Guava Island on Amazon featuring Rihanna

Not only did Childish Gambino perform at Coachella he also debuted his new short film Guava Island, which is available nowon Amazon. One of the rare times I'm happy I pay all that money for Amazon Prime.

The short film is 46 minutes and features Rihanna as his love interest. It also features Letitia Wright who is better known as Shuri (the sister) in Black Panther.  Guava Island is a musically charged Caribbean themed short film about a guy (Childish Gambino) with ambitions to be a musician who is met with resistance when trying to perform at a festival. It also delves a bit into his political views of American greed. A longer more in-depth version of his "This is America" video with a love story incorporated into it. I think we can all agree that Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino is an awesome thought provoking artist. Take that hour and watch Guava Island. It's cute and gives you all the good weather summer vibes!

P.S. Don't forget Beyonce's Homecoming debuts tomorrow on Netflix for all the Beyonce fans.

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