Let’s Learn AI together

Being in the IT sector means there’s always something to learn. I recently participated in a conference where there a presenter who was labeled an AI expert suggested that there are no experts in the AI field as it’s a new emerging technology and it was most transparent thing I’ve heard in a long time. With that being said there are a lot of people earning large amounts of money just because they understand the basics. We’re friends here and I always want my friends to prosper so let’s get this money by exploring our options together. You can keep me focused and I’ll keep the content flowing as I find it. 

First things first, I’d like you to follow me on YouTube as I’ll be posting content there and embedding some here within the blog. 

Now on to the first post about AI and emerging tech being released soon. We all have heard of Chat GPT and if you’re curious, you’ve tried it out to see what the fuss was all about. Chat GPT is a machine learning AI. If you weren’t aware there are different programs that all fall into what we consider AI. I’ve put together a little introductory video describing predictive and generative AI. 

META is releasing some AI merchandise with its collaborative Ray Ban deal. It’s AI glasses that allows you to stream to Meta platforms in real time from your glasses and it also translates words and identifies objects in real time. However, doesn’t your cellphone do the same thing with regards to streaming live videos to your IG or FB? I guess this would be for those individuals that prefer their hands free to engage in the action versus holding their phone??? They also are releasing a revised mixed reality headset that blends digital and physical aspects together for gaming or those who like the VR headsets called the Quest 3.  Xbox is also partnering with Meta being integrated into your VR Quest 3 headset in December of 2023.  Meta is also releasing AI generated simulated characters that are integrated into their social media platforms. If you want more check out the keynote speech. 



Hello New Friends

There’s a loneliness epidemic impacting current society even though we’re constantly surrounded by people. You may be married and have a fully packed schedule but lack meaningful connections. It’s the lack of connection that translates into physical ailments such as stroke, dementia and heart disease. That leads us to wonder “how do I establish real meaningful relationships at this stage” when we’re set in our routines and to be honest, a bit skeptical of ulterior motives? It may be more simple than you think and research shows that you only need 3 to 5 real connections to feel content and fulfilled. How do we start on the path fulfillment within our social circle?

1. Rekindle old friendships. Utilize that social media to spark up conversation with people you’re casual aquatinted with. The foundation is already set so why not initiate a conversation or post a witty response on their page then follow up with a DM. Host a small reunion for a few people who may all know one another at a local bar. Or simply host a gathering such as a paint and sip and ask others if they would like to participate. Once you have the live audience, you’ll be able to determine who you have more commonalities with and build upon those similar interest. You may even want to host a repetitive event on a weekly/monthly basis. You may even be able to build a side hustle out of the it while making new connections which is a win-win.

2. Join a social hobby group that meets regularly. Similar to the first suggest you can join a pre-existing group which interest you such as a niche fitness class, book lab or volunteering in your community. There will be people who attend who would most likely be from your area which makes meeting up more of a convenience then those farther away. 

3. Start a group or social media page. Exhibit A my good peeps! You have a voice, interest and an opinion so broadcast it and find your tribe. We’re all just individuals sharing time on this earth but we share commonalities some. You found your way here and people will find their way to you as well. Interact with the, and me in the comments a d before you know it the bond gets stronger and you’ve made a new friend. Hopefully 🤟🏽