Black Friday Madness

So it's that time of year again. Are you ready??? Will you be heading out for the biggest holiday of the year? That American Capitalistic Holiday that always out shadows the meaning of Thanksgiving for a few dollars in saving?

It's amazing to me, how people treat each other on Black Friday directly after "giving thanks" for what we have. I've worked in retail for years and remember getting up before the crack of dawn to be greeted with people who were waiting for hours just to save on average $25. It's all a con game but we love our TV's right?

Good luck and happy shopping!


HIT or MISS Beyonce 7/11

In my opinion... it's another HIT! Very playful and down to earth. Love it!

Christian Louboutin for your nails???

Christian Louboutin recently released his new line of nail lacquer which retails at $50 a bottle (if you're into lavish nail polish) but the icing on the holiday cake is his special limited edition "Starlight" version of his polish which retails for $675. My question to you ladies is how much is too much when paying for a name?

Anyway... YES.. You did read that right. Repeat it's $675 nail polish as if $50 a bottle wasn't already excessive! So what's so special about this nail polish? It's the limited supply and the packaging of coarse Silly! The bottle is hand decorated with 1,500 Strass crystals and leather floral detailing and there's a very limited quantity of the Starlight version. There will on be a 1000 in supply.

For me... I'll stick with Essie... but if you're into collecting polish and you want an over-the-top bottle to add to your collection, here you go. And please ladies... if you've "invested" in this polish, do share as it's off my wish list.


Louboutin nail lacquer

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Etsy Love XOXO

I love a good rare find and Etsy is my go to place to find out-of-box, unique pieces. I've compile a few cool things from accessories to home goods that would complete your look or give your house a great WOW factor.

If you have some go to places online where you love to find a rare jewel, please share with the rest of us.

Happy hunting!

Faux fur neck warmer can make any jacket look more couture...

Sweater Weather

Hi guys. I don't know about where you are but here in N.J., it's beyond sweater weather.... IT'S COLD! So I though it was about that time for us to look at fashionable coats or coat alternatives. Sometime you just don't want the bulkiness of a full blown coat and sweaters are more fashionable so I found a few sweater coats that are adorable. I love them myself as I have more than a few in my closet and I'm always game to add more. They are versatile and my stylish then your average coat.

Let me know what you think...

Jet Korine

This is just a printed coat but IT's very stylish and a great mix from the norm. 

OHHH Love this one and it's a long sweater!!!!

Ralph Lauren

Nice additions you can find on Amazon and look book


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Happy Monday!

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Solange Knowles bridal look

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.!

Who doesn't love a wedding? Especially the bridal fashion and Solange's style is so eccentric that I just had to post on it. I totally love the white jumper and cape look and she has the body to pull off this deep plunge look. I would have loved to see this paired with a nice floral crown or pretty accessories but whatever the bride wants is what the bride should have.  BTW... riding in on white bicycles are so fitting for their style. Did anyone else know that Alan was 51??? WOW! But he looks great for 51. 


Project Runway All-Stars Review

OMG... I've fallen hard for Project Runway All-Stars. My love for fashion and the talent to create fashion is runs deep. I attended Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and during my time there I was always in awe of the designers and their creativity that were often featured in the main lobby. When you walked in the hallways of the school you just felt the energy and I loved it. I don't often watch television and have lost interest in Project Runway for years but when I happened to stumble upon this new season of all-stars, I instantly fell in love and as you all know, my daughter follows in my footsteps in the fashion arena so she and I sat watching the back to back episode and we cannot wait to see who wins this season.

Our top picks and favorites are:

Fabio Casto
Everything I seen from Fabio has been pure genius and raw talent. In my opinion his designs are what you hope to see from an emerging designer and comes completely naturally for him.  
This dress was made from tarp.

Justin LeBlanc 
We totally love Justin's designs! His dress made from zip ties was flawless!!!! Come on now people... it's damn ZIP TIES and he created this dress with insane time constraints and made it look effortless. 

Honorable Mention

Sonjia Williams
Ms. Williams wasn't even on our radar for the first 2 episodes but when we saw the perfection of her Good design... WOW.

OK...I will never forget this little number by Sonjia. Impressive, impeccable, impressionable...
I could go on and on. I went online to bid for this but it's not there.
 This dress is beautiful and we'll be watching for more. Hopefully she can remain consistent with designs like these. 


How to Wear Fall Clutch bags

Happy Friday people!

So with the weather breaking most of us tend to mute our colors and go for the basic fall black and grey. My opinion is you should always brighten things up and stand out among the masses.  There are simple ways to make a Wow statement this fall with a pop of color and it's simple enough to make it look effortless.

Clutch bags are small and simple enough to add just the right amount of color to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. You may actually have some time to try and make one for yourself. It's actually extremely simple! I've added a few pics to show you a few examples of how adding the right  color with your clutch can make or break an outfit.

Pairing a bright pump with a bright clutch can make any plain outfit transition from day to evening.