Lenny Kravitz's Home Designs

We all know Lenny Kravitz is a well put together man who preserves his sexy style and stage presence but many, including myself would have never imagined that one of his passions would be interior design! I was surprised to find out that he's actually been dabbling in interior design for some time now with a few large scale projects under his belt such as Paramount Bay in Miami and for his latest project Lenny has partnered with CB2 to create some eclectic pieces that will be released in just 2 more days on Oct. 1st which you can preview here prior to it's release date.  His CB2 collection has a lot of accessory pieces such as rugs and throw pillows. His use of metallic adds so edginess with a bit of funk that seems to fit right in with the vibe that is Lenny. I for sure love the rugs and the brass metallic square end table.


Banana Republic men's fall ready to wear isn't that special in my opinion but because I love my men, I couldn't neglect you. It seems my men love the fashion more then the ladies especially when it comes to styling the looks we see in the stores. Styling weighs heavily in how the look comes together. The correct styling can take a look from an nothing special, average look to a sharply dressed hottie that commands a second once over. Believe me, when you've styled the look correctly you'll notice the ladies looking a bit longer in their glare than usual. We definitely notice!


Fall Fashion RTW Mall Edition

For all my fashion lovers out there, this ready-to-wear line is a staple in most malls and a definite go to for most white collar professionals. Typically I'm able to spot an outfit from this retailer but I was a bit surprised when I saw their women's line mostly because of the details. However most of the styling in this runway show was more layered than their usual presentation but the staples and basic remain. Can you guess which retailer this is?

Ryan Reynolds blast friend

It's tough to be a celebrity at times. At least that's what I gather from stories like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently experience. Ryan said that he recently had to cut ties with a close friend of 25 years because the 'friend' tried to sell personal pictures of his daughter with Blake Lively and he said that he suspects the friend took this route because he cut him off financially. If that's true it's really horrible to think that once you reach a certain status you need to financially support your friends. You either cut ties or find alternative means for the friendship. He said that he suspected this person because the pictures were those that only close relatives received.

Well I'm sure that it hurt to finally put the nail in the coffin of that friendship but a soon as he started supporting the friend, the writing was on the wall in my opinion. Either way... I'm sure it hurt and there is a bit of resentment there and that's why he's speaking out on the situation.



Toronto's new eatery courtesy of Drake

Toronto's own has been on a winning streak. Earlier this week he dropped a new mixtape with Future that had the internet buzzing and yesterday he opened a new eatery, a joint venture with chef Susur Lee in Toronto named Fring's. Susur Lee is most widely known from Food Networks Iron Chef and Bravo's Top Chef Master but he's not new to the culinary industry as he currently owns 3 other Toronto restaurants.

Jada and Jaden came out to support Drake's latest accomplishment as well as his boo thing Serena. Drake is really on a roll and you have to respect his hustle. Get that money!!!

He posted a nice little artsy Vine in honor of the endeavor.

Men's Fall Fashion

As you know we love a well dressed man and from the fall fashions from Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared, so do they!!! The dual definitely didn't disappoint with their fall fashion for men and again they absolutely killed the coat!!! These coats are by far the best that I've seen for men and women for Fall 2015.

Here we have both Dean and Dan Caten with Mary J. at their fall show. 

Women Fall Fashion COATS!!!

Fall fashion season has arrived! You all know I love a good fashion show and Dean and Dan Caten didn't disappoint with their Dsquared  fall show. Take a look at the highlights from the fashion show and hear what their inspirational view on this seasons FIRE below.

Hot coats inside....

Layer up with a fur vest that can go over a poncho, sweater or even a thin coat. If added correctly it will definitely take your entire outfit and presence from blending in to fashion slayer in 0.6 seconds. Try it out... go into a store with a thin coat or basic that you already have and throw on a fur vest or fur shawl with it. You'll be shocked how adding an accessories drastically transforms what you already have. Have fun with building on!
Fur isn't for everyone but it definitely adds texture and character to a coat. These coats are absolutely superb and I'm loving them!!!! Since coats are what a persons see's first during the winter months make sure your coat is on point! Spend a few extra dollars on your coat because a good will become a classic and will be re-used more than one season as coats rarely change much so a well crafted coat can easily last a few years. I still have a coat from a few years ago that is among one of my favorites. 
I absolutely LOVE a hot poncho. So far this season I have 3. You can find ponchos cheap everywhere but the color story on this poncho... PERFECT!!!

Hilarious Hillary

Finally Hillary Clinton is getting some press. She's been relatively quiet which I believe to be a bad thing but I'm sure her advisers have a strategy. I just believe that in a time where Donald Trump is keeping a buzz the opposing side should generate a buzz as well. This is exactly what I gather Hillary's camp did with this funny little skit. They've got Donald pegged!!!


Love IT!!!!

Nothing to say other than I LOVE THIS!!!! So cute!!!!


TIP interview on The Breakfast Club

TIP aka TI recently interviewed with The Breakfast Club and he had some interesting views on parenting, artistry and drug use. I for one appreciate TIP. I think he's very intelligent but in some aspects I had to disagree with his views like when he mentioned drug addicts having profound moments of wisdom while being high.


Fashion Report... Catch the Runway show for Serena Williams

Fashion Week started last week on the 9th but it's continuing full steam ahead with all the shows and hype associated with big names and whose who list. Yesterday you may have heard that Serena Williams fresh off her tennis tournament circuit jumped head first into the fashion arena with her own fashion show for HSN. I've seen tons of pictures related to the gossip around Drake attending the show but little about the actual fashion and for those who visit the site often know that the fashion is the main course for us so I've uploaded her full fashion show here for you.


Wendy said what???

We're going to start a new segment here at UrShadybff and it chatting about the Wendy topics. Now I've been a Wendy Williams fan since forever! I loved Wendy on the radio in the 90's! I've actually had a fight with my ex over Wendy (lol). We were driving to Virginia and I had to listen to Wendy and he hated her show. Isn't that normally how it goes??? Either you love Wendy or you hate her but anyway... I loved her. However I haven't really gravitated to her talk show because lately I tend to disagree with her on many topics but instead of tuning out completely, we'll have our own internal debates here.
(more on the flip)

Cuddle Time means sexy lingerie!!!

The weather hasn't changed just yet here in NJ but it's inevitable that we are bound to see cooler days real soon ushering the 2015 stay inside and cuddle weather (aka cuffing season). Well you know I had to make sure your sexy for your bae or for yourself. You know staying cute is a must even if it's to stay inside. Cooler weather tends to increase the need for the lounge wear, special under wear sets and cutesy pj's and you know a Scorpio's tend to specialize in keeping a few naughty pieces on deck therefore I had to share! I found a few brands that are minority owned that are truly bringing the sexy and for the most part these brands are under the radar so let the power of the internet and word of mouth carry these treasures forward.  Let's show these brands some love and get cute while doing so.


Monday funny

I saw this a few days ago and thought it was hilarious! I can watch it and chuckle every time. I've never lost my kids in the supermarket but I have hid from them to see how they would react when trying to run around after I've told them to stop. Then when they're scared I hop out on them. My little sick twisted way of teaching them a lesson.


The Perfect Guy

In preparation for the movie the Breakfast Club radio show were discussing the movie concept of the Perfect Guy and asked callers for their stories. Although I have some reservations airing out my history on the radio I would definitely tell you guys here about all my wacky stories and I surely have one of those crazy stalker ex-boyfriend stories. I dated a guy who was beyond bat shit crazy. I was young and he was a bit older than me but he was cute so I talked to him. Despite the fact that I was young, I still realized early on that he was not playing with a full deck.  He would give my mother roses for me and her and that was really nice but he would also watch my bedroom window to see what time I went to sleep. He would call me the next day and say things like 'why were you up so late last night?' which was creepy as hell and eventually I stopped talking to him and he grew worse. The final straw was one day when I happen to be with a girlfriend walking to the store and he jumped out the bushes and started swinging a belt hitting my friend screaming at me! He was totally craZy and although some girls find crazy appealing, I am definitely not one of them. It definitely didn't take long for him to go from 0-100 and within a few months it was over. He just disappeared and I never heard from him again. Actually after I cursed him out a few times over his craziness and stayed firm on it, he backed off.

Do you have any crazy ex stories and will you be hitting the theaters to check out the new movie??? I will definitely hit the theaters to check it out and I'll follow up with a report to this post on if it was worth it.


What Really Grinds My Gear

You know what really grinds my gears??? When I see people who deserve more but choose to hold themselves back because of the baggage they keep. This goes for a lot of different scenarios but the one we'll discuss in particular is the easiest one to change and that is relationship baggage.  Are you in a one sided relationship? Or do you feel as though you love "your partner" more than they love you? If so then it may be time to cut your loses and move on. You may not want to hear this but too often people spend entirely too much time and energy trying to salvage a relationship that isn't worth the time and time is your most precious gift. I think we've all fallen victim to this at some point or another in our lives while we were discovering relationships but to often people get stuck in this same pattern either with the same person or the same type of people that you choose to let be a part of your life.


Time for a Seasonal Clean!!!

Though I hate to admit it, Fall is right around the corner and before we know it, the cooler temperatures will be upon us and although I don't mind Fall, I'm not a fan of Winter. I could do without the snow and below freezing temperatures but Fall isn't bad. It's just short and a quick transition from decent and bearable to snow, ice and dramatically freezing which in NJ seems to be the longest season of them all! With the cooler air, you'll be less likely to open windows and if you're house isn't thoroughly cleaned of all the hidden dust bunnies, the air quality can get stale and cause allergens to flair so this break in seasons is a great reminder to do a deep cleanse of your house and apartment and I've compiled a list of really good cleansing solutions and hacks to clean those areas we tend to neglect during our routine cleanings.