Beyonce Killed the Super Bowl and My Hair Health

This is my mood today after Beyonce slayed the Super Bowl.
 Love and respect to the Carter's and I love how Jay can let his wife do her while playing his position. Just in case you haven't seen the video.... here it is!

Speaking of the Super Bowl... did anyone catch Eli's reaction to his brother winning the game? The hate is REAL! Even in siblings. Aren't you suppose to be happy for your families accomplishments? 

On another note...Happy Monday ya'll!!! I made the best investment in my hair that I've done in a while. I purchased a over head steamer and after just two uses, it's a done wonders. I personally style my hair myself and I only visit a salon when it's time for a trim or a refresh on my cut because I love a precise bob. Other than a cut, I'm not visiting a salon. I've used this on my hair as well as my children's hair and it's been great.

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