Movie review: Arrival and Dr. Strange

During my travel to the Disney parks one of their attractions were a in-depth preview of their current movie releases and while trying to escape the heat, I went in to check out the preview for the newly released Dr. Strange and I was immediately blown away. The preview was so impressive that I spent one of my days while on vacation checking out the movie and it was spectacular.

I am definitely a movie fanatic but I'm not a super hero enthusiast to say the least but I was definitely surprised by the Dr. Strange movie and I give it a solid 10. It was action packed and full of underlying truths. I do believe that all of our lives and everything in it follow distinct patterns and this movie is based upon this same concept. Basically if your aware of the Flower of Life and metaphysics then this movie is a must see. Not to mention that the 3-D version is phenomenal and definitely worth the extra few dollars. I'm not going to bore you with my quirky beliefs so I'll just drop the trailer here for you to check out but for me it was GREAT!

I also wanted to check out Arrival which debuted this past weekend. Although I love a good Sci-Fi this movie was kind of lack luster to me. It was good but in a completely different way than Dr. Strange which was action packed from the very beginning. Arrival was a bit dry and lacked the action you want while sitting through a 2 hour movie but it was still very thought provoking. I felt as though the last 20 minutes of the movie was the true "ahh ha" moment and it still left a few questions burning in my mind. Such as why didn't they go more into detail about the husband and his version and side of the story. It was about the woman and how she interacted with the aliens but he was still a very crucial part of that entire dynamic and what were the contributions from the other 11 ships? They mentioned at the very end that they all worked together but HOW was intentionally left out. I prefer for my movies to bring it all back home and I prefer to not have more questions about would be scenarios. That means that the story telling wasn't fully on point because there would be no pending questions. So my rating for Arrival is 6 out of 10. For me it was a DVD movie night type of movie but with that said... my daughter loved it.

Oh and another little note. If any of you have seen both check out this link and tell me where you see the correlation between BOTH movies. Both movies are completely different but still very similar underlying message. It's funny how these "patterns" keep popping up. Little life hints from script writers??? You decide for yourself and let me know when you spot what I'm referring to (only if you have seen both movies).