Game of Thrones

It's been a while since I've posted but I definitely wanted to come back with a bang and what better way then to discuss the seasons finale. If you haven't seen the finale yet then don't worry... I'm not going to ruin it with any details but let's just discuss the main underlying pattern that we're noticing in the story which correlates with life in my opinion and that is the power of women. Although the collection of stories being told on The Game of Thrones is multifaceted with many different people the storyline of the women are pretty consistent with real life. Once a woman is scorned and hurt she can become brutally calculating and at times deadly but hopefully not in a literal sense of the term. Truth be told I absolutely LOVE a fiercely strong-willed woman. It's the gift and the curse and when watching it play out with these fictional characters, it really gives you the keen view on how life and it's obstacles can lead a woman to unimaginable highs and lows.  

Take Sansas Stark who started out a naive girl who only fantasized of marrying the prince because he showed her the slightest bit of interest and thought that being his wife would change everything for her only to be disrespected and belittled. Clearly she let her fantasies of what she wanted to jade her perception despite having seen glimpses of who the Joffrey really was she still let her own fantasies lead her down a road to despair. I bet you know someone like this who today. A lot of women play this role at one point in time or another but the key is to learn from your experiences and be sharp enough to move on. Some women let their idea of what they want skew the reality of things with hopes that things will turn around and typically this change never occurs. When going through experiences like these a women can either evolve, learn or fall prey to the same bad habit. Clearly we see Sansas evolving and she's definitely becoming more keen with her senses.

Then you have Cersei Lannister who we just love to hate but she's definitely unapologetically cunning. She knows what she wants and doesn't care who doesn't like it. As much as life has beat her down, she definitely knows how overcome her adversities and she does it WELL. Women with her skillset are definitely fit to run a boardroom.  Did you catch the costume changes during the finale??? LOVED the all black everything! IT was definitely fitting of her actions and mood and despite all the mess going on around her she was tactical with her delivery.

Then you have Daenerys Targaryen who initially started off full of love but gradually you see her changing. She's becoming more assertive and domineering but still retains her vulnerability which makes her a loved character. This character exemplifies the nurturing side of women that makes a women "soft" but clearly she's not as "soft" as people sum her up to be. She has been pushed to prove that she has it in her to become villainous as well which isn't that far off from Cersai. If provoked all can fill either nurturer or villain. 

To sum it up, I thoroughly enjoyed the season finale as did 8.9 million fans who tuned into the finale this past Sunday. It definitely went out with a bang and I love all the progression of the women in the series. Including Arya Stark who I left out because she's young and still evolving but clearly she's no light weight either. She sought out to find herself early and she clearly learned lessons in order to gain her true independence and self identity. You notice how she went from "a girl with no name" to clearly proclaiming herself as Ayah Stark with conviction?? That's a lesson we all learn as we grow from adolescence to adulthood. Ayah Starks like most girls at that age was seeking to find her place in the world until she finally accepted herself truly, she evolved into a force of power.

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