Stormi Gets her own House? How CUTE

Stormi is balling!!! She received her own house with her moms memorabilia from her childhood. How freakin adorable!!  Kris's side comments are hilarious too. "We have to disconnect that doorbell". LOL


Great Vegan Recipe for your Netflix & Chill

It's cold outside so what's better then staying in with a great meal, a cozy cute pajama set, a great meal and a good show. If that sounds like a plan then I have a warm hearty healthy meal to dine on while binge watching See (on a side note this show is LIT) or Netflix then let's go!

Sweet Potato Soup
3 large sweet potato - I used organic white and 1 organic orange sweet potato
2 large carrots - I used organic long carrots
2 cloves of garlic minced
2 teaspoons of nutmeg
Half  teaspoon of ginger
Half teaspoon of sage
Half of white onion
2 cups of vegetable broth
Almond Butter
Olive oil
Can of coconut cream
Splash of salt and pepper to taste

First skin and cube your sweet potato. Peel your carrots and slice them thin. Mince your garlic and thin slice your white onion. Combine all your ingredients together in a pot using your olive oil to saute. Add your nutmeg, dash of sage and your ginger. You sautee until your sweet potato begin to noticeably turn color and become slightly tender. I suggest sauteing for 20 minutes and adding a small bit of water to coat the bottom of your pan so that your veggies don't begin to burn. You don't want to continue to add olive oil so adding water will work.
Once your sweet potatoes are tender and most of the water has evaporated, you'll notice sweet potatoes will begin to become slightly mushy and break into lumps. That is how you want it.

Next add your vegetable broth, coconut cream and almond butter. Let that sautee for another 15 minutes. Once your potatoes are super soft and you've let simmer for 15 more minutes you can add another dash of nutmeg or taste to see if it's to your liking. At this point you can puree with a food processor and serve.

 Now that you have the food situated what are we watching? If it's a binge night then let me suggest SEE on Apple TV. That show is excellent! It also staring Jason Momoa who doesn't disappoint in this show. I'm not going to spoil it but believe me, you'll be nice and cozy and well entertained. Make sure you send me a Thanks in the comments.


Will Smith's Big Night at the Tyler Perry Studio Opening Ceremony

Will Smith documented his night at the Tyler Perry Studio's opening ceremony and it was a beautiful moment in history. Also hearing Tyler Perry do interviews explaining how significant and overwhelming it is to physically see his name and studio on the highway exit. Such a surreal experience for all impacted and testimonial to all of their hard earned accomplishments it all seemed. Even those who were not in attendance felt the significance of the event and Tyler Perry is definitely etching his name in the history of the cinematic industry whether others want to acknowledge him or not.
Watch Will Smith's video below.
Side note... who knew that Will Smith had an You Tube page? I didn't!


How to Be Happy!!!

From the time you're born to the day that most of us die where on a hunt to acquire more which most equate to gaining more money but that's WRONG. The problem with that logic is that money is never enough and in turn we lose our happiness in the pursuit of what we think will make us happy. We tend to think money will bring us more freedom. Freedom to go and to do as we please which is true but freedom does not mean you're happy. It may sound crazy when put in those terms but in all honesty it's even crazier to be actually living life constantly chasing a dream to achieve riches. There is nothing wrong with dreaming but if the dream involves self-centered actions to achieve it then you'll be unhappy when and if you do finally achieve it. The thing is  no one physically forces us to strive for money but it's a ritual passed down and taught because we're capitalistic. We're consumers and by consumers I mean that literally. We consume everything!!! We over spend, over indulge and consume all the natural resources of the planet like we can create more but we cannot.

We're never taught or fully understand the meaning of life therefore we don't really understand how to achieve happiness. If you're unsure what you are put on earth to do then you're drifting. One thing for sure is that your primary focus shouldn't be specifically to get rich. You have a purpose and part of understanding that purpose is to understand and acknowledge that we're all connected. That can be a hard pill for loners to accept. It definitely was for me because I dislike the all the pretending we do with one another so I've always claimed to not like people. However I love a few and throughout it all the one thing that I know is that I'm happiest when I'm doing for them. With that said the true answer on how to achieve happiness and our purpose is to help others and to leave the earth a better place by you simply being here! It's that simple! Think about the closet person to you. Imagine if they weren't there in your life and how different your life would be without them. They've impacted you to the point that you couldn't even fathom what you would be without them. Your interaction with everyone to some degree impacts them whether it's in a good way or a bad way. However if most of your interactions aren't helpful then you're most likely miserable or in denial that you're unhappy. If most of your interactions are helpful in some manner then you're probably extremely happy because you will see how beneficial you are to others and that builds your character and spirit. Even he simplest form of helping others with small exchanges of kindness help to build your spirit. The constant string of small acts of helpfulness lifts you up and you will be transformed.

This is why people are drawn to animals and most recently more people are drawn to plants as well.
It's the internal need to want to see something be its best self with your help with it achieving that goal. If you have a pet and you see how excited they are to see you it makes you feel good to witness their happiness and excitement. It satisfying to know that something appreciates you. Your animal is excited and shows appreciation because of what you do for them. You feel it and it helps to lift your spirits. It's the same exchange that occurs with personal contact as well. If you do well by others then they tend to show you or express their gratitude in ways in which you feel and that lifts your spirits. Plants too! You feed your plant and expose them to what they need and in turn they sprout new leaves and grow for you which is rewarding. You then fertilize it to try to get that plant to grow even more leaves. 

With all of that being said there is one last thing I want to expose you to. It's the simple fact that the Earth is dying. She's dying because of the one way exchange. She feeds us and allows us to live within her but we abuse that expression of love because we don't fulfill our duty to nurture her back. We pollute our water and over consume our resources and it will eventually exhaust those resources to the point where we cause our own extinction. In addition we're causing the extinction of other species as well which is not our right to do. I say all that to simply say to be kind to others so that you can reap your rewards. Be kind to animals and plants and seek out ways to do better by the earth. Push your legislature to let them know that climate change and environmental issues matter to you. If you do your part and a million others around you do their part we can help change the negative decline we're speeding towards. 


Charlamagne the God Interviews the cast of Girlfriends

Did you guys happen to watch the Black-ish episode featuring the cast of Girlfriends??? If you didn't you're not alone because I planned on watching it but I missed it. Girlfriends aired it's last show over 10 years ago back in 2008 and it's still has a fan following!  You can just pull it up online if you've never seen the show but it was one of the first shows that I could related to that touched on alot of modern day issues such as natural hair and bisexuality. The cast was recently interviewed by Charlamagne who always professed his LOVE for Girlfriends for years. The ladies definitely look great and still have great chemistry between them. The show definitely needs a reboot or a movie because there are some die-hard fans of the show and I am one of them!

On a sidenote Jill was definitely my inspiration for a bold red lip! That was always her signature look.


Nicole Murphy Clears the Air

Yesterday on Wendy Williams talk show, Nicole Murphy was the guest and she was there to set the record straight on kissing Antoine Fuqua. She gave it a few weeks to die down but she let it out. Understandably nervous about rehashing the story in front of an audience she tried to downplay the situation as if she was mislead to believe that Antoine wasn't married. Well I call BS on that! Hollywood is too small and the way she kept referencing social media she clearly knows how to use it. She could have easily jumped online to do a bit of digging to see if he was separated, single or divorced but she didn't. His 20 year marriage wasn't hidden but it wasn't a factor when they were together.

In spite of all that she did take advantage of the situation and offered her personal apology to his wife Lela on camera which was decent but clearly she's one to overlook the ring.  My take is.. if he was willing to do it then he should've been the one held accountable. It 's his marriage and Nicole is single! Nicole should have played it the same way he has and just not spoken on the situation at all if it were really bothersome to her. She came on Wendy's show to push her products which must be slowing in sales because she could have used her social media to push her stuff. Her core supporters will always be her supporters and her products weren't new therefore I believe she came to keep her name buzzing because there is no such thing as bad publicity. It would have been golden if she had played into the role completely and came out wearing a full catsuit! No one could deny the fact that Nicole looks great for a 51 year old grandmother!


Piecing together Taraji and Mary... Also Pics from Emmys After Party

Were you aware that Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Hensen were close? I remember the Beats commercial featuring the two women and Kerry Washington and I thought "that's cute they're industry friends" but I think they have moved beyond friends within the industry to real friends. I could tell when I saw the picture of Taraji and Angie Martinez of NYC radio, embracing at the Celebrate the Culture Emmys after party.
Taraji seems like "good people" and that is hard to find these days and you don't even need to be in Hollywood to say that. People are so disingenuous and when I saw the embrace of Angie Martinez I knew that connection was through Mary because Angie and Mary have long been extremely close. Angie has shared multiple stories about Mary and their closeness throughout the years. Still as of late I've been witnessing people share how Taraji has been true to them and supportive. Jason Bolden of the Netflix show "Styling Hollywood" tells of his introduction into the industry as being Taraji's stylist. She was the catalyst for his success as well. Got to salute her on her realness and authenticity!

Connecting the dots between Mary J Blige and Taraji. 

                     Now... more pictures from the Celebrate the Culture II Emmys after party and more...

Emmys Fashion!!!

Let's break down the best from the 2019 Emmys. The women there was just a few that I thought were good but I absolutely LOVED Zendaya's look by Vera Wang!!! Zendaya has been killing it with the fashion game and honestly needs to model because clearly she's built for it! Hands down the BEST dressed of the night. Glam WIN!!!!

These dresses were cute and age appropriate for the younger crowd there. 

As for the men I think the men outdid themselves this year. I loved all the fashion the men brought to the Emmys. Versatile and classic!

 Honorable mentions for best dressed were Mandy Moore, Kendall Jenner and Padma Lakshmi. Mandy Moore was almost unrecognizable and look sultry in this dress by Brandon Maxwell. 

The older crowd looked lovely but I loved the turban pairing on Niecy Nash which were both designed by Christian Siriano. Christian has really been making his mark on Hollywood and in the fashion world since he came on the scene on season 4 of Project Runway. Love his dresses!!! 

 More men's fashion of the night that were very sharp. 


Beyonce put out personal pics on her website!

Just in case you haven't heard or seen the pics that Beyonce put out to commemorate her 37 bday here ya go! During the same time I figured we can chat about some fashion too because in some of the pictures she drop some definite fashion jewels and I love a good eye catching piece. Especially when it comes to accessories.

This diamond encrusted neck choker is the same that was recently worn by Gigi.
Super CUTE with anything!

Just thought these coats on both her and Hay were cute!

HAND CUFF that's blinged out and a nude lip.
Cannot go wrong with a nude lip and heavy on unique accessories

Ya'll gonna learn about a good waist bag Hunny!

look at that succulent plant wall
The matching set off the shoulder with the heart chandelier diamonds ain't too bad either!
Also you're going to need to invest in a pair of clear wedges that goes with EV-er-Y-Thing! 

I've always said investing in a Great Trench and coat PERIOD is a must!!!!
This trench is cute

Blinged out Clear Heels AGAIN and that WAIST BAG!!!
I'm a FAN of a great waist bag! Guaranteed to not lose anything


Top Fall Accessory Trends

I know we all hate to admit it but summer is officially coming to a close. However that doesn't mean that we have to submit to dull fashion. Typically we all tend to wear more layers when the weather starts to cool down so why not make the most of that fashion trend and layer up! With these layering tips you're definitely on trend and your definitely fall on the best dressed list no matter what you're wearing with these tips. Why settle for boring when you can stand out while keeping cost on the low.   

Statement Jewelry is definitely a trend that you can wear year round. Why not stack them? It also incorporates a bit of edge and a pop of color during the fall months when most tend to wear dull and drab colors. Punch things up a bit with an ear crawler that's blinged out! Or stack-able rings or ear cuffs. Paired with anything these are sure to get noticed. 

Pair your denim with lace socks! It's definitely a eye catching switch up that simple and chic! It can also bring new life to a boring shoe. If you're familiar with the site then you know I advocate for every girl to own a pair of cheap pair of black pumps or flats that go with everything! You don't have to break the bank on a pair of notice me shoes. A frugal basic shoe can easily take you from the office to happy hour or simply step out looking BOSS if you pair them with a lace bootie sock! You can even take it a step further by adding a bling ribbon to the top of the sock to hold them in place. If you haven't noticed  these are super sexy too! You don't even need to see the rest of the outfit.
So... are you catching what I'm throwing??? You DO NOT have to re-invent your wardrobe to be fashionable. Add a few key pieces to spice it up and all of them can be found on Nifty To FAB! Reasonably priced and has all your accessories to keep you DIFFERENT (in a good way). I swear by these!!!!

Another way to stand out is with your hair accessories. We all tend to drift towards the easy hair style that we're comfortable with. Make that easy style POP with hair bling! It's another super easy, fast way to take you from average to fashion goddess in no time. Trust me!!! I'm the most fashionable person in my office and it literally takes me 30 minutes or less each day to get dressed. I am not a morning person. I'm not super fond on spending hours on make-up either so that 30 minutes includes my make-up and skin care regimen. I tend to over accessorize and it's simply done with a few key noticeable pieces. 



This is a real dog toy!!! Which one of ya'll freaks out here letting their dog do this to them???


Jordyn and Megan... Living their Best Life!

I am not mad at Jordyn for solidifying her HOT GIRL SUMMER with the creator Megan the Stallion. I enjoy RAP music! That's my shit and Megan is definitely enjoying the fame off her Fever album. She dropped a few jewels in Pimpin because all women should take note because these are words to live by FOREVER!

"Damn I want some head but I chose the dough instead... I could never ever let a nigg* fuck me out my bread!       Ain't no dick alive that could make me lose my mind.."  
For those of you who need a translation, it basically means get your fucking mind right ladies and don't let any man discourage you from getting your money FIRST! Do what you feel is right for you and if he's not with it or can't see that you have ambition goals for financial freedom then he's not for you (PERIOD). I don't care how many butterflies you have thinking about him or enjoy his company for right now. The picture is bigger than how he makes you feel at the moment! A lot of  women let "feelings" control their actions. NOPE... don't play yourself. Didn't even like the song at first but once I heard the message... I was sold on Megan!
Jordyn's out here trying to get her a bag and I'm not mad at her! Keep them talking about you and people will keep trying to link up which will increase her exposure and secure those earnings. That's the business model she's following and it may not be for you or me... but it's definitely a recipe. Good luck to all the ladies out there paving a road to their own success. I love to see ladies WINNING!


New Aged Views??? Or Nah

What's been up people? I must admit that I'm a hippie or whatever the new term is for those like me who are nature loving, fashion conscious, aura reading, preferably eats organic urbanite! It's only natural that I would raise my kids to have similar beliefs as myself but lately I've questioned if I may have done them a disservice by not exposing them to church or a steady religion. My eldest is turning 21 in 2 days and it got me to thinking. I didn't raise my kids to be overly religious however we do believe in GOD. Although I grew up attending vacation bible school every summer I didn't feel the need to expose my children to church as I've never felt that attendance at a church was necessary to express my faith for my creator.We all know people who attend church and have questionable views and some even use it as a way to feel superior to others with differing views. Honestly I'm quite proud of my family as we're all really good people and we all possess a great morale compass which in lacking for so many in today's society.  Needless to say as far as religion goes, I am not really religious but I do pray and we treat other people with respect and appreciate differences. I speak with my creator often  and show gratitude for my spiritual guides.In addition to honoring my creating I also practice a holistic practices for unknown forces and occurrences that me may not know exist but I don't believe it's disrespectful to my belief in God to do so. I do what is consider "new age" practices such as smudge cleansing my home, earthing which is basically exposing your barefoot in grass to ground your energy naturally and a few others. It may be new age to some but for me it makes perfect sense to be to maintain a positive energy!

The practice of  what's considered "new age" has nothing to do with ones spiritual beliefs. God is ever presence but so are forces that we may not understand so I take a little extra precaution and teach my children to be aware of the unknown. However not all people share my beliefs. Recently my daughters boyfriend called the idea of smudging witch craft which sort of bothered me a bit. She offered to smudge his new apartment to clear the energy and he got offended. LOL That also got me to thinking... if you're dating someone is it okay if you have different views and self healing practices? My thoughts have always been to do what you like and practice whatever you need to make yourself happy. My husband doesn't believe in my new age practices but he isn't bothered by them either. He damn sure doesn't see them as witch craft or at least he's never said that to me. I appreciate my eclectic taste and views as I believe they add to the appeal that is me! You know.. that "Je Ne Sais Quoi". Okay for those that may not know what that means it the "appealing quality that cannot be described or expressed" or your mojo. I teach my kids to follow their own paths and to do what feeds their soul and to also make sure they show gratitude to the spiritual realm and our creator. They're also encouraged to seek knowledge so that they can form their own conclusion as to what is best for them. So I'll take the hippie title and my grounding, sea moss eating self and blissfully keep pressing on. 

What are some of your self love practices? Do you follow any rituals that may be considered "new aged"? I recently went to a outdoor festival and noticed that I definitely wasn't alone in my ideas on smudging. Below is a shirt that I thought was super cute as well as a picture of my soon to be 21 year old "hippie" daughter. And that's me in the top... SUN BATHING! You know to get all that good energy and glow from the Sun while she's out and warm. 

Panic in Time Square from a motor cycle backfiring!

A motorcycle backfired triggering panic in Time Square! I understand why people ran however up until a few years ago it was a comical situation you tend to only witness in the hood but the entire country has developed this PTSD associated with the thoughts that at any moment you could be shot for no damn reason. Such a shame that you have to be fearful walking down the damn street now-a-days! 


Build your self esteem and self confidence!!!

Too many people confuse self esteem with self confidence and they are completely different concepts. However both have great importance on how we navigate through the world and our successes. Self-confidence tends to be easier to build because it is codependent on you ability to achieve certain goals and tasks. Being self confident leads to successful experiences and your motivation to pursue certain goals and your ability to achieving those goals are related to your own self confidence. You believed that you could therefore you did is a perfect example of this. It's easy to build self confidence in children from an early age by pushing them (with minor guidance) to achieve task that they thought were difficult and acknowledging their growth and successful completion. It's a integral part of parenting! It's also important for you to continue to strengthen your own self confidence because as we grow and settle into life we tend to push ourselves less. We tell ourselves things like "what's the point in learning (enter whatever here) because we already do (enter what you do here). In my profession as an IT Manger I often witness this when a company introduces new technology. Constantly people don't even step up to the plate to learn something new and put forth no effort at all which is detrimental to your continued success and growth. Yet the same person will complain about how they never have enough money or they wish they were better off in their jobs. HOW?!?! Stop wishing and take steps to start doing and you'll get there or at least closer to your goals than you would get by doing nothing! Totally step out of your comfort zone and start experiencing things that are challenging to you.

Then there is self esteem which is the belief in your overall worth. In regards to self esteem it's totally a a self defeating or self achieving goal. You must decide which you partake in. We are our own worst enemy for the most part and we need to be mindful of the thoughts we have about ourselves. Identifying a part of us that we would like to change is normal but harping on it is self defeating. If you're unhappy about something in your life build that "SELF CONFIDENCE" and change it. You'll be surprised what minor tweaks and subtle changes can do to build your self-esteem. Making subtle changes and adopting an appreciative opinion of yourself goes a long way and setting achievable goals for yourself will definitely assist in valuing your strengths. You cannot find self worth within someone else. Self esteem is internally driven.


Nicole out here throwing that Thang!!!

Can we please break down the Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua fiasco??? Nicole and Lela... these two had to know each other and run in similar circles. Nicole put out a statement with B. Scott saying that she and Antoine were family friends and they were just saying hello because they were at the same event but I'll be damned if you say hello with 2 kisses on the lips!!! Also from the looks of the photos these look staged! Like she hired the photographer to hide out in the bushes and take the pics to leak her own story. Seems like she looked DEAD into the camera to me! Not once... but twice! She's been single supposedly for a while and if you're sleeping with a "family friend" and tired of the secrecy wouldn't you want his wife to conveniently find out?! I honestly believe she set the narrative. YESSS honey... she's sipping her OWN tea! She's too old for all this but best believe she knows what she's doing!

I feel sorry for Lela who deleted both her Twitter and IG after these pictures came out. It's been reported in the past that Lela's aware of her husbands infidelity however I'm sure she wasn't expecting it to be NICOLE!!! Lela has worked with Nicole's ex-husband on Harlem Nights so there is a loose connection there. Regardless Nicole definitely knows that man is married. Lela and Antoine have been married for twenty years and saying that he's a family friend well that too in itself is all types of messy. Lela has every right to be waiting at LAX in the arrival section. I know I would!

Come on now Lela... you better show up some where! 

UPDATE: Nicole put out a statement saying "I want to apologize to my family and to Lela and the fuqua family for what transpired... it was not my intention to be in this situation... I too was once married and I would never intentionally undermine another woman, despite what has been written". 


No New Friends... Not so fast!

I'm a loner. Have been for a long time and I'm okay with that. However I do understand that there is a difference between being a loner and having no friends what so ever. I stumbled upon this video and I get the message but I think it can be misconstrued because we're all social, interconnected beings. If you think you don't need social contact then you're mistaken. That's exactly why being in solitary confinement drives people insane and is cruel inhuman punishment.

With the increase in social media usage and just modern society as a whole, the disconnected factor has been very prevalent. More people than ever before feel they are lacking a deep connection with others are are  lonely. The lack of friends/relationships are leading to an increase in depression. So much so that we're all starting to believe that it's okay and a sign of strength to not need people. Or we have a bunch of meaningless fleeting connections and instead of just being "friendly" with just anyone it's best that we seek out real connections. Depression can be a byproduct of loneliness and it can also lead to other things such as alcoholism and self harm. Therefore preaching that being solo and not finding connections is harmful.

The innate need for relationships and sincere bonds are real and it's the very reason why we notice the void. It's also a reason why pet ownership is up. As society it's normal to feel misunderstood occasionally and we my feel alone from time to time but it shouldn't be long term.We even seek out nurturing relationships with pets and we view pets as a way to fill a void. It's exactly why people feel their pets are a part of their family because they've bonded. We're starting to believe that it's okay to be alone on a prolonged basis and it's not. This is different from being comfortable with your own company. Temporary isolation and time for self-reflection is great. However having meaningful relationships assist us develop as a well rounded individual. We learn about ourselves from our interactions with others and life lessons like selflessness, compassion, strength as well as discovering our patients and tolerance levels. 

Khloe's breakdown on the finale of KUWTK... and Jordyn and Kylie

I'm back bitches!!! Sorry for the hiatus but sometimes I just don't feel up to it with all that's going on in the world... well... MY own personal world. Life can get sooo complicated but regardless. Let's chat!

I'm not a KUWTK fan and haven't watched the show in forever but I do want to see the finale of their last season with the blow up of Jordyn and Khloe. If I had to choose which of the sisters I liked the most it would have definitely been Khloe. Up until she said some questionable stuff about getting her daughter a "mixed" doll. That irked the shit out of me because there is no such thing as a "mixed" doll. There are lighter hued dolls with different textures of hair to symbolize but there are no mixed dolls. Hell... her daughter is black. Once she enters the world her daughter will carve out her own existence from how she's treated and I'm certain she'll experience some questionable behavior that will help her self identify. That's what people who have mixed children don't get. You may have one ideal of what your child is based on YOUR experiences but I guarantee you... based on how your child "looks", they'll have their own set of experiences that will certainly shape their world which may be completely different from your own experiences and a lot will be based on race. Especially in America and no amount of wealth or fame can protect you from others hatred. Besides for Khloe I just thiink she picked a disrespectful lowdown dog to try and start a family with. We're not even going to speak on the fact that when she meant him he already had a pregnant girlfriend! Tristan's ex said that Khloe knew full and well that they were together because she saw them at a wedding together. To be exact she saw them together at her cousin's wedding to Kevin Hart. Probably where he pushed up and she fell for it. Soooo in that case you win some/lose some. Make better choices!

I'll try to catch the episode but one thing that poignantly stuck out in my mind was that Kylie lost her closest friend during all of that and for whatever reason that really bothered me. Friends are hard to find! At least
real ones and you could hear in her voice on the clip when she's talking to Kim and she starts to cry that she's hurt because she saw her friend hurt. That's love!!! Regardless of what happen between Jordyn and Tristan what you're witnessing is a loss. I think Kylie needed her friend because as we've all seen they have spent countless time together. When you've seen Kylie in the past you've definitely seen Jordyn. At her birth, on vacations, during her holiday post and even in her home as Jordyn lived with her.  I'm sure that's been a very emotional experience for them both and no matter how many new pictures they post showing they've moved on they are still going through it. I now follow Jordyn myself on IG because I think she was bullied during that entire thing but was she wrong??? DEFINITELY! 
There is a girl code that no matter how old you are you're suppose to know. However being friends with Kardashian's probably didn't help her in learning that lesson beforehand because they don't follow girl code themselves. You cannot fault a girl for following your playbook. You're just angry that she did it to YOU.

I had an ex-friend who had her own questionable behavior with that exact thing once she had her two children that are mixed. She said that her daughter's school picked on her and labeled her daughter the problem child and she thought that maybe it was due to her daughter being mixed. Well... not sure if that is it but it definitely could be but either life will play out and she'll hear of questionable scenarios that will clearly be race related that you cannot protect your child from.


Rihanna's Fenty Clothing Line

Lord knows I love me some Rihanna but I'm not fully blown away with her clothing line. Well let me correct that... MOST of the items from her recently released Fenty collaboration with LVMH definitely looks like Rihanna designed them. What I mean by that is that the collection mirrors some of her previously released fashion lines which means that it has an island flare to it and I'm not a huge fan. However everything isn't for everybody so for those who love it... ball out! There are a few bangers amongst the batch that I feel are worth buying but only when I see some sale prices. If nothing goes on sale then I'm good with the miss.

One things for sure she's definitely sticking with the LVMH traditional price points which for the average is a splurge. The denim skirt, which is a banger is $360 and the pleated pants that I LOVE are $485! The pants are on my watch list. A pair of straight fit denim will run you $400 and the cheapest pair of earrings are $335. The sunnies/shades are all $400 and up but they're cute too! The cute corset dress is $990!!! Love the corset dress but it's not on my watch list. The corset t-shirt dress is $300 and it's super cute and fits the model like butter but it's a t-shirt and I can make something similar for less than $40.Also the shoes are a hard pass for me. Remember it's the name and partnership you're paying for but... if you've got then go for it! 


Finding out your man is sugar daddy??!!!

Do women lose themselves when in a committed relationship? I can agree with that to some extent. Within a marriage you compromise but with time that compromise may strain the relationship. I recently read an article about a woman who had been married for over 20 years then discovered that her husband was a Sugar Daddy. LIKE a real damn official Sugar damn DADDY!!! Registering on a website for monthly subscriptions and everything!!! For those who aren't familiar it where a man voluntarily sponsors a young woman in exchange for sex!

So I'm reading the article and the woman said that she found out because she stumbled on reoccurring charges after he husband said he was leaving her!  The kicker in all of it was that she also found miscellaneous gifts that he bought for the girls and one of these gifts happen to be a $1500 Louis Vuitton bag while she got a damn lunch tote cooler! When she asked him about being a sugar daddy he admitted it and said that the girls made him feel appreciated. I about fell out!!! The fucking NERVE of this guy!!!!

Funny thing is though that she's not alone. There are plenty of couples in this same situation. It's called getting BORED in your relationship. On the radio this morning they were discussing the same thing when a young 22 yr. old girl said her 32 yr. old boyfriend said that he's bored and thinks about what he's missing out on. This all got me to thinking. All relationships that are long lasting will get to the point where things begin to feel routine. That's perfectly normal. However it's the mind that gets to playing tricks on people to make them feel that they're missing out when actually they're experiencing a great thing. Comfortability!!!  Think about it... when you're constantly dating and get tired of going through the motions you say "I just want someone that I feel comfortable with and that gets me". Well there is really no further "getting you" when you've reached the level in your relationship where you're both comfortable in each others presence. After a while that zen feeling will become boring but it's up to the individuals in the relationship to perk things back up. Do things that are out of the norm together to create new memories together. You both have to make it a priority or it will ultimately lead one or both of you to look for newness elsewhere. That is why people get divorced. They're searching for newness but in their search they're going to try to seek out someone else to fit in their same routine. Which will ultimately lead right back to that same feeling. The shit's CRAZY but people are crazy!
Anyway.... here's the link to the article: huffpost. It's a great a little read. Oh and back to my ladies. PLEASE don't forget about yourself for a man. Please don't stop working on your passions! Maintain an identity that is your own which includes getting stuff that you like and doing things that you enjoy. Even if you have to do some things alone. I'm at a age where I know a few women who have been dependent on a man and they all end up resentful and unhappy. Then they start to despise the man when you put yourself in the position by letting him control you. That too can start to fester into a problem and who needs that shit.


Taraji P. Henson renovates her step mothers home

There is nothing more rewarding than a pay it forward moment! Catch Taraji on My Houzz renovating her step-mothers house. It really is a beautiful sight to see when a blended family stays connected even when the family member who bonded you passes on. It was a beautiful sentimental gesture for Taraji to redo the home of her late father's wife.



Yesterday I reminded you guys that Beyonce would be dropping a new Netflix Movie which showcases her 2018 Coachella performance. However she came all the way through with an album which chronicles the same performance as well. So if you're not able to catch the Netflix movie then you would definitely be able to hear the performance featuring a full band! The album features the 40 songs she performed and both the album and the Netflix feature are titled Homecoming. I'm currently watching the Netflix movie and in true Beyonce style she incorporated personal behind the scene clips that allows her fan base to experience intimate details about her personal life and her inspiration behind her show.  The treatment for the performance was flawless and bought all kinds of HBCU college game vibes! The Nothing beats and HBCU game night and and the band is imperative to delivery of the SAUCE!!! The entire essences was executed flawlessly from the dancers to the costumes... her team killed it! If you missed the original performance then this is the next best thing! Dropping all of it during the week of 2019's Coachella was another great tool to keep the momentum going from last year for those who attended as well. The entire delivery of this project was on point and the Netflix special is a must see.


Guava Island on Amazon featuring Rihanna

Not only did Childish Gambino perform at Coachella he also debuted his new short film Guava Island, which is available nowon Amazon. One of the rare times I'm happy I pay all that money for Amazon Prime.

The short film is 46 minutes and features Rihanna as his love interest. It also features Letitia Wright who is better known as Shuri (the sister) in Black Panther.  Guava Island is a musically charged Caribbean themed short film about a guy (Childish Gambino) with ambitions to be a musician who is met with resistance when trying to perform at a festival. It also delves a bit into his political views of American greed. A longer more in-depth version of his "This is America" video with a love story incorporated into it. I think we can all agree that Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino is an awesome thought provoking artist. Take that hour and watch Guava Island. It's cute and gives you all the good weather summer vibes!

P.S. Don't forget Beyonce's Homecoming debuts tomorrow on Netflix for all the Beyonce fans.


Microblading Horror story!!!

I'm all for trying new things but this story is a cautionary tale that somethings aren't worth trying. Microblading seems simple enough but you have to keep in mind that it's a tattoo... ON YOUR FACE!!! After reviewing horror stories online related to microblading I found that botched jobs are common! This poor lady had to go through a procedure to correct a botched job that left her with 4 eyebrows that she said couldn't be covered up with make-up. She even admitted that she lost her boyfriend due to it and had to pay over $1000 USD to correct. The corrective procedure called LI-FT which lightens the pigment used during the tattoo procedure can be expensive and I also found a lot of fake products which claimed to do the same thing but buyers beware. Make sure you're doing your research for any product or service you're not familiar with.  

Have you had a bad experience with a salon service? I've definitely had bad haircuts which made my blood boil however a permanent procedure would send me to jail!  This salon would see me at the door every damn morning for some corrective action.


Wendy Williams Files for Divorce!!!

It's being reported by NY Times Page Six that Wendy has finally hit her husband with them PAPERS!!!! According to Page Six Kevin was served at 6am today (4/11/19). I guess she was tired of NOT being able to save face and threw on them big girl panties to do what she knew was needed. Hopefully it's not just  a warning to him to try and straighten out because we all have known women who have tried to force the hand of their man with a threat of divorce. Either way I'm watching and waiting for her to pull through bigger and better than ever! 

I have been a Wendy fan for years! I've listened to her ever since her 98.7 KISS FM days and she has always been bold loose lip Wendy and that's why I loved her. However I've been conflicted with how she is quick to tell women on her show to leave so cavalierly but clearly has antiquated views on how marriage works in her own life. It's not surprising that she's found it extremely hard to press on. Who wouldn't feel betrayed after almost 30 years of marriage and endless cover ups. Remember she settled out of court for an undisclosed amount with her old employee Nicole because Nicole said her husband was sexually harassing her and created a hostile work environment! One day Nicole was there prepping for Wendy's television talk show sneak peek then the next day she was unmentioned. Those were the Charlamagne days. 

Honestly I feel that Wendy has been hatching this plan for a minute. I definitely felt a ways watching her with Birdman and Juvenile were on her show. She came in with those Fendi leggings for a damn reason!!! With all that hand holding and scooting. I peeped that!! Watch for yourself and let me know if I'm reaching. We all know she likes a certain type.

If you take Wendy's background into account there is no wonder why she has held onto her marriage for so long. Her parents have been married forever and I believe both her sister and brother have long term marriages as well. No matter what we want to believe about our own free spirits we tend to stick with traditions that are set for us and her family has a more traditional view in regards to marriage. She wasn't lying when she said she was ride or die. Still some things you can't wish away and a whole new family is one of them. She'll definitely bounce back. It's just a hard hit now but her true fans are here to help her power through it.


Spoiler Alert!!!! Maybe

So did ya'll catch this?? Am I the only one crack head scratching for the return of the Game Of Thrones??? I am a Arya FAN and can't get enough of her killing people. Straight BEAST!!! You can keep her in real life though... but this little clip was good. Made me cringe, get all types of upset and finally a nervous chuckle.



Is R. Kelly a Psychopath? Seems like it

Did you watch the R. Kelly documentary? My timeline has been flooded with opinions on the docu-series so I streamed it to check it out. I watched with mixed emotions thinking about the parents of those girls and then I came to the conclusion that the series missed outright diagnosing him as a psychopath. After watching there is no doubt in my mind that R. Kelly is a predator but he clearly lacks empathy and is great at preying on the vulnerabilities of people.

The world is beautiful place however it can show you extremely horrible things. Nature in itself display example of prey and predator in all species. There will always be people with intentions on harming others so it’s in our best interest to build awareness on how to pinpoint their tactics. A trait that 99% of us have is our ability to be empathetic. Our empathy is a mechanism that guides our conscience and prohibits most of us from going too far into a negative experience. The reason I go into detail regarding this is because there is one component that was not well delivered in the documentary and it’s based on psychology and emotions. There is no doubt that R. Kelly is a predator and like all predators they have an uncanny ability to pick up on subtle social cues that appeal to them or better yet their social deviance. Predators have fine tuned their ability to find suitable prey and when you throw in R. Kelly's celebrity status he definitely didn't have to look far for victims. Ordinary people experience similar situations but when we meet someone and think we have an “instant connection” most often its a decoy.  There is no such a thing as instant connections with random people. It’s our own thought process that determines we have instantly connected with someone when in fact it's typically a ploy to reduce your natural skepticism. The person tends to let you naturally talk about yourself and you lead the conversation and they fill in the gaps with what you want to hear. It's this mechanism that predators use to be appealing to their prey. 

Predators understand that we’re creatures of habit and tend to easily sense when someone will be susceptible to their advances quite easily. Our habits and personality aren’t as unique as we like to think and the average person is quite predictable. Predators perfect their senses early in life by constantly pushing limits within their social circles and in time perfect their craft. Young people are more prone to act on their sense of wonderment without restraint which allowed R. Kelly to find easy prey who stuck around. It’s the same principle used by marketers and advertisers when they try to appeal to young people to develop habits that are hard to kick. Prime example of this would be cigarettes or hookah. Hookah lounges are flooded with people who have fallen for propaganda that it’s cool to smoke flavored tobacco in appealing bongs so that they can post pictures for social media. To summarize we all have desires and there are triggers that would entice every one of us if situation allows. However for R. Kelly he used his celebrity status and the idea that association would bring on assimilation to manipulate young girls to fulfill his proclivities. Then brainwashed these young girls into being subservient to him over time.

So how do you know when you're being manipulated or when a predator is at hand? Below are a few warning signs that you're in the mist of a psychopath and predator.

  1. They engage your curiosity and capture your attention. They are incredibly skilled in the art of peacocking. They know how to draw your attention and curiosity but subconsciously you may not detect that curiosity as a threat. 
  2. They maintain a calm demeanor which allows them to present themselves as calm until you've lowered your guard and then they show their true intent. 
  3. They play you close! Literally! They invade your personal space to see how much of you'll allow.
  4. They will display some form of contempt as they are naturally contemptuous.  
  5. Their emotions can switch instantly going from complete calm, to rage and back to calm all in a matter of seconds. 
  6. They exude an air of superiority and confidence. 
  7. They are contradictory between what they say and do. If they describe one thing and you experience the complete opposite. It's a behavioral nuance that is unavoidable for psychopaths because they cannot often keep up the facade they are verbally telling you. They tell you things they know you want to hear but often cannot fulfill their promises or stories. They will try to shift that blame or make you believe you misunderstood their intent. 
  8. there will be aspects of their demeanor or life that is impenetrable. They will not allow you to see behind their curtain fully and will keep you in the dark about things that most are willing to share.