Yesterday I reminded you guys that Beyonce would be dropping a new Netflix Movie which showcases her 2018 Coachella performance. However she came all the way through with an album which chronicles the same performance as well. So if you're not able to catch the Netflix movie then you would definitely be able to hear the performance featuring a full band! The album features the 40 songs she performed and both the album and the Netflix feature are titled Homecoming. I'm currently watching the Netflix movie and in true Beyonce style she incorporated personal behind the scene clips that allows her fan base to experience intimate details about her personal life and her inspiration behind her show.  The treatment for the performance was flawless and bought all kinds of HBCU college game vibes! The Nothing beats and HBCU game night and and the band is imperative to delivery of the SAUCE!!! The entire essences was executed flawlessly from the dancers to the costumes... her team killed it! If you missed the original performance then this is the next best thing! Dropping all of it during the week of 2019's Coachella was another great tool to keep the momentum going from last year for those who attended as well. The entire delivery of this project was on point and the Netflix special is a must see.


Guava Island on Amazon featuring Rihanna

Not only did Childish Gambino perform at Coachella he also debuted his new short film Guava Island, which is available nowon Amazon. One of the rare times I'm happy I pay all that money for Amazon Prime.

The short film is 46 minutes and features Rihanna as his love interest. It also features Letitia Wright who is better known as Shuri (the sister) in Black Panther.  Guava Island is a musically charged Caribbean themed short film about a guy (Childish Gambino) with ambitions to be a musician who is met with resistance when trying to perform at a festival. It also delves a bit into his political views of American greed. A longer more in-depth version of his "This is America" video with a love story incorporated into it. I think we can all agree that Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino is an awesome thought provoking artist. Take that hour and watch Guava Island. It's cute and gives you all the good weather summer vibes!

P.S. Don't forget Beyonce's Homecoming debuts tomorrow on Netflix for all the Beyonce fans.


Microblading Horror story!!!

I'm all for trying new things but this story is a cautionary tale that somethings aren't worth trying. Microblading seems simple enough but you have to keep in mind that it's a tattoo... ON YOUR FACE!!! After reviewing horror stories online related to microblading I found that botched jobs are common! This poor lady had to go through a procedure to correct a botched job that left her with 4 eyebrows that she said couldn't be covered up with make-up. She even admitted that she lost her boyfriend due to it and had to pay over $1000 USD to correct. The corrective procedure called LI-FT which lightens the pigment used during the tattoo procedure can be expensive and I also found a lot of fake products which claimed to do the same thing but buyers beware. Make sure you're doing your research for any product or service you're not familiar with.  

Have you had a bad experience with a salon service? I've definitely had bad haircuts which made my blood boil however a permanent procedure would send me to jail!  This salon would see me at the door every damn morning for some corrective action.


Wendy Williams Files for Divorce!!!

It's being reported by NY Times Page Six that Wendy has finally hit her husband with them PAPERS!!!! According to Page Six Kevin was served at 6am today (4/11/19). I guess she was tired of NOT being able to save face and threw on them big girl panties to do what she knew was needed. Hopefully it's not just  a warning to him to try and straighten out because we all have known women who have tried to force the hand of their man with a threat of divorce. Either way I'm watching and waiting for her to pull through bigger and better than ever! 

I have been a Wendy fan for years! I've listened to her ever since her 98.7 KISS FM days and she has always been bold loose lip Wendy and that's why I loved her. However I've been conflicted with how she is quick to tell women on her show to leave so cavalierly but clearly has antiquated views on how marriage works in her own life. It's not surprising that she's found it extremely hard to press on. Who wouldn't feel betrayed after almost 30 years of marriage and endless cover ups. Remember she settled out of court for an undisclosed amount with her old employee Nicole because Nicole said her husband was sexually harassing her and created a hostile work environment! One day Nicole was there prepping for Wendy's television talk show sneak peek then the next day she was unmentioned. Those were the Charlamagne days. 

Honestly I feel that Wendy has been hatching this plan for a minute. I definitely felt a ways watching her with Birdman and Juvenile were on her show. She came in with those Fendi leggings for a damn reason!!! With all that hand holding and scooting. I peeped that!! Watch for yourself and let me know if I'm reaching. We all know she likes a certain type.

If you take Wendy's background into account there is no wonder why she has held onto her marriage for so long. Her parents have been married forever and I believe both her sister and brother have long term marriages as well. No matter what we want to believe about our own free spirits we tend to stick with traditions that are set for us and her family has a more traditional view in regards to marriage. She wasn't lying when she said she was ride or die. Still some things you can't wish away and a whole new family is one of them. She'll definitely bounce back. It's just a hard hit now but her true fans are here to help her power through it.


Spoiler Alert!!!! Maybe

So did ya'll catch this?? Am I the only one crack head scratching for the return of the Game Of Thrones??? I am a Arya FAN and can't get enough of her killing people. Straight BEAST!!! You can keep her in real life though... but this little clip was good. Made me cringe, get all types of upset and finally a nervous chuckle.