Shady Friends Who Become Lovers?

Today I watched the documentary about Warren Buffet and the one thing that stuck out to me the most was that his wife whom he credited with shaping him and his views introduced him to her replacement. I thought that was the oddest thing! From the sound of it, they had a serious love triangle that included sending out Christmas cards with all three of their signatures included.  Sort of sounds like they had a swinger situation at first which resulted in one person leaving but that part was left to the imagination. He said that it was extremely complicated for people to understand but it worked for them and after his first wife's death, he later married this woman who was first described as her friend.

With that said I looked up the scenario and realized that people hooking up with their spouse's friend is quite common but none-the-less it's still very weird. Really who wants to think of their friend in a relationship with your lover?  The topic is extremely uncomfortable for us to imagine but it happens too often. You invite people into your home and they're sizing up your situation literally. Statistically 40% of married couples were extremely unhappy in their marriage and the typical span of a marriage is only 8 years in the US. So if you're married or in a committed relationship and always want to invite your friend to hangout with you and your spouse... think twice because they may be your replacement. People are comfortable with who they know. Look at all the times you've read about celebrities hooking up with their nanny or someone close to their marriage. Perfect example of this is Tarek and Christina El Moussa. Rumor has it he hooked up with the nanny and her rebound was one of their contractors. Contrary to what our social media account may reflect, we are all creatures of habit and tend to keep our circles tight therefore your replacement may be closer than you think. 

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