What does Marriage mean?

There has been subtle shifts that I've noticed in how people view marriage. Increasingly so people are putting off marriage and more disturbingly, once married, some people feel trapped in what they consider to be the wrong choice in life partner. It's natural to question decisions but the problem with marriage isn't necessarily a problem with your choice but more often a sign of internal conflict. The trick is realizing the true source of your discontent. This is something that I've overcome myself throughout my own relationship when at times I've categorized the feeling as a sense of boredom and felt the slight urge that I may have been missing out on something which couldn't be further from the truth. The man I choose to share my life with is absolutely perfect for me but I didn't always have this appreciation.


Here comes the long weekend

It's Friday and I'm soooo ready for the long weekend but it never fails I always feel like the weekends fly by.

I've been on a serious hiatus from sharing but as discussed in my earlier post its due to me going through some changes. I've recently switched jobs which unfortunately requires more of my time in commuting and I also just recently moved. With all of this going on simultaneously I must saying that moving is by far the hardest damn thing to do because there's so much that goes into it. I swear after going through this experience, I don't understand how people move so frequently. Some people move every year or two and its costly and stressful so my hat goes off to you if you're one of those people! It's not just the physical move that's tiring, it's all the stuff that goes along with it such as painting, decorating, unpacking and just getting use to a new space.