Recap of the Grammy's, Kanye West New CD and SNL

Listening to Kanye West new album has me convinced that he's the embodiment of Black Swan. He has some real heavy internal battles waging on within himself and you can totally hear it in the music. His latest CD which has changed names yet again was released on Tidal and it's out there. There are a few good songs like Waves and Real Friends that are worth listening to but other than those it's one of those to run through and keep it moving. He's all over the place with it.

Next topic of discussion was the Kendrick Lamar performance last night on the Grammy's. It's was truly an epic performance to say the least. I wasn't really feeling To Pimp a Butterfly but I felt his performance.


Then there was the fashion or lack thereof. I didn't really enjoy that many dresses this year. Taylor Swift looked HOT as well as Serayah, Carrie Underwood and Janelle Monae.

Also in Kanye news SNL kept it light with a feature with Kanye not really clowning himself but hitting a few bars from his latest CD. That verse was from I love Kanye which is one of those songs I wasn't really feeling but to each his own right? Then he performed and brought out a ton of special guest which was a great performance.


Keeping in line with SNL recaps I'm sure you've heard about the SNL's skit depicting how white people were feeling about Beyonce's latest song Formation. OMG I thought this was hilarious. I don't personally know anyone who felt a certain way BUT I guess I wouldn't know because they wouldn't tell me. LOL
Anyway... here it is in case you missed it.

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