Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday BFFers! Well I've been a little slow posting recently but if you recall I started a new job so I've been trying to get into a new routine and it's been difficult. Actually the new job is far from difficult. As far as functionality goes this new job is way less than what I previously did and it's a slower paced environment. My biggest draw back however is that it takes more time out of my day with the commute so I'm wondering if the extra dollars are worth it in the long run?

When I worked at my previous job I had down time but I feel that the people employed at my new employer have mastered the art of looking busy for appearance purposes only. They stay in the office for obscene amount of hours to appear that their actually over worked which is crazy to me. There are office hours for a reason and I like to adhere to those as much as possible for the most part. I do understand that occasionally, work demands that you put in extra time but it shouldn't be done for appearance sake. I will not be participating. Especially when it takes me over an hour to commute. I also discovered that many people have left the company and they suggested that the recent trend is due to managements push for a change in culture and that I'm a part of that "new culture". It's been described to me as people who are informed and are willing to push for more efficiencies to minimize overhead so I took that as they see me as a potential threat instead of an ally. Whatever right. We shall see about this one and it left me feeling like the picture below. Hahahha


My Crazy Dream!!!

I have officially started a new chapter in my life with the new job and I must admit that I was a bit nervous. I was so nervous in fact that I had a crazy dream last night in which I carried on my day heading off to the new job with my box of stuff in hand. Well in the dream I unpacked my stuff and went through the day as usual until lunch came and one of my co-workers said "so when do you start the new job?" and in my dream I begun to panic because I then realized I started my day at a new location but the people there were from my old job so I was basically at my old company. I then screamed "they're going to fire me" because I had spent the first half of my first day at my old company. LOL.. I woke up frightened and I didn't really know how to process the dream. I took it as even though I'm starting fresh with a new organization, it's basically the same job because ultimately I want to work for myself. I firmly believe that we all must start our own ventures to truly see the most impact in our lives but that's just me.

Despite the strange dream, the first day went well. Nothing out of the ordinary and either way it goes, I take every experience as an opportunity to learn and to meet new people. Ultimately it's the people who truly make the difference in each job that we work because it's those interactions that change our state of mind. The task is mundane and if you have the knowledge then the execution is effortless. Anyway... that's how my Monday went. How was yours?  

On another note, on my way to the new job this video gave me my laugh for the day. I'm always thinking of funny crazy scenarios and as disturbing as it may have been for kids to see the Easter Bunny fighting with a dad during photos, it is hilariously funny to me. Check it out below if you haven't seen it.

Spring's Here and So are new TV shows

Spring's here people and I'm eagerly anticipating the warmer weather. Crazy thing is that it was snowing a bit earlier here in NJ but that's cool. Next week the temperature is going up and hopefully it stays that way. I thought that I would be well on my way to a slimmer beach body but I'm here on the couch eating while watching the Hulu series 11.22.63. I've been binge watching it all day too. Started out watching it on the treadmill which is always a great way to kill time getting cardio in but I didn't think I would spend my entire day watching this series but I'm not complaining because it's good! It's staring James Franco and it's about time traveling teacher who is trying to change the future  by saving John F. Kennedy. Now I know it sounds a bit lame but it's not. It's actually really good but it's long to watch because each episode is an hour. Anyway if you're looking for a good show to get into then check it out.


What Makes a Good Guy?

Today's my last day on the job. I'm finally calling it quits at a job I've been at for 9 years and to me, it's definitely time to go on to new adventures. You learn what you can from experiences and then move on. Life should always be moving forward and we should be learning from each experience. Same goes for relationships. You should be learning what you like and what you don't like in every relationship that you have and with that said the topic of discussion on the radio today during my final 1 hour commute was do women really like 'good guys' which was loosely related to the engagement of Ciara and Russel Wilson. I personally feel if two people who have both lived and experienced life and have found each other then it's no ones business as to what makes them happy. I was shocked to read online that so many people find issues with their union because Russel is supposedly "a good guy" and that implies that Ciara is somehow not worthy of such a catch or damaged goods because she has a child. Well let's dissect this one together shall we.


Spotting a fake friend

Happy Friday!!!! I hope your weather where ever you are is just as nice as the weather here in the Northeast region. It's been beautiful here in Jersey!!! I'm so ready for the Spring. Nice weather means more time to socialize and enjoy with some great people but make sure that your people are quality. It's also a great time to add some new friends into your circle but the trick is how to spot quality people?  With social media categorizing everyone that you know as a "friend" it's kind of hard to weed out the real from the fake these days. Trimming the excess out of our lives periodically is a necessity but when it comes to our closest inner circle it can be hard to tell who is real from the fake. Here are a few key ways to identify those who may not be the best for us as well as qualities to look for when socializing.


Reality TV

During my commute into the office this morning TBC (The Breakfast Club) interviewed Cardi B. of Love and Hip Hop. Admittedly I do not watch the show but I definitely know who she is from these internet streets (LOL).  I consciously don't watch reality TV and I don't allow my children to watch it either because I feel that it glamorized a mindset that is counterproductive and damaging to impressionable young minds who tend to gravitate towards reality television.

I'm aware that's it all entertainment but what exactly are we loosing or gaining from shows like these? I'm including the interview below for you to reference yourself but please be clear on the fact that I'm not singling out Cardi B. but rather using her as a reference. Actually as I listened to her interview I sensed from what she said that she's maturing and I actually heard growth in some aspects. She mentioned that she doesn't do certain things any longer for various reasons and is planning and thinking through your decisions instead of just acting out and that's growth but growth is not the story line of these shows. It's not to depict long term growth but rather the opposite as it pushes overly sexualized content to their supporters that generally consist of a younger audience. Take the recent nude photos released by Kim K.. Why? What message are you sending people when you post a completely nude photo?

I get sex sells which is why these shows pick stars who tend to be linked to the sex industry in some way. Now... I don't see anything wrong with embracing your own sexuality so don't misunderstand me. We're designed to be attracted sexually to a mate so in no way do I see anything wrong with expressing your sexuality but when sexuality is all you have to offer or the only topic of discussion then there is a problem. It should be one piece of the story and not THE STORY. A fuller picture needs to be told to the younger generation who are fed to believe that more sex means a more fulfilled life when in actuality it can be the total opposite.

Your thoughts?


Weekend humor!

Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am but I somehow always feel like it passes to quickly. In a blink of an eye.. it's Sunday night. WHY???? Anyway enjoy your weekend. What's left of it. LOL


Develop who YOU are

It's important to be comfortable in your own skin. It's important to know that we all have our own unique path and our own unique attributes that make us independent of others and it's imperative to feed that uniqueness within ourselves. It's also important to understand and know that not everyone will like you. You will not be everyone's cup of tea and that's fine. You're not inadequate because of that fact. Actually it's the opposite. You're unique and special because of it.  Ever want to be liked by someone (typically this scenario is called a crush) but you're crush doesn't reciprocate your feelings? Then time passes and you learn that you've dodged a bullet. Let's dissect this one a bit further.