How to Be Happy!!!

From the time you're born to the day that most of us die where on a hunt to acquire more which most equate to gaining more money but that's WRONG. The problem with that logic is that money is never enough and in turn we lose our happiness in the pursuit of what we think will make us happy. We tend to think money will bring us more freedom. Freedom to go and to do as we please which is true but freedom does not mean you're happy. It may sound crazy when put in those terms but in all honesty it's even crazier to be actually living life constantly chasing a dream to achieve riches. There is nothing wrong with dreaming but if the dream involves self-centered actions to achieve it then you'll be unhappy when and if you do finally achieve it. The thing is  no one physically forces us to strive for money but it's a ritual passed down and taught because we're capitalistic. We're consumers and by consumers I mean that literally. We consume everything!!! We over spend, over indulge and consume all the natural resources of the planet like we can create more but we cannot.

We're never taught or fully understand the meaning of life therefore we don't really understand how to achieve happiness. If you're unsure what you are put on earth to do then you're drifting. One thing for sure is that your primary focus shouldn't be specifically to get rich. You have a purpose and part of understanding that purpose is to understand and acknowledge that we're all connected. That can be a hard pill for loners to accept. It definitely was for me because I dislike the all the pretending we do with one another so I've always claimed to not like people. However I love a few and throughout it all the one thing that I know is that I'm happiest when I'm doing for them. With that said the true answer on how to achieve happiness and our purpose is to help others and to leave the earth a better place by you simply being here! It's that simple! Think about the closet person to you. Imagine if they weren't there in your life and how different your life would be without them. They've impacted you to the point that you couldn't even fathom what you would be without them. Your interaction with everyone to some degree impacts them whether it's in a good way or a bad way. However if most of your interactions aren't helpful then you're most likely miserable or in denial that you're unhappy. If most of your interactions are helpful in some manner then you're probably extremely happy because you will see how beneficial you are to others and that builds your character and spirit. Even he simplest form of helping others with small exchanges of kindness help to build your spirit. The constant string of small acts of helpfulness lifts you up and you will be transformed.

This is why people are drawn to animals and most recently more people are drawn to plants as well.
It's the internal need to want to see something be its best self with your help with it achieving that goal. If you have a pet and you see how excited they are to see you it makes you feel good to witness their happiness and excitement. It satisfying to know that something appreciates you. Your animal is excited and shows appreciation because of what you do for them. You feel it and it helps to lift your spirits. It's the same exchange that occurs with personal contact as well. If you do well by others then they tend to show you or express their gratitude in ways in which you feel and that lifts your spirits. Plants too! You feed your plant and expose them to what they need and in turn they sprout new leaves and grow for you which is rewarding. You then fertilize it to try to get that plant to grow even more leaves. 

With all of that being said there is one last thing I want to expose you to. It's the simple fact that the Earth is dying. She's dying because of the one way exchange. She feeds us and allows us to live within her but we abuse that expression of love because we don't fulfill our duty to nurture her back. We pollute our water and over consume our resources and it will eventually exhaust those resources to the point where we cause our own extinction. In addition we're causing the extinction of other species as well which is not our right to do. I say all that to simply say to be kind to others so that you can reap your rewards. Be kind to animals and plants and seek out ways to do better by the earth. Push your legislature to let them know that climate change and environmental issues matter to you. If you do your part and a million others around you do their part we can help change the negative decline we're speeding towards. 


Charlamagne the God Interviews the cast of Girlfriends

Did you guys happen to watch the Black-ish episode featuring the cast of Girlfriends??? If you didn't you're not alone because I planned on watching it but I missed it. Girlfriends aired it's last show over 10 years ago back in 2008 and it's still has a fan following!  You can just pull it up online if you've never seen the show but it was one of the first shows that I could related to that touched on alot of modern day issues such as natural hair and bisexuality. The cast was recently interviewed by Charlamagne who always professed his LOVE for Girlfriends for years. The ladies definitely look great and still have great chemistry between them. The show definitely needs a reboot or a movie because there are some die-hard fans of the show and I am one of them!

On a sidenote Jill was definitely my inspiration for a bold red lip! That was always her signature look.