Awesome Meatless Recipe - Seafood Edition

In my house we've all been trying to eat healthier which includes a few meatless days so I tried a new seafood recipe that turned out to be spectacular so you know I had to share. It's been a minute since I've featured a great recipe and this one is definitely 5 star restaurant quality. Everyone loved it so much that they asked me to repeat the dish the next day.

I used both shrimp and scallops for this recipe but if you want you can narrow your selection to just one. I also used only wild caught seafood because it's better quality. Funny story... if you're familiar with the blog then you know I have teenagers. Well my daughter was at a grocery store with a male friend shopping for college meal prep and they were in the seafood department when my daughter mentioned that she doesn't eat farm raised fish and he asked if she were allergic and she said no. She told him farm raised was filthy and then stated the various reasons such as how they're fed and kept and he told her she was "extra bourgeois". I found that funny but crazy at the same time that so many people don't really care about the source of their food. You are what you eat and we constantly see all the mistreatment of animals that are raised to feed us as well as the pesticides and extra chemicals they add to everything! Some just choose to ignore it.  
Anyway... let's get back to the recipe. Many local seafood dept. sell frozen bagged wild caught seafood and it's best if you purchase them while on they're on sale. The jumbo scallops I got were on sale as well as the jumbo shrimp. When they're on sale I usually pick up 2 bags. It's frozen and I know I'll use them within a month or two so it works out for me. 

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Question your answer

I saw this video featured on 'The Atlantic' and immediately thought it was absolutely brilliant as it reflects a deeper discussion that we all can have with ourselves. On the surface it's a dialog between the characters played by Michael K. Williams about if he's been typecast in his previous roles but the true insight comes at the very end when Michael describes all the obstacles he's overcome to get to this point. Not only within his career but also within his life and he ends asking himself if he's sure he's truly excelled or is it purely self-perception that he's grown from where he is expected to be at this stage which he shakily answers yes.


Valentine's Day Seduction

Valentine's Day was yesterday and I felt really old because I just wasn't caught up in the day. Although I did receive roses and a card from my husband I felt bad that I hadn't gotten him anything but I wasn't into it. I noticed while exiting my job around 5pm that the parking lot was almost empty so I guessed that I was the only one not impressed with the day. First of all it fell on a Tuesday. Tuesday are one of the worst days of the week to attempt to go out. If you do try to go out you're most likely doing something local and easy because it's a damn Tuesday! So I was left with cooking a nice meal that hopefully didn't go unappreciated but a nice home cooked meal for me was perfect for a mid-week expression of love. Besides I really don't need much to get my juices flowing. All I need to have an exciting night is for my husband to add a level of surprise to the boudoir is a mask. We were shoveling snow recently and my husband had on his work clothes and he had on a ski mask and that totally did it for me. Sometime you don't need much to get the party started. Besides depending on the situation a mask is the epitome of sexy. Even for women! It doesn't have to be specifically a ski mask. It can also be the Eye's Wide Shut type of mask as well. It's just a cheap sexy alternative to adding mystery to the bedroom that serves as just the right amount of mystery that does the love life good. Enjoy your weekend folks and hopefully you add a  $10 "mood enhancer" to your arsenal.


Shady Friends Who Become Lovers?

Today I watched the documentary about Warren Buffet and the one thing that stuck out to me the most was that his wife whom he credited with shaping him and his views introduced him to her replacement. I thought that was the oddest thing! From the sound of it, they had a serious love triangle that included sending out Christmas cards with all three of their signatures included.  Sort of sounds like they had a swinger situation at first which resulted in one person leaving but that part was left to the imagination. He said that it was extremely complicated for people to understand but it worked for them and after his first wife's death, he later married this woman who was first described as her friend.

With that said I looked up the scenario and realized that people hooking up with their spouse's friend is quite common but none-the-less it's still very weird. Really who wants to think of their friend in a relationship with your lover?  The topic is extremely uncomfortable for us to imagine but it happens too often. You invite people into your home and they're sizing up your situation literally. Statistically 40% of married couples were extremely unhappy in their marriage and the typical span of a marriage is only 8 years in the US. So if you're married or in a committed relationship and always want to invite your friend to hangout with you and your spouse... think twice because they may be your replacement. People are comfortable with who they know. Look at all the times you've read about celebrities hooking up with their nanny or someone close to their marriage. Perfect example of this is Tarek and Christina El Moussa. Rumor has it he hooked up with the nanny and her rebound was one of their contractors. Contrary to what our social media account may reflect, we are all creatures of habit and tend to keep our circles tight therefore your replacement may be closer than you think.