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My kids weigh heavily on all my decisions and the role of Mom is priority #1 for me. I'm sure if you're a parent then it goes without saying that their safety is always in the back of your mind especially during those milestone events like starting a new school, their first days in a new class, or when they develop friendships that require playdates with other parents. These days occur whether you're ready for them or not. My youngest daughter who just turned 6 begged me to spend the night at her friends house from school a few months back and although I felt comfortable with the other child's parents and siblings, there was still an uneasy reluctant feeling I had about letting her go and spend the night somewhere else. Despite my uneasy feeling I did let her spend the night but I made her take my cell phone with her just in case. To make a long story short nothing happened but I was still very reluctant because of those "what if moments" that played out in my mind.  What were those 'what if moments' that ran through my mind you ask (LOL)???? Well what if she changed her mind but was nervous about mentioning it to her friend or her friend's parents? What if she felt uneasy about something that occurred while there and the parents turned all crazy and didn't let her call me directly? You may be laughing now but I swear the most outrageous scenarios play out in my mind which I can laugh at now because they never come to fruition but what if? Then she should be able to call me right? But I look even more crazy buying a cell phone for my 5 year old so I didn't even though I wanted to.

Then my daughter started kindergarten this past September and again it's one of those milestones. What if she get's on the wrong bus? It too was one of THOSE what if scenarios that played out in my mind and then one day the school called me while I was at work and said "Hi... your daughter missed the bus and she's in the office" while she was actually already walking home with my older kids. There was a mishap though... she almost missed the bus because she was confused as to which bus was hers. Because of that a teacher reported her name so they thought she missed the bus but she saw a neighbor on a bus then she got on it and they took off and luckily it was the right bus. But who's kid did they actually have in their office and what about that child's parents? They didn't actually know their child missed the bus and even worse... what if my 5 year old had gotten on the wrong bus? This happens all the time. Especially during the first few weeks of the school year.

It's been a project of mine for some time to help solve this issue for parents. I know it was a problem for me so I'm sure that it's been a problem for many other parents. Especially when their children are young and in school or daycare. I would always wonder what goes on in my child's daycare. I sent my daughter to one of those daycares where you could log in online and view a live feed of what's going on but it lacked a crucial component and that was the audio. Also what if she needed me? Even for something simple like to ask a question or to voice concern for an issue? Again... this was a problem at least in my eyes so today I bring you what I consider to be a solution. It's the most convenient solution it's borderline genius and I bring it here to you today. It's a smart watch specifically for kids that allows parents to listen in and to chat directly with your child whenever needed without the need for them to memorize any telephone numbers. It also allows parents to track their child's movements with accurate GPS. It's stylish, inconspicuous, playful and most of all it teaches your child how tell time with it's analog faceplate. Your child will learn to tell time ahead of their peers because time is still taught using the analog method. The watch is inconspicuous when it receives calls because it vibrates instead of rings and you're able to control who dials into the watch and who your child calls. Also when you're 'listening in' there is no notification and it's muted so they don't hear you and you don't interrupt their day so it's completely discreet. Find out more here: www.youthguardwatch.com and if you're interested in joining to make some passive income contact: smcgrady@youthguardwatch.com.

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