Nicole Murphy Clears the Air

Yesterday on Wendy Williams talk show, Nicole Murphy was the guest and she was there to set the record straight on kissing Antoine Fuqua. She gave it a few weeks to die down but she let it out. Understandably nervous about rehashing the story in front of an audience she tried to downplay the situation as if she was mislead to believe that Antoine wasn't married. Well I call BS on that! Hollywood is too small and the way she kept referencing social media she clearly knows how to use it. She could have easily jumped online to do a bit of digging to see if he was separated, single or divorced but she didn't. His 20 year marriage wasn't hidden but it wasn't a factor when they were together.

In spite of all that she did take advantage of the situation and offered her personal apology to his wife Lela on camera which was decent but clearly she's one to overlook the ring.  My take is.. if he was willing to do it then he should've been the one held accountable. It 's his marriage and Nicole is single! Nicole should have played it the same way he has and just not spoken on the situation at all if it were really bothersome to her. She came on Wendy's show to push her products which must be slowing in sales because she could have used her social media to push her stuff. Her core supporters will always be her supporters and her products weren't new therefore I believe she came to keep her name buzzing because there is no such thing as bad publicity. It would have been golden if she had played into the role completely and came out wearing a full catsuit! No one could deny the fact that Nicole looks great for a 51 year old grandmother!


Piecing together Taraji and Mary... Also Pics from Emmys After Party

Were you aware that Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Hensen were close? I remember the Beats commercial featuring the two women and Kerry Washington and I thought "that's cute they're industry friends" but I think they have moved beyond friends within the industry to real friends. I could tell when I saw the picture of Taraji and Angie Martinez of NYC radio, embracing at the Celebrate the Culture Emmys after party.
Taraji seems like "good people" and that is hard to find these days and you don't even need to be in Hollywood to say that. People are so disingenuous and when I saw the embrace of Angie Martinez I knew that connection was through Mary because Angie and Mary have long been extremely close. Angie has shared multiple stories about Mary and their closeness throughout the years. Still as of late I've been witnessing people share how Taraji has been true to them and supportive. Jason Bolden of the Netflix show "Styling Hollywood" tells of his introduction into the industry as being Taraji's stylist. She was the catalyst for his success as well. Got to salute her on her realness and authenticity!

Connecting the dots between Mary J Blige and Taraji. 

                     Now... more pictures from the Celebrate the Culture II Emmys after party and more...

Emmys Fashion!!!

Let's break down the best from the 2019 Emmys. The women there was just a few that I thought were good but I absolutely LOVED Zendaya's look by Vera Wang!!! Zendaya has been killing it with the fashion game and honestly needs to model because clearly she's built for it! Hands down the BEST dressed of the night. Glam WIN!!!!

These dresses were cute and age appropriate for the younger crowd there. 

As for the men I think the men outdid themselves this year. I loved all the fashion the men brought to the Emmys. Versatile and classic!

 Honorable mentions for best dressed were Mandy Moore, Kendall Jenner and Padma Lakshmi. Mandy Moore was almost unrecognizable and look sultry in this dress by Brandon Maxwell. 

The older crowd looked lovely but I loved the turban pairing on Niecy Nash which were both designed by Christian Siriano. Christian has really been making his mark on Hollywood and in the fashion world since he came on the scene on season 4 of Project Runway. Love his dresses!!! 

 More men's fashion of the night that were very sharp. 


Beyonce put out personal pics on her website!

Just in case you haven't heard or seen the pics that Beyonce put out to commemorate her 37 bday here ya go! During the same time I figured we can chat about some fashion too because in some of the pictures she drop some definite fashion jewels and I love a good eye catching piece. Especially when it comes to accessories.

This diamond encrusted neck choker is the same that was recently worn by Gigi.
Super CUTE with anything!

Just thought these coats on both her and Hay were cute!

HAND CUFF that's blinged out and a nude lip.
Cannot go wrong with a nude lip and heavy on unique accessories

Ya'll gonna learn about a good waist bag Hunny!

look at that succulent plant wall
The matching set off the shoulder with the heart chandelier diamonds ain't too bad either!
Also you're going to need to invest in a pair of clear wedges that goes with EV-er-Y-Thing! 

I've always said investing in a Great Trench and coat PERIOD is a must!!!!
This trench is cute

Blinged out Clear Heels AGAIN and that WAIST BAG!!!
I'm a FAN of a great waist bag! Guaranteed to not lose anything