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Happy hump day friends! You know that when I have one of my moments of discovery I make it my business to share and recently I've had one of these deep thought provoking moments where I believe I may have stumbled upon something good. If you've been visiting the site regularly, then you know that at times I post one of my favorite topics about discovering your talents or just carving out a path that is truly your own. All of these topics that I've discussed in the past led me to finally venture out and get my aura photo taken and at the time, I let the man in the store decipher what my colors meant and I kept it moving.

Well fast forward about 2 weeks to the present where I've revisited a book that I once listened to and it sparked me to do a bit of follow up. Notice I said a book that I've been listening to because I tend to use Audible to past time while working although it's hard to concentrate on what I hear because I'm working simultaneously, I prefer to listen to books then music because even when you're not fully concentrating, you are subconsciously digesting some of it so to me that's a win-win. Anyway... let me continue with my main topic. Well, I was listening to one of my Audible books "The Element" which is based loosely around Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences and it got me to thinking about what my intelligence speciality is and how I could fine tune it? So I looked up the 9 types of intelligence and it dawned on me that my aura picture matched with the results I found online spot on! Right down to the damn color!!!! I was amazed with that little finding and thought that it may have been coincidental so I tested it out again with my teen aged daughter. She accompanied me to the store to get my aura read and being that it was only $20, I let her get her aura read too and again her picture colors matched the color coded chart for the Howard Gardner's test. 
Here's a link to the mini test for you to take it yourself: web.cortland and to get results in chart form use this link: businessball

Here's my aura picture. It's not really clear in the photo of the photo (LOL) but it's mixed colors with mostly violets and some blue's and yellows. What the man told me was that I was a communicator and my test keeps coming back highly in interpersonal and interpersonal. From those who know me best they think that it's quite accurate and I agree. 

Also my daughter's photo was pretty much all green and her what I noticed about the chart is that she falls into the spatial zone and she loves layout and UX based things. She is actually planning on majoring in a degree for that. One look at her Pinterest account and anyone can clearly get a sense of her interest and I thought it was very coincidental that both of us were closely aligned with the above chart.  If you're looking for your purpose in life, I highly recommend taking the test to see what your personality depicts and see if you feel that it's accurate. Also if you're able to find a local place near you which takes aura photos then try it out to compare the two. I'm curious to hear back from you guys about it. As for me, I won't be changing up my career any time soon but it's good to know. I've always considered myself to be a really good judge of character and I can gauge my own temperament with people and how I will get along with them fairly easy as well. I've always known that about myself. I'm not one for huge crowds either because it mixes up my signals when assessing the place and the people. If it's too much going on, I can't get a good feel of it and I get cranky! Always have been that way. I tend to tell my kids that I have really good street smarts. I'm also not one to categorize everyone immediately as "my friend". That's a serious no-no for me because everyone is not your friend. Funny is right now even on a social platform I have only 212 FB friends because I'm even selective when categorizing a friend on social media. LOL Keep in the loop and let me know what you get and if it helps you. 

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