Tia Mowry's new cooking show

Tia Mowry was on the Wendy Williams show promoting her new cooking show and whipping up a few easy recipes. I think I'll be trying her salad recipe with the fresh dressing. It looks delicious! I like the Mowry twins and I especially like how they've remained respectful while growing up in Hollywood. Most child actresses go through a wild streak and you really didn't hear any wild stories about these ladies and they've seemed to keep themselves in the limelight without the negative publicity.

If you read the blog often then you also know that I LOVE a great Bob haircut and her hair is perfection! It looks extremely healthy and the razor precise edges... OMG! Her stylist should have been mentioned in the credits because their work on her hair was credit worthy. Beautiful!!!! I'll be watching her cooking show too.

Best Selfie Ever!!!

There's no denying that social media has becoming increasingly relevant in how we communicate. What started out as a way to link up with friends and advertise our cool selfies is quickly evolving into heavily used platforms for our own individual artistic eye. Let's face it for the most part, social media is about getting people to find you interesting and for you to broadcast just how awesome you are and has expanded beyond your old classmates to include strangers who simply want to see how you're living. It's all about likes and pictures are the best way to get people interested so we're increasingly seeking ways to improve our selfie game. The nature of the game is constantly changing and plain selfies aren't enough to keep people interested in following you anymore. You also need to give them the scenery of your beautiful life and all your wonderful adventures. If you think about it... it's actually becoming artistic in nature and the better the picture, the more follower you earn.

True story... I know a young lady who describes herself as a make-up artist and pretty much plasters her timeline with beautiful selfies of her perfectly made-up face but when I see her in person, I rarely see the talent that I saw via her timeline. She uses her social media platform as a way to recruit clients to purchase her services as a make-up artist. She's self taught,,, okay... but why do people actually pay her for her service if her make-up in person is not that great? When I saw her in person I would always wonder why and how she kept clients. I didn't understand at first but then I figured it out. It wasn't that her actual work was impressive with make-up, it was that her online presence and filters made her work look extraordinary and people noticed! People were and still are paying for her to do their make-up and then she takes their pictures in the same fashion that she does for herself and people are willing to pay for their filtered up selfie. It's the magic she used to get all those likes that got people interested enough to pay. It really is that serious folks! We are now paying for services to get our social media timeline photo-shoot fresh. She's has a budding side career but you my friends can accomplish that all on your own. I'll be discussing with you guys over a few post, just how to work your own filter magic!

Hump day Funny!


Their faces were all priceless!!! LOL

Do you see it? Look for it. 



Monday Funny

Over the weekend the President told a few jokes at The White House Correspondents Dinner and I guess he feels like the rest of us. I thought this was hysterical!

Win points with the kids!

I know the weekend is over but the good weather is just starting so what better way to win brownie points with the family than to impress the kiddies. Don't you love being considered the greatest parent ever? I know first hand there is no better feeling in the world than to make my kids happy. Just seeing their joy brings me great satisfaction that I'm doing it right and if you're a parent you've wondered more than once if you're doing a good job. It's part of being a parent. Spend some of your spare time making some cheap fun stuff for the kids and believe me, they'll remember appreciate it forever! You may even start a few traditions as well which continue throughout the years and you'll forever be known as the greatest with all the kids. Only thing required is a few trinkets that you may already have or a few dollars and your imagination. I've added a few ideas below to get you started. 

You can do any of these in summer or fall so make sure you keep the ideas handy so that your kids can discover a magical place right inside or outside your door. A few minutes making these will give your kids hours of play time so you can take some time after to either marvel in the fact that you just boosted your cool points or you can get some time to yourself. Either way it's a win-win!

So this project is good for indoor or outdoor and you bring the wonder out of a child with simple x-mas lights. It's even cool for the adults to join in with the imaginary play. Lights just do something for kids that really inspires the imagination. The lights can be stars and they're now astronauts or astronomers. The limits are endless and the joy last a lifetime.



Your afternoon funny!!!!

Chit Chat

It's Thursday and Friday can't get here fast enough. I'm soooo ready for the weekend. The weather has mixed with chilly rain but overall I can still sense Spring so I'm excited for anything just as long as it's not freezing and snowing. The good thing about the weather here in NJ with the rain is that the trees that bloom flowers have been really nice lately. So pretty... you really do have to appreciate the change in the seasons here in this region because it's very distinct.

Anyway... we didn't get a chance to chat about Tina Knowles' wedding. She married actor Richard Lawson in CA over the weekend and she looks really graceful and happy. Although you never really see Tina with a full blown smile on her face it's good to see that she's found love again. Not to mention that Richard is not a bad looking man. I know she was probably watching 227 back in the day like that man is fine... and she found his ass boy!!!! LOL He kind of favors ole Mathew but he looks better than Mathew in my opinion. One thing is for sure... she definitely has a type. At least in the looks department and hopefully he doesn't act like Mathew. Who needs that type of drama in your later years. They make a beautiful couple!

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TIME 100 Gala... Kanye's still a douche!

So TIME recently had their gala for their 100 most influential people in NYC last night and although Kanye was one of the honorees, he gave zero f*cks about a lady falling down in front of him. Damn... he could have at least shown some sympathy with an caring look or a hand. He looked more disturbed that she fell during his camera time. I guess that's the only child syndrome which I'm a bit familiar with myself. I am an only child and I can be at times a bit selfish but manners are still manners. You either have them or you don't.

Take a look at Amy Schumer's epic fall and Kanye's reaction. 

Now on to the fashion from the evening.


Food Truck Lovers

Saturday was the most beautiful day of the year so far and I made sure that I put off my household stuff and got out. One thing I did was venture out to a food truck festival. These have been becoming more popular here in NJ but in NY you have people who follow their favorite food trucks. The good thing about a food truck festival is that you have at least 30 food trucks to choose from and a very wide range to pick from. There were tons of activities for the kids and they set up fire pits and have live entertainment. It was really nice and a great time if you get some drinks, a few friends and make a day of it. I keep folding chairs in my trunk because for these exact reasons.

My husbands favorite was Amanda Bananas. It's like ice cream but made entirely from bananas so as one reviewer put it, it's great for paleo diets. Check out their site: Amanda Bananas

My pictures from the event. Blue skies and lots of people.

There was even a truck to shop and I thought this was really cool!!! Free to Wander is the name of this truck.

 It's ME!!!!


Do you mind if your spouse earns less or more than you?

TGIF family!!! Friday couldn't get here fast enough this week. I'm especially looking forward to the nice weather we're suppose to have here in Jersey tomorrow. It's starting to feel like Spring and I'm grateful!

I was driving into the office today and the question of the day on the radio was do you care if your woman/wife does for a living or how much she makes. Most of the men replied with a 'no' and said as long as she's able to take care of her own needs then it doesn't matter but one said 'yes' and I agree with him. I think that a woman should bring her own accomplishments and money to the table. If we have two decent salaries then great but my main concern is me and what I've done for myself. The host of the radio show said that he wants to be with someone who is concerned with her own and isn't just using her time worried about what he's doing and when he comes home he wants to hear about things that he doesn't know. So basically he wants to feel stimulated and as well as a sense of pride that they are both accomplished in their own right and I 100% agree. I hear my husband tell people all the time what I do for a living and I see first hand the sense of pride that comes with that for him and for me. I have never been one to depend on a man. Self accomplishments lead to a sense of pride for both sexes. Also I've seen myself how attitudes change when a man is the primary bread winner. In my opinion a guy can feel that you, his women should feel appreciative of what he does for you and that is not a spouse.. that's a parent and I already have parents! Also I've witnessed men treat woman who can do for themselves with more respect as one man that I know have put it... "he doesn't slut her out". I didn't even know that was a thing but apparently it is to some. OUCH!!!


Low Cost Tricks to Improve you home

Home is where the heart is right? So why not make your home the best that it can be with simple improvements that will not only wow your guest but make you feel like you're staying in a high end hotel. There is a reason why the hotel industry pay top dollar to have their rooms staged. When staging luxury hotels pay attention to the small details that really the average stand out. With variations in decor and minor changes that will literally cost less than a full home makeover, these tips are sure to glam up your home instantly. 

Accessories for the basics really make a powerful statement. Try framing your television to give your room an elegant feel. 

See more on the flip... 


Acne and you body

Were you aware that your acne actually tells you signs on what you're lacking in your body and potential health issues? I know I wasn't and I have struggled with acne most of my life. People always say to me, well I don't see your bad skin but that's because I'm very deliberate in how I pro-actively work to improve me skin. I guess it's remnants of me hitting puberty extremely early and trying everything imaginable to defeat the horrible acne that took over my face. My mother always said "Oh it's normal and it will pass" but it never really passed completely so she was wrong about that one.  

My story actually started well before middle school. I don't know why puberty hit me so early but I was an early bloomer and around 5th grade I started noticing all types of changes and acne was the major one that just never seemed to leave. Well I guess my breast never left either but I'm glad they stayed (LOL). Anyway... I've dealt with acne since and I've combated it with everything imaginable and the one true thing that has been successful has always been natural remedies. 


Summer's approaching... lose weight with body building tricks

Summer is approaching and with it comes tons of packed gyms weeks prior to the weather breaking. Here in NJ where I am, the weather is still fighting to keep winter alive but hints of warmer temperatures are slowly breaking through in small spurts. It's just a matter of time before those small spurts turn into full blown heat waves so you know I had to hook you up with  a few tricks used by body builders to help you drop a few pounds fast and trick the body into achieving results faster for a quick way to get fit for the summer season.  


You don't need to cut out all pasta and bread to drop unwanted weight. You just need to time your carbohydrate intake more effectively. Enter carb cycling. It's a simple concept: Boost your carb intake on the days you exercise and cut back on carbs on the days you do not.
Carbohydrate cycling may be a wiser approach than straight low-carb dieting because it will allow you to maintain a higher metabolic rate over time while providing the muscle glycogen needed to fuel intense exercise.
Stick with complex, high-protein carbs such as beans and quinoa, plus vegetables and limited fruits.


Protein is a great appetite suppressant and help tame hunger pangs so increase your diet to include more protein and less carbs. Protein has a higher Thermic effect than carbohydrates or dietary fats, which means that you net fewer calories overall because protein costs more energy to digest. What exactly is a Thermic effect? 
  • Protein: 20-35% of calories burned through processing
  • Carbohydrates: 5-15% of calories burned through processing
  • Fats: 0-5% of calories burned through processing
To put this in tangible terms, if you eat 200 calories worth of protein, your body will use between 40 and 70 of them in digestion. The most common estimate for the total thermic effect of food is around 10 percent of your total caloric intake, but as your protein intake increases so does this number.


Small healthy changes... BIG Impact

Spring has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier! I almost lost hope because although the season changed it snow and has been cold but I finally had a glimmer of hope yesterday. Although it was still chilly, you could feel the subtle shift in the air that Spring has finally sprung! Now... here comes the race to look good in less clothes. With warmer weather comes tank tops, short and sandals. All of which means we'll be seeing more of YOUR skin. Are you ready? 

To ensure dewy skin that glows you first must make sure that you're hydrating enough. Make sure that you're drinking enough water. This is the most basic component in great skin and it's also the most important. Water makes up 60% of a mans body and 55% of a woman  so staying hydrated is crucial! 

Then moisturize. We actually discussed this natural hydration mask before but with the Spring upon us, I thought it would be great to re-introduce it now. 

Advocado Honey Hydrating Mask
3 tablespoons of fresh cream (see earlier post for cream recipe)
1/4 avocado
1 tablespoon of honey

You may even use this on your hair by leaving out the cream so when you're making this make sure to use all of it and keep the components separate. For your hair you may want to add a little olive oil for an ultimate hydration treatment. 

Ohhh and if you are prone to dandruff like 


Best Prank Ever!

I knew there was a reason why I liked that damn Rihanna! She along with Jimmy Kimmel's wife pranked him for April Fools. She gave a full little mini concert while he slept and made it rain (HAHAHA). Cute!!!!



I realized that we never really discussed the animation movie HOME. I'm not talking about discussing Rihanna playing the main character. I'm talking about the casting and Jennifer Lopez doing the voice of the Rihanna's mother! LOL... Read it again... so even though its a cartoon animation movie, the voices were paired in such a way that got me thinking and I know as a woman it crossed Jennifer's mind too. She played the mother (okay the voice of.. but whatever!) of Rihanna's character and that had to hurt just a little for her. Must have stung just a little bit! You're Jennifer, the body, the face the I still got it girl and then you're cast for a movie where you're playing the mom. Not just any damn mom either... you're the mother of Rihanna. Pop princess, taking over the game, new era hot girl!

At that point you say... okay. I'm cool with the part of the mom. Then you ask well who is the star and they hit you with Rihanna! You can just queue the somber music playing in her head at that point. The new IT girl who is in her 20's is being cast as your daughter?!?! I'm sure she had that discussion with someone. Probably Casper but what would your hired boyfriend say at that point? NOOOOO you don't have an old voice. Noooo you're not old and probably said you've still got it and clearly she does! 

Chanel's NYC Paris-Salzburg event

Karl and Chanel held an event in NYC last night to feature his collection which was attended by plenty of celebrities. The collection itself however had me feeling very mixed with it's "vampire-esque" vibe. I know it's intended to make us feel nostalgic but it just made me feel that they are the utmost supreme Twilight fans. I'm not feeling it. There were some nice pieces thrown in here and there but as much as I like vampire movies, I have no desire to dress like one.

The atmosphere and swag was very nice though! 

More of the show and the decor on the flip.

Best New Must Have for Selfies!

Are you addicted to selfies? If so then this is for you. No need for a selfie stick when you can take a pic with your feet!!!!
Haaaa! That shits not real. Could you imagine how long your feel would look in these? I hope you wouldn't buy this but some of you...  just might try it! LOL
Happy April Fools Day BFFers!