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We're constantly bombarded with advertisements for expensive face creams that promise to rejuvenate, exfoliate and everything else under the sun but do they ever live up to the hype? Newer isn't always better. It's all about revenue to these cosmetics companies with hyped up new to market products. One of my favorite go to night creams is plain ole Vaseline and I have battled acne all my life and I've tried just about everything from prescription grade to over-the-counter  but nothing works better than Vaseline when trying to keep my skin wrinkle free and youthful. Vaseline works wonders for your feet, hands, and face as a night time skin rejuvenation serum and it's super cheap. It doesn't only add value to your wallet as a face cream either. It can be used for countless quick beauty tricks that can replace many of your expensive cosmetics.

Contrary to popular belief, Vaseline does not cause pimples and does not clog pores. I especially love it during the drier colder season to remedy split cuticles on my 6 year old. Dry weather accompanied by constantly usage of hand sanitizer which is popular in today's classrooms can leave their young hands looking a mess. Cracked cuticles can also be painful if it's excessive and can also affect adults as well during the colder weather. Adding Vaseline to your nightly regimen can clear that up nicely. There are convenient $12 cuticle oil that you can carry around with you but why pay $12.00 for 0.06 oz creams when you pay $3.50 for 13 oz. jar of Vaseline which can be used in multiple ways?  Newer isn't always the best option and we all work way too hard for our money to give it away on single use items.

Here's a list of other ways Petroleum Jelly can save you money. 

  1. Can be used as a conditioner for your lashes and can replace mascara. Just don't use too much. 
  2. Polish those leather shoes you have thrown in your closet. 
  3. Removes makeup.
  4. Tames your fly-away hair and also conceals split ends.    
  5. Use it to style and moisturize eyebrows. 
  6. Best lip gloss to prevent chapped lips. 

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