Here comes the long weekend

It's Friday and I'm soooo ready for the long weekend but it never fails I always feel like the weekends fly by.

I've been on a serious hiatus from sharing but as discussed in my earlier post its due to me going through some changes. I've recently switched jobs which unfortunately requires more of my time in commuting and I also just recently moved. With all of this going on simultaneously I must saying that moving is by far the hardest damn thing to do because there's so much that goes into it. I swear after going through this experience, I don't understand how people move so frequently. Some people move every year or two and its costly and stressful so my hat goes off to you if you're one of those people! It's not just the physical move that's tiring, it's all the stuff that goes along with it such as painting, decorating, unpacking and just getting use to a new space.

Also I'm at a new job which is not so new anymore and I absolutely hate my new commute. I commute a total of 3.5 hours per day which is roughly a little over an hour and a half each way.
Previously I had an hour commute each way and I thought that was horrible at least I enjoyed the drive. Now I catch mass transit and I hate sitting next to complete strangers and just the crowds in NYC. I need my personal space and in NY walking is intrusive especially during rush hours. Then to top it off everyone is looking down at their phones and it makes it even worse. The only bright spot about all of it is that I appreciate walking into my house to unwind.

I was recently reading an article about 20 somethings moving to NYC to start their careers and them feeling like this great big city is the loneliest place on earth. The article was about dorm style housing becoming increasingly popular partially due to the fact that they organize events and fun things to do so that people can meet and not feel so lonely. I was shocked but surprisingly after reading it I understood how that could happen in a place like NYC. Everyone and I do mean everyone is on the move and no one looks around to take it all in. There is absolutely nothing slow paced about NYC unless we're talking about traffic. Very rarely are people out to socialize with the 100's of people they see everyday in their travels.

Most people think like this... you get on the train packed like sardines already so don't speak to me because you're already intruding in on my personal space. You're walking around bumping into people but you're afraid to chat because they maybe a complete lunatic. It's not uncommon to see someone dressed like their conquering the world only to have them open their mouth and be completely crazy. Perfect example for me was yesterday on the bus during my commute. I sat next to man who came across as professional enough. Actually I guessed that he was a doctor or in the medical field because he fit that mold. Anyway... he looked normal enough for me to sit next to him is my point but he sat there  the ENTIRE time farting, snorting and eating snacks. On the surface, who wouldn't make small talk with a doctor type? Unless they're blatantly farting giving zero fucks about any decorum so of course people choose to say the least amount possible as they go about their way.    

Anyway I'm going to stop here with my Debbie downer post and wish you a great July 4th. Hope your plans are full of laughter and good vibes this holiday weekend. I will be sleeping late on Saturday then BBQ'ing on Sunday with my own bunch of nuts. At least I'm already comfortable within my own group of crazies.

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