Office Decor you'll LOVE!!!

Why shouldn't your office space be enjoyable and unique? You spend too much time confined to those few feet to not be truly comfortable while there.  Your office space should showcase a bit of your personal identity while incorporating a serene stress relieving vibe at the same time. We all know work can be stressful at times and adding a bit of natural elements to your immediate vicinity is the perfect way to spruce up your space and de-stress when needed.  I thoroughly believe that nature helps sooth us in ways we don't completely understand. It the same reason why you instinctively feel better when being outside on a perfect day surrounded by grass and all of natures elements. It's the exact reason why I've launched a website entirely geared towards enhancing my office space with natural elements that bring me peace and doesn't require high maintenance grooming to ensure that you plant is healthy and thriving. I hope you enjoy the few pieces that I've created and make sure that you check back often because I will be incorporating more daily.  You can check out my newly launched site here: Botanical Cure 

The EYES have it! Skincare tips for both women and MEN!

For both men and women their eyes show the first signs of aging. Really if you think about your eyes and the sensitivity in that general areas it's not surprising to discover the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the entire body. When you're constantly rubbing your eyes which is often due allergies or for women who frequently apply make-up. Squinting the eyes frequently as well alters the skin around the eye. So what can you do to save this tender skin?

First thing you can do that requires minimal effort is to moisturize your eyes with a heavier cream during the nights. I particularly love Vaseline as a night moisturizer. It's the absolutely BEST in my opinion and it's cheaper then any other option. Vaseline is also extremely beneficial for removing eye make-up. Simply slather a layer of Vaseline on your skin, wait 1 minute and wipe it off with a soft cloth. This can be done for the entire fact to remove all make-up cheaply and efficiently. As a side note I also love to slather Vaseline on my hands and feet before bed as it works wonders with softening the skin as hands are another area of the body that shows prematurely aging. Another very beneficial tip is that your eyelid area contain no pores so they are not producing any natural oils which add to the premature aging. So a heavier moisturizer for this area works wonders in preventing crows feet and wrinkles.
If you're a man and you're looking for a great product that doesn't break the bank you should try the men's Vaseline line for skin but don't forget to also pay attention to the eye area and apply a small amount of pure Vaseline to you eye area in the evenings.

Another beneficial habit to adopt would be to use only your hands when cleansing your face or if you must use a wash cloth get a new one for every use and then wash it. Wash clothes trap in lots of bacteria and germ due to their wet nature. Once used it traps dead skin and the bacteria festers causing re-contamination of debris and bacteria which can cause breakouts. I know it's a hard pill to swallow for those of us who use wash clothes but if you think about it in terms of bacteria and how it breeds then the theory makes perfect sense.

After washing your face and eye area it's beneficial to incorporate a topical retinoid cream. Use a retinol after washing and air drying your face. Allowing for a few minutes to absorb into the skin then apply your face cream which should be a heavier consistency than your daily sunscreen. Remember to not neglect your neck area in this process as the skin on your neck is similar to the skin on your face in regards to exposure to the elements.


Kavanaugh accuser demonized by the good ole boys before she even speaks!!!

As a woman I'm appalled by the accusatory tone of  Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell's speech earlier today. If you missed it he basically said that the accusations are a part of a smear campaign to discredit Brett Kavanaugh judiciary nomination. In the same breathe he also states that the accuser will have her chance to speak her truth but he strongly suggested that she shouldn't be taken seriously when she does testify because her story so far hasn't had any other credible witnesses to corroborate her story. So when you have a high ranking senator prematurely come out and speak ill against you what's your motivation to continue to tell your story? In addition the accuser, who is a doctor has also had death threats against her and her family. It's all very sad that a woman who has achieved such heights as becoming a doctor is to be looked at as just another lying woman who has to get some sort of strange acknowledgement by bringing down a prominent successful family man seeking to solidify his "legend". I believe this accusations and the fact that another woman has come forth to accuse not only Kavanaugh but his long time friend only speaks to his pattern of behavior during that time in his life. Do I think that he should be held accountable after 30 years??? ABSOLUTELY!!! You and I are subject to scrutiny when applying for a job. Why shouldn't an elected/ appointed official be held to the same standards? Take a listen for yourself to Mitch McConnell's overtly accusatory speech below.


Savage x Fenty Fall Winter 2018/19 Full Fashion Show

Just in case you haven't seen all the goodness that is Savage Fenty here's a look at what we all missed from
the runway show last night in NYC. I love how they incorporated all the greenery and natural elements into the show! I loves me a great plant and natural wood. Anyways this show was all over the place. Sexy and eclectic and full of diversity with models in every size, shape and color represented! Loves it!!!!



TV Weekend Wrap Up

Although I love HBO's Insecure I'm a little conflicted with this seasons story line. I especially wasn't feeling the last episode for a few reasons. Don't get me wrong... I rides for Issa but I cannot condone glorifying drug use and trying to make it seem necessary for a group of friends to have a great time together. Is that really what we're trying to push on a society that is already to preoccupied with trying to keep up with they see on social media? Authentic connections in real life are disappearing and young people already feel that they're missing out in life. Don't even get me started on the fact that they show also condoned unprotected sex with a "random". No sis... we're not going to do that shit and unprotected sex is NOT okay!!! Sex is okay especially with a cutie like ole boy from the show but make sure you're safe. Don't let a moment in time define your life. Sounds cliche but it happens wayyy more often than we all care to realize.

Now... back to me feeling Insecure for what it is.... ENTERTAINMENT! This season has been a bit dry and all over the place. First Molly is sexing her married childhood friend then that storyline is gone. Issa is temporarily living with Daniel and decides it's not a good look so she moves out but leaves us wondering "where's that all going?". Then she meets cutie from the Lyft pick up and starts off with him and now we run into Lawrence? Give me time to digest the sloppy sex you just had with the potential cute random who seems interested before we delve back into Lawrence. Why is Tiffany pregnant but drinking and doing edibles? Do people really get pregnant to risk it all to fit in on a weekend trip? HELLS NAWWWW they don't! I don't know not 1 pregnant 30 something-ish year old woman who would do that dumb shit!!! Plus if I saw a pregnant woman chilling at a packed music festival I might just give her the side eye but then your peoples is full on fighting and you're in the mix (kinda)??? NOOOOOOO! I'm not feeling the writing and we're already half way through the season and it's still not giving me any types of feel good vibes. I'm definitely going to wait to see how it all plays out but it's looking kind of shaky to keep my interest piqued for the year hiatus like it has in the past.Only part I've liked from this last episode was the 10 second feature of Chad. He's funny and his facial expressions are hilarious! Always a damn straw sipping scene with him. LOL
Now on to the Power season finale. That felt rushed too but I must admit that this season was GREAT and kept me in suspense the entire season. Every episode delivered some sort of shocker or cliff hanging moment!!! I'm not going to ruin it if you haven't seen the last episode but I cannot wait an entire year although I'll definitely be watching! Bravo for a great season!