Please get your Life!!!

Listening to the radio and they kept mentioning the "Slut Walk" which took place in LA this past weekend so I had to hit IG to see what the hell it was all about and I was not impressed. Sooo basically Amber Rose who became infamous for who she has slept with decided that she was tired of being branded a "whore" and decided to create an event to bring attention to "slut shaming" and rape culture. Which really means generate revenue for herself because she needs to earn an income somehow to sustain that Hollywood lifestyle. Despite that oversight  I in no way believe that her intentions were to bring light to rape culture which she claims and I'm not bothered by the way in which a woman makes her money. Go get it but what left a scowl on my face while browsing IG was the fact that so many women really don't see a problem with being affiliated with the term slut. No one should be allowed to brand you with a title and if they do happen to label you, why embrace it? People are going to say a lot of things about you in life. Some good and some bad but the key is to disregard those who have issues with you and to keep it moving as long as it's not impacting your well-being or livelihood who cares what people think.

Now what does matter is that you've altered the way you move and think based on someone else's scheme to get money and you're now out here calling yourself a slut. Once you've personally branded yourself then you start to make moves differently and even if you believe its freeing and it doesn't matter now, when you hit a certain age and have children it will. We're all out here leaving bread crumbs for our offspring and while you keep conforming and tolerating certain ideologies, they become the norm for you which become the norm for your kids. Now living life as a carefree self proclaimed slut may sound fantastic while you're 21 but when you're 40 and you're envisioning you kids getting banged out by the masses while embracing the idea that she's a "slut" is a totally different story. The main point in what I'm trying to outline is simple. When you label yourself as one thing the content of your thoughts change which externally alters your actions. You begin to enforce those internal ideas of yourself with decisions that impact your self esteem negatively and why would you do that to yourself? It's a decision that you're making based on external factors that shouldn't even be considered. The number of men you've slept with shouldn't alter how you think of yourself because it's only your thoughts and self imagery that matter. 

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