I have a four day weekend and I'm bored out of my mind! Am I the only one who feels guilty for sitting around doing nothing? I watch television and feel bad. I can watch a show or a movie but I must do something other than binge t.v..

Besides me being bored binge watching movies and shows, I wanted to let the ladies know of a product for your hair that I stumbled upon. I went to Ulta to purchase some lipstick for a future post and the cashier's hair was amazing. Surprisingly she mentioned that she gets her hair done at Ulta. I didn't even know that they offered salon services but they do and then she said that she gets her hair straightened with a steamer infusion flat iron so you know I was interested. The cashiers hair looked super healthy and she had color in it. I did a bit of research and found that there are two flat iron steamers that are frequently used but they're actually the same product under different names, both made by L'Oreal. Redken steam infusion and the L'Oreal Steam Pod which now has the steam pod 2.0. I found one on Amazon but it was $500 which I'm not paying so what's a girl to do??? I purchased a similar one from China. I always go to the discount market online looking for a good deal and I found one for less than $100 but going this route is a gamble. I've been disappointed a few times purchasing from China. It's really hit or miss and it's difficult because the market is saturated with people trying to make a quick buck.

Anyway... I'll be reviewing later but for now... here's a bit of information on it. Have you ever had this steam flat ironing treatment?

 From these pictures it looks like a simple flat iron press but I know what I saw so again... I'm trying it. I'll definitely give you the real deal review after I've tested it out. I should receive the iron 3 weeks. Yeah... I know that's a long time but getting stuff through Customs sometime takes a while but you'll see it soon. Make sure to check back on it. In the mean time, I have some lipsticks to review for you which was why I was in Ulta to begin with. I'll be doing that review tomorrow.