Weekend Political Funny Skits

I'm so over the political messiness and I'm ready to vote and get it over with already. Most people already know who they're voting for and why they're voting for them so while watching the debate and seeing those people who supposedly haven't made up their mind yet baffled me. How can you honestly say that you haven't completely judged the characters of these two candidates so far? That's BS if I've ever seen it but hey. I know who I'm voting for but to be honest I'm not satisfied with either candidate and I honestly wish Bernie had won so there would be no doubts in my mind but that's water under the bridge.

One thing that has been consolation for the entire debauchery is the funny skits that have been circulating. I've compiled my favorites to share with you.

I thought this was funny and extremely accurate to the point where it's scary. I read a story about teachers and their interaction with the kids impacted by Trump. (read here if you like: Rawstory)

Then my favorite from SNL this weekend. I swear I'm going to start saying "apple-agize" to my kids. LOL

Then this story hit Huffingtonpost this is exactly why we're all fucked! How did Kenneth Bone have the most impact during the debate? Reading the comments someone said I was really hoping he would ask "which one of you two took my stapler?" Loved the comment but it's a shame how our minds work. LOL

How are you feeling about the election? 

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