Fashion Hit! Denim Fall 2014 Overalls

Oh how I love denim. You can dress it up and down. Pair it with a classy stiletto or a boot. How ever you choose to style it, one thing that never changes is that denim is in and a staple in all closets. But TRUST... there is an art to it. Let's take a look at my latest fashion craze for the fall 2014 season... the denim overall trend resurgence and it's a beautiful thing! Take a look at some of the beautiful pairings out here for the Fall season and let me know... do you love it?

Dress up your overalls with tons of accessories, a killer shoe and if loose cuff your hem for a shoe wow. If your overalls are a tight skinny fit, a nice stiletto works best.

A Levi exclusive! WORK

Black Orchid has an entire fall line up of overalls. Check it out here: blackorchiddenim
They paired their overalls with bright statement jacket. The large bag is optional in my opinion.


Fashion HIT! African Motif Wrap Skirts

Happy hump day people!!!!

So I've been trolling my daughters social media and came across some interesting wrap skirts that I want to try making. I'm not really into sewing but I figure a wrap skirt shouldn't be so hard. I actually love the look with denim. Let me show you a few of the pics that inspired me and once my skirt is done, I'll post pictures. 

I'm so vibing these looks. I've ordered the fabric and plan to see how it goes. Wish me luck! 


Bold lipstick

I am such a fan of bold bright lipsticks! My birthday is a few days away and my teen aged daughter  ask if I would wear a purple lipstick? WELL my reply was why wouldn't I? LOL

The rule of thumb is to wear lip color that matches your skin tone or under tones in your skin but my rule of thumb is wear what you love but make sure if it's bold, your outfit needs to be a neutral color.

Few pictures below... notice that all the bold colors are paired with black or neutrals. So pick a new bold rich fall color and get your all black outfits out. Let your lips make a statement.


Social Media Addict

Happy Thursday folks!

Lately, I've been checking my Facebook for entertainment a bit too much for my personal taste. So much so that I've noticed it tends to be one of the first things I do when I reach a pc and one of the last things I do before I go to bed. I don't tend to check it for the verbal post but I tend to like the funny videos because it gives me a quick little laugh. Now, this troubles me for a few reasons. One is that most people tend to have multiple social media accounts and if they are as attentive to those things as I have begun to be to Facebook, who the hell is being productive? My kids are constantly on their social media accounts. I always here them talk about Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram (which is replacing FB for the adults so the kids are running away from it),

Quick little funny story was my 16 year old said to me that her aunt had joined IG (Instagram) and it was her signal that she no longer found joy in it. LOL It's the same mindset that drove kids away from Facebook or remember this one.... MySpace. OMG the life cycle for these sites are short lived by the way.  Back to my conversation... so how is it that people can maintain all of these accounts and really LIVE a real social life and be productive??? I don't think it's possible. I know there are tons of peole who live for "likes" and really thrive off of their social media accounts. What does that say about us as a society? What do you do and do you have multiple social media accounts?

To pass the time here are a funny video that gave me a chuckle. Enjoy!


If we are what we eat

So I read an article about the extreme variance between what a chicken weighed during the 1950's versus what chickens look like now and I'm sorry but the article stated that it wasn't due to hormones being fed to the chickens but I disagree. Just look at the damn chickens and the picture speak for itself!!!
As always I have a story to link back to my own personal experiences that I thought was a bit conflicting to the above but whatever. We're friends right???! LOL
So I took a trip to Georgia with my husband and we stopped by a Hooter's to grab some wings. At the time, I had never been to a Hooter's restaurant and we were hungry, jet lagged and looking to grab something relatively quick before we headed over to the hotel so Hooter's it was.
When the wings finally came after they hunted the chicken, plucked it and served it to me (well that's an exaggeration but it really did take my wings 40 minutes to come out), I was highly disappointed. First I was disappointed at how long the damn wings took before they were served. There is no reason why freakin wings should take longer then 15 minutes max but anyway when they finally came out they were freakishly small. I didn't order cornish hen wings or wingettes I order full blown wings and I was shocked (at the time) and disappointed! Who the hell could eat those and feel comfortable paying the price they were asking??? In comparison to my Jersey wings, these were beyond small and I was highly upset at the time. I swear I wish I had a picture but that was then and this is now.
Now I think about it and this type of stuff explains it. Were my wings in Georgia simply a better quality because they weren't modified? Or was it just a bad batch? Either way, I'll leave you to look at the picture for yourself and do your own critical thinking on the subject. Please feel free to share your own stories with me.
Oh and if you want to read the article that I referred to then here ya go:huffingtonpost.com CHICKENS

I just thought this next image was fitting for the article and funny


cell phone run through

Have you ever ran through your spouses cell phone?

I know I have but I wouldn't say that it's due to lack of trust but more so to appease my own curiosity? I just want to know what type of conversations take place via text message. I even do a run through of text sent to my husbands siblings and friends but it's just to see where his head is and the conversations that happen. I leave my phone unlocked for him to look through as well. I don't have a problem with it but it seems that people aren't really that comfortable with allowing others to look through their phone. Even when browsing through pictures taken. Why is that we don't like people to see our phone? Is it that our phones content is a real glimpse into our true selves and that must remain a mystery?

My daughter even feels uncomfortable when I grab her phone to browse through it and I as parent feel like I'm intruding but hey... I pay for that bill so I have every right to look whenever I damn well please but I do try to give her privacy. It's a very funny feeling but oh well.. My house my rules!

Ohhhh the feeling of looking into someone else phone. What are your thoughts?


Work Out

Happy Tuesday.

Do you workout? I think the more obsessed we become as a nation with beauty, the more exercise becomes a necessity to ensure we maintain our beauty and health. Unless you're able to pay for continuous cosmetic procedures. Besides working out to maintain a more youthful appearance, it also triggers endorphins that make you happier. I don't know about you but I need as many happy endorphins that I can get.

At times my gym behavior is counterproductive. I work out and then eat ice cream amd snacks telling myself that I earned it! After doing a bit of investigation, this idea and way of thinking is common.

Just take a look at this guy. I've never been this out right with it but if you're hungry??? Right?


Monday Fun day!!!!

Welcome to Monday!!!!

My Monday started off with a bang and by bang I  mean big fat cold. Still with a severe cold I made it in to work to attend a meeting with visitors from our office in France. It was a training so I defintely couldn't miss it but I felt horribly. I also coughed so much that I felt bad that I may be infecting the visitors. Then on top of that IT'S MONDAY!!!

Totally fits how I feel today. Hope your Monday's were better then mine.


Marriage shade

Are women the shadiest partners when it comes to marriage? I was speaking with a co-worker and he mentioned that his wife got upset with him when she fell asleep during a show they were watching on NetFlix and instead of continuing with the series, he changed the channel. She then woke up and cursed him out about changing the channel because she was watching TV first. Just so happen that I had a similar situation with my own husband the night before that my husband was upset over and my co-worker seems to believe that there are underlying issues with women and little things trigger a more intense reaction because women aren't addressing the real reason why their upset.

When he made the statement I immediately rejected the idea but as I thought about it a bit more he may actually be on to something. I honestly don't know any Stepford Wives and after being in a relationship with the same individual for years, are women the spouse most likely to initiate arguments and create tension to validate their own idea of discontention? I do understand that every scenario and marriage is different but as women, do we slowly begin to find things that irritate us and then over analyze without really discussing what truly bothers us? I think this same topic is linked to a post that I drafted earlier about how women tend to drift out of relationships with their BFF. I have read countless times how women never really have closure when ending a friendship and for the most part, when it's two women they don't discuss their issues with each other. Instead we just opted for "we just drifted apart" and never really know the trigger as to WHEN it starts but we are all to familiar with the end. The only difference with your relationship with your spouse versus your relationship with your friends, is that you're more confortable arguing with your spouse and tend not to cross that line with a friend but basically it's the same discontention that triggers both siutations.

With that said is it a sign that you're unhappy with your spouse when you start noticing little things that set you over the edge? This potential makes you unhappy as a person which causes indifference in your spouse or friend and the negative energy sparks a negative response.    

I think that I may be guilty of this from time to time. Let me know what you think? 


Weekend Movie post

Happy Monday blog family!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. As for me, you'll see in my post that I frequently go see movies. I love reviewing movies. I firmly believe that catching a movie transports you into lives outside of our own and it makes me think.

This weekend, I saw two movies. I first saw The Equalizer and then Gone Girl. Both were very good in my opinion and both totally different. The Equalizer was based off the late 1980's TV show of the same name and it stared Denzel Washington at it was a good action movie although it lacked immediate action it took you through getting familiar with the characters first. One thing I always feel when I watch these types of movies and I'm sure there has been some research into it but the main thing about the killers in movies is that they have highly tuned senses and really keen on reading people. I am definitely not a killer nor am I a sociopath but I definitely have a sharp sense of when someone just doesn't seem right. I feel growing up in an urban environment often fine tunes this particular skill as the city is often called the "urban jungle" and being that I now live in the suburbs I definitely see a lack of it in the kids there.

Now for Gone Girl and the review of this pychological thriller. It was hands down one of the best movies that I've seen in a while. Most movies are easily interpreted but this was not. It was far fetched but a great interpretation of how married people interact and think about each other minus the extreme craziness that was Amazing Amy but still some married couples can last through anything... even hate. Definitely a must see movie. I 'm not going to go to much into detail but this is a great quote from the original book and I thought it was fitting of the blog.

“Friends see most of each other’s flaws. Spouses see every awful last bit.” 
― Gillian FlynnGone Girl

Married men were watching like this:


can we please move past the over exposure of the socialite era?

So I don't know about you all but I'm so sick of reality shows and pseudo celebrities. I'm tired of the fake unreal lifestyles that they teach our children. This includes the growing trend of Instagram models and celebrity by association. What does this teach our children? Teens are the most impressionable group following increasing trend of the famous for no reason crowd.  The over exposure of these people teaches kids that superficial things out weigh hard work and dedication to a real craft.

Some adults buy into this stuff too. Sorry but there is no hope for the adults who love and idolize this nonsense. Unfortunately most adults have already formed their habits and  they see nothing wrong with how these people live.

So these pseudo celebrities get rich for nothing mean while lacking basic common sense. Point proven here... Who the hell forgets their baby??? OHHHHH well never mind you can see for yourself.

Kim K. forgot her baby in the hotel and went back for her tot accessory.

Work frenemies

We've all done it. The fake smile but you really could care less. I'm guilty of it myself.  Let's play a typical scene from work out shall we?

Co-worker: Hey... what are you doing for lunch?
Me: I'm running to get me something to eat... most likely Wendy's.
Co-worker: Come back and join us (unspoken: so we can delve into your life).
Me: OK... but really I'm planning to eat my pre-made lunch my car minus the Wendy's and BS.

Now I wouldn't say that I dislike my co-workers at all. I may even find their conversation entertaining at times and I've even invited a few to my wedding but this still doesn't mean we're friends. I've witnessed these people smile in someones face while plotting to get them fired because they've felt they worked harder than them. With that said we don't even work on the same projects or areas of expertise but you feel that you work harder than someone else so they should be fire? People are amazing with the crabs in a barrel mentality. BTW... that is the same when dealing with fake friends but we'll discuss that in a later post. 

In the office it's not spoken but everyone is watching. They watch what time you clock in and out (side note: even if you don't physical punch in nor out they're still watching), they pass your screen to see what's on it, and they monitor your outfits to see how you're spending money (which basically is open season for them to ask you questions about your home life to see how your funds are).  My question to you is, is this the new norm in a work environment and if so what's the real incentive to try your luck at another company? It's basically the same mentality but it's worst when you're the newbie. Do you stick with what you know or take your experience and run for more money? Are all jobs filled with post highschool Regina George's? 


New Tunes

Happy hump day ladies! Well I do have a day job and listening to music at my desk gets me through the time and makes the day pass quicker. My App of choice is RDIO.Com and Jhene Aiko's new CD Souled Out has been in heavy rotation. I like her new stuff but I also liked the EP that she released last year but my eldest daughter and I noticed one thing... all the music seems to sound similar. Is that the shade? (side eye) LOL
I don't think it's shady... but all of her music sounds the same. Doesn't mean that I don't like the new songs... just means that it's all the same sound but I appreciate the sound non-the-less. 

Okay so I swear that I really Love Jhene Aiko's new CD Souled Out and it's really earthy but all the elements of today... it's rainy and dreary (I sit at a window), I'm drinking hot Zen Green Tea, and it's super quiet. All of these things and her CD had me damn near in tears at my desk for no damn reason!!!! I had to turn it off.