Bloated Puffy face? There's help

Lately I've been feeling as though my face has been bloated more than usual. I normally have a very
round face because I have high cheekbones but lately I've been feeling that my face has been increasingly bloated. I especially notice first thing in the morning and I try to make it a habit of sleeping on my back so that blood doesn't pool around my face and eyes causing advanced aging. Did you even know that sleeping on your stomach could age you skin? I know I didn't until I did a bit of research but it does in fact cause wrinkles and puffiness if you sleep on your side or or your stomach.

In addition to that our faces does in fact bloat as a result of some minor lifestyle changes. Have you ever awaken to find your eyes slightly swollen but blamed it on sleep? Well it's actually more to it than that. For me it's definitely my diet. More specifically my salt intake. I eat a lot of salt and have recently increased my coffee intake over the past year and coffee affects hydration of the body. Too much salt mixed with coffee intake can be a whopper on your body causing dehydration and when we're dehydrated it causes puffiness. Coffee can also elevate the blood pressure slightly causing puffiness as well as elevating adrenaline in the body which is what gives some that peppy feeling.

When it comes to your salt intake you may not even know or mean to consume as much as we do on a daily basis. Salt is in our food and can be high in things like soup and packaged goods. When you eat on the go we tend to buy lots of fast food or packaged food and they are loaded with salt as a preservative. It's best to prepare your food in the home and take it with you for lunch or pack healthy snacks instead of candy which too can do damage to our skin and our waistline. Packing a orange or tangerine is perfect for the skin as vitamin C works wonders in reducing wrinkles.

When you're not getting enough water throughout the day this also causes dehydration which causes our blood vessels to expand and become enlarged. Drinking enough water instead of coffee and tea will hydrate the body and the skin making it the best solution to avoiding puffiness and bloating. You may also try a quick fix or dipping your face into a tub filled with ice water. We all know that ice reduces swelling in injuries. Well it actually does the same when our blood vessels are expanded from bloating. It instantly reduces the swelling in our faces. Ice baths for the skin is also a beauty secret among models. It's absolutely free and works wonders on both healing the skin and giving a natural glow. It reduces the pores making the skin appear more firm and flawless.