were due to Demodex mites. At the time I had never heard of Demodex mites but it makes sense especially when you're persistent in cleansing your skin but you're still prone to problems. In addition you can take small precautions by investing in a sulfur soap. I like this one with shea butter and argan oil by One With Nature.

Demodex is also very prevalent in animals too and shows as mange. Occasionally an infestation occurs primarily in your animals paws and can cause yeast infections in the paw area. A great natural remedy for dogs paws when they are experiencing an overgrowth is a hydrogen peroxide borax water soak. Add 2 cups of water to a half cup of hydrogen peroxide and a small teaspoon of Borax and let the dogs paws soaks for few minutes. DONT USE IF THE PAW AREA IS OVERLY AGITATED as this solution is drying to the pets skin due to the hydrogen peroxide and will irritate overly agitated skin area. To fight Demodex mites in pets I highly suggest using Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Medicated Shampoo for dogs & cats Antiseptic & antifungal which is available at Walmart.


Awkward or not???

If you're not familiar with the gossip mill that has followed Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz and his ex wife Moshanda then I'll do a quick recap. Swizz was married to Moshanda and she accused him of cheating on her with Alicia which ultimately led to their divorce. Now fast forward 8 years and they're one big happy "Blended" family. This includes taking family trips together and celebrating holidays together all in the sake of making a good situation and family trifecta for their children. This all sounds good but we all know real world scenarios and this all seems suspect with this new found compassionate understanding. Not saying that it's not possible but come on now. How many times do you see ex-wives vacationing with their ex-husbands new family???

However if you're familiar with the Muslim religion then all this sisterly love doesn't seem so far fetched if they're actually all down with the idea of having a blended family which consist of multiple wives. Hell... my oldest daughters father who is Muslim has practiced this idea for years living in Egypt with his 2 wives and their children. They're situation didn't work out as he had planned because there was always cat fighting involved but it's their religious beliefs and Swizz Beatz is a Muslim man. Also if you take a look at their pictures online from their last family vacation they went to Egypt but that wasn't their only family vacation together. It's been going on for years and I think they've all settled into their roles as sister wives which is why you always see in all the pictures Alicia in the middle. Alicia is the main wife and confirms her role within the trio as such. In all the damn pictures of the 3 she's in the middle. Now that could be a suggestion from their publicist but I highly doubt it. It's their hierarchy within their arrangements and I couldn't do it but to each their own. Your thoughts??? Think I'm wrong?  

Tina Knowles Lawson hit Richard with the reality check

I saw this circulating on the internet and had to post because it's just too comical! So Tina Knowles Lawson apparently appeared on Black Love with her husband Richard Lawson and his body language is all the way OFF. Not initially though because he was listening and then his demeanor switched. Listening to this short clip I do believe that Tina had to do go through a reflection phase and establish some self appreciation which is all good but she listed her "man" in the same sentence as purchased goods during that time in her life like a checklist.
Go to the grocery store pick up milk, eggs and a new man. Okay... maybe not so simply put but she damn sure did lay it out in this exact manner which is not how relationships work. I'm not saying you cannot will a deserving relationship into your existence but this just didn't come across lovingly. Richards entire body language was distant after she hit him with the "oh well eye roll" LOL. NOW... I know no one is perfect by any means but she just sat there in the same breath and said I took stock of myself, realized I was the shit and went out and did a complete overhaul. Bought me some new trinkets and got a new man.
Do you remember back in the day, when the men went out to work, were complete heads of the household and women started rebelling consequently sparking the women's liberation movement back in the 60's? That ideology fit perfectly with the scenario she described just with reversed roles. They're sort of late in the game to be experiencing gender role issues. However from this encounter I got the impression that Tina had bank and found Richard desirable and he fit the bill of who she envisioned for herself and toke ownership. Richard may have been cool with the idea initially too but all the novelty is wearing thin and it seemed like his perception of the situation hit him for all to see in this minute and 23 second clip. What do you think???