Zola... the new internet buzz!

I'm sure you've heard about the internet sensational story of a girl and her hoe-tales which document how she went to Florida with some strangers she met a day prior to "dance" (we use the word dance loosely). Let me back up some... my daughter (if you read this often then you know I'm talking about the teen-aged one) get's up the same time that I do in the mornings. She prepares for school and me to leave for work but yesterday she was already awake. This is at 6 am might I add and she has been awake for an hour reading some story she's been reading on Twitter that's super long giving me a play by play. As she's eagerly breaking it down for me I said to myself 'sounds like normal early 20's slut-tales' but I let her finish because she always finds interesting stuff to tell me. Fast forward to today a full 36 hours later and I read the story myself online (you can read it here: ZOLA'S TALE) and I see for myself why she was captivated. Honestly I wish my baby wasn't reading stuff like this online but she is almost 18 and shame on me for letting her read and providing modern technology (joking) but anyway the story is good but not because it's an amazing tale. It's a good read because of the way the author breathes life into the story. It flows like you're talking to a friend and she's telling you a story that you'll later use to pass judgement.  If you look at it purely on face value you'll see it's a depiction of where we are in 2015. Young girls feel the need to degrade themselves for a quick buck and the wolves feed on sheep so they take advantage of these girls.


Drugs and Sex and memory loss

Today there is a popular scandal circulating about the ex-boxer (Yusaf Mack) who claims he was drugged and basically raped. Well it's not that simple... he said he was a willing participant in a porn but to loosen himself up he took a pill (that someone gave him) and some liquor and that was the last thing he remembers but what he said he consented to was heterosexual sex. He later discovered that he had participated in homosexual sex with two men but has no recollection of the event until he saw it for himself. You can read the full story here: NYDailynews

Now to the story I'm concerned about. He says he is engaged to be married and as a woman I couldn't proceed with my plans to marry a man whom I cannot trust. This entire story is sad but it's also suspicious. Could I really believe that he had no memory of the ordeal and if so why wouldn't he mention his initial plans to me? He also has 10 children!!! Now he says he's left having to explain this to his kids. Now it is possible that he really doesn't recall this occurring to him but ladies... could you still marry a man who has gone through this??? Also as a boxer doesn't it go against what they practice to willingly take drugs?? Would you believe him? It's all too much for me... I honestly could not.

You're so F*cking Awesome!!!

We all believe that we love ourselves but how do you really know? We show love through our actions and sometime our actions aren't aligned with what we say we believe. I read a quote recently that said self-esteem comes from esteem-able acts and you teach yourself how to love yourself by how you treat yourself, how you talk to yourself and having a loving individuals who show you regularly the reflections of your love.  Self love needs to be practiced everyday and there are a few easy techniques that you can do that you're most likely already aware of but never practice so I've compiled the list for you. One thing I've noticed throughout the years is that when you've become accustomed to loving yourself properly and someone tries to enter your circle who doesn't honor that love you have for yourself, it's so much easier to detect it and to cut ties. You may stumble upon a relationship that you think is a good fit but there is something that just isn't clicking. This is normal and happens often. You meet people and at first you may think you really like this person but over time your radar goes off and you notice little things that show you they really aren't aligned with your value system and if you truly love yourself, you will cut them off. You'll have no choice in the matter because your brain will tell you nope, this will not work and you just cannot do it no matter how much you may think you like an individual.

Here are some methods to help you fully transform or fine tune your self love.


Up Next... Jeans and New Solar Energy Technology

Solar panel windows has finally had the break through it's been seeking when a group of researchers from Michigan State University were able to create a fully transparent solar cell. This is revolutionary as it transforms how we can potentially use everything to generate power including the screen of your mobile device. 


Marty McFly... today! 10/21/15

I thought this was cute and a bit sad at the same time. It is 2015 and what real progress have we made? Well today is Back to the Future day because it's the day from the movie where McFly arrives to the future on Oct. 21, 2015. Your local movie theater may be showing the movie too if you check.


This is what the future (2015) looked like in the movie.


Matthew Knowles on The Breakfast Club

You know I like to talk about the interviews I hear in the morning driving in and today The Breakfast

Club interviewed Matthew Knowles so you know we have to discuss. We all know Matthew for his
contributions to his daughters success but there were things he discussed that I was shocked to learn like he once managed Nas. Who knew??? Then there were things that he didn't share or discuss that were the most interesting like him fathering kids outside of his marriage. He refused to talk about his personal life and took little jabs a Charlamagne for bringing up the topics but let's be honest those are the topics we really want to hear. Now don't get me wrong, we all have our faults and Matthew is no different but it's those juicy tidbits that make people really interested in you. No one likes a squeaky clean image because the scandal is good for the gossip mill and we are a society who loves our gossip so let's get to it.

Full interview inside.


Catching a movie tonight??? Try Sicario

It's officially the weekend. Are you planning on kicking back and catching a movie? If so then I strongly suggest Sicario. To be honest I hadn't even heard of Sicario until my husband kept mentioning that he wanted to catch it as soon as it came out and I'm glad that I listened because it was indeed a good movie. Although I wish it had been more action packed it was still a very good movie that made you think about it after it was over. Well at least that's how I judge if I've seen a great movie.


Amazon wants a piece of the Etsy pie!

Amazon has launched Handmade which is set up similarly to the Etsy concept of selling hand crafted goods to the mass market consumers and I for one love the idea. I love Etsy and if you're familiar with the our blog then you know that I often scour Etsy for good products to share with you here like this one: Etsy Love and the more the merrier in my opinion. I personally shop Amazon often and having more of an authentic often times eclectic mix, is a great thing.

We should all get in touch with our creative sides and start side businesses where you can sell products that are more personal to people. It's increases your overall happiness by giving you a hobby and gives you a few extra bucks so it's definitely a win-win. Also having hobbies are extremely rewarding.  I also read about how these projects which often start out as simple hobbies have transitioned into multi-million dollar businesses and creating entrepreneurs in this market is always good. Jobs are fickle and I honestly believe that we as a society will soon transition out of the traditional 9-5 mindset. How many of us sit at a job we hate for hours looking at the clock wishing to be other places and doing other things? Becoming an entrepreneur allows for you to be free. You may work more hours but you'll be working for what's most important and that's yourself. Try it! Create something and keep creating... because you never know. The trick is to get in the game early and establish yourself. The iron for this one is hot right now so make sure you strike! Just be sure to fill me in on your story. I love it when you share!

Messy Barnes and the Coach... SCANDAL

Apparently Matt Barnes was upset that his former teammate is dating his ex-wife and was "in his feelings" so much so that he drove a good hour and a half to lay hands on!!! Listening to The Breakfast Club this morning and yesterday, they feel as though people don't make decisions or shouldn't make decisions based on emotions but excuse me but most rash decisions are emotionally based. I do agree that at times you shouldn't let your emotions get the best of you to the point where you make a stupid decision such as in the workplace but when it comes to lovers emotional decisions are usually all emotionally tied.