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During my commute into the office this morning TBC (The Breakfast Club) interviewed Cardi B. of Love and Hip Hop. Admittedly I do not watch the show but I definitely know who she is from these internet streets (LOL).  I consciously don't watch reality TV and I don't allow my children to watch it either because I feel that it glamorized a mindset that is counterproductive and damaging to impressionable young minds who tend to gravitate towards reality television.

I'm aware that's it all entertainment but what exactly are we loosing or gaining from shows like these? I'm including the interview below for you to reference yourself but please be clear on the fact that I'm not singling out Cardi B. but rather using her as a reference. Actually as I listened to her interview I sensed from what she said that she's maturing and I actually heard growth in some aspects. She mentioned that she doesn't do certain things any longer for various reasons and is planning and thinking through your decisions instead of just acting out and that's growth but growth is not the story line of these shows. It's not to depict long term growth but rather the opposite as it pushes overly sexualized content to their supporters that generally consist of a younger audience. Take the recent nude photos released by Kim K.. Why? What message are you sending people when you post a completely nude photo?

I get sex sells which is why these shows pick stars who tend to be linked to the sex industry in some way. Now... I don't see anything wrong with embracing your own sexuality so don't misunderstand me. We're designed to be attracted sexually to a mate so in no way do I see anything wrong with expressing your sexuality but when sexuality is all you have to offer or the only topic of discussion then there is a problem. It should be one piece of the story and not THE STORY. A fuller picture needs to be told to the younger generation who are fed to believe that more sex means a more fulfilled life when in actuality it can be the total opposite.

Your thoughts?

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