7 Essentials For Summer '17

1) Slide sandals I love embellishment! Embellishment adds texture and extra dimension to a basic piece and therefore having a slider sandal with embellishment brings the eye down and can really make an outfit POP. It's like red lipstick while wearing basic colors... you can never go wrong and my favorite so far are the sliders from Steve Madden.
$59 Sparkly - Steve Madden
2) Vibrant Bold Bag- Same photo for the bold colored bag but summer is not in full effect without a bold bag! Or if you have the money to SPLURGE then everything Gucci this season is AWESOME! For a techie like me I absolutely LOVE the Techpack Brocade backpack. 
3) Satin Floral or Print wide Leg Pants- I have never been one for floral but I must admit my taste have changed. I absolutely love the floral trend IF it's done right. Also I've always loved wide leg pants but the satin sheen adds another dimension to your outfit for summer/spring and it really makes a statement. Check out this look that Jourdan Dunn in her silky wide legged print Coachella outfit. Definitely done right! (BTW... notice the furry sliders. Weren't we just discussing slider sandals??? OK noted)



Mens Fashion - Cubavera

The weather is heating up and I'm shopping to celebrate the change in temperature and I know I'm not alone. From the number of men who follow my Men's Fashion group the men are out here doing it big when it comes to clothes and I can dig it! Check out this brand and a few of the hot summer fashion trends they have for the season. What do you think of the prints inspired by Cuban fashion? Hot or Not
Brand: Cubavera 

Check out a snippet from their fashion show below. I think some of the pieces are HOT!
Cubavera Fashion Show 2017 - Miami Heat from Cubavera on Vimeo.

Who doesn't like denim? And just because the weather is so up and down here in the NYC area, I wanted to feature some denim inspired by NYC's urban trends that fits in with the chill during those transitional days like today. Embellished denim is HOT and never out of season and what better way to showcase your unique eye than to embellish a classic denim with embroidery, pins and layered fabric. I absolutely LOVE the city when it's nice enough to people watch. NYC fashion never let's me down.


Janet Jackson Divorce

So Janet Jackson filed for divorce from her billionaire husband after being married for exactly 5 years and 2 months. Doesn't hurt that she signed a prenuptial agreement stating that she had to be married for 5 years in order to get a half a billion dollar severance. LOL... I called it a severance because that it's exactly how it seemed. Let's do the timeline math shall we?


Are You Looking for A Better Hand's Free Car Device?

My Camry is equip with Bluetooth which is great for chatting while driving but I very rarely use the feature to view my text messages and emails on my screen because it still requires me to take my eyes off the road. Well technology is changing and the Navdy ensures that your eyes are never off the road when using your cell phone. The Navdy allows you to receive calls, text messages and navigational maps because this friendly device projects everything on your front windshield directly in your line of vision while driving. You can even swipe to answer calls see faces of contacts and a lot more! The gadget seems cool but the price tag doesn't at $499 I may just wait on this new technology to be included within the tech bundle when purchasing my next car because I'm not willing to pay $500 for a few advanced features when I already have Bluetooth and navigation included in my car. It's just more of a "no frills" version of what they're offering but I'm cool with that.

Since I'm a techie I certainly swooned over the nice little gadget but I'll pass. How about you? Check out their features and ad below.