Great Advances in Solar

I've written about my opinion on solar energy in the past but I honestly believe that 2017 will be the year that this industry gives us more advances to the technology. You may not be aware but there were vast improvements in 2016 and I know this only because my family has recently looked into installing solar panels to save a buck where we can.

First and foremost one huge change that took place in 2016 in the solar market was the acquisition of Solar City by Tesla. Tesla has positioned themselves as the premium standard when it comes to electric vehicles and it seems only natural that they would acquire a company that has continually out performed other solar provider.


Oil Cleansing Method

The harsher weather is definitely in full effect and the colder temperatures typically wrecks my skin but not this year. For as long as I could remember I've struggled with acne but since my skin care regime has changed, I've noticed fewer (if any) breakouts. If you only change one thing this year I highly suggest it be to start cleansing your face with cleansing oil. It's really does work wonders. My daughter worked an overnight shift at her job and I went to pick her up in the morning when her shift ended so that she wouldn't fall asleep behind the wheel and her co-workers told her that her sister was there to pick her up. She followed up with "that's my mom" and I was all types of hyped (LOL). There is really little you can do to slow aging but if you search and read up on people who currently use the oil cleansing method to cleanse their skin, they all have the same reoccurring theme and it's that they tend to not look their age.

I will admit though if you're use to washing your face with soap or some other type of cleansing agent then the change will be hard to get used to at first. You'll feel like you'll need to do more and follow up with something else but after that initial feeling has passed, you're skin adjusts to the new routine and you'll start to see results. I've included a few brands that you can find locally priced under $12 which can be found at most stores like Target and Walmart. From the list I must admit I've only used the Garnier brand in the past but here's another little tip... you can make your own and it's super easy!!!! It's also great for men as well and women who shave their bikini line. Especially if you're prone to razor bumps.


Me, You, Our Vision and a Movie

Has anyone else caught the Netflix movie Barry? It's the portrayal of a young Barack Obama. The movie starts with a college aged Barack settling into life as a transfer student attending Columbia University in the early 80's and his encounters with racism and self reflection. It seemed to be a honest depiction of the self discovery that most young adults experience during that time frame but it also touches upon the his inner-conflict with being mixed.The path to understand ourselves is universal and honestly it should constantly be evolving as we do but it has to be a bit more difficult to carve out your path when adding in the complexity of fitting into the imaginary boxes that society has created based on color. In the movie we see a young Barack struggle to fit in with both the black neighborhood in which he lives (Harlem) and the white friendships he's developed in school which leaves him conflicted and withdrawn until he settles into accepting that he'll never fit into any one mold completely. I feel that we all can identify with this inner conflict to a certain degree. Often as adults we are still on the quest to find what completes us or fulfillment. Which brings me to the next topic which comes along with this time of year when we're all creating New Year goals and resolutions. Hit the flip for neat useful tools that I've found to help you take over the world in 2017 and catch the preview of Barry available now on Netflix.