Are you ready for the Zen life?

I haven't done a new music post in a while so I figured what better way to start a long snowed in weekend than with some new music. Coincidentally it's also G.O.O.D. Friday which is a term coined by Kanye where he releases new songs every Friday in anticipation for his upcoming album release for SWISH. So far he's released Real Friends and No More Parties in L.A. with lack luster results. Personally I liked Real Friends but I'm not really feeling No More Parties in L.A. which features Kendrick Lamar.

Take a listen for yourself

Today Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released a track called White Privilege II highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement and other racist behavior. It's not necessarily a song but more so a topic of discussion and his way of shedding light on a topic that needs to be discussed. No matter how uncomfortable it makes us.
True story... the other day a co-worker who is in the US on a work visa from Canada (might I add) said he sees no problem with racial profiling. That's because it doesn't happen to you. Then in the same breathe reminds me that he's had a black girlfriend in the past. Ummmm... ok. So your past relationship with "black" girl gives you a pass to conveniently belittle a issue that is clearly an injustice occurring far to often? GTFOHWTBS!!! (For those not familiar with the term and need me to break down text lingo this stands for "get the FUCK outta here with that bullshit!) But... that's a discussion for another day. For now, just enjoy the music.

On another topic I'm debating on taking a wellness trip to Costa Rica. My girlfriend who loves holistic remedies sent me a link to a resort specializing in it. If you're familiar with the blog then you'll be able to guess it's the same friend who took me to the Korean Spa (Review on Spa). I'm not sure if I'm ready to invest 6 entire days to "tranquility" just yet. LOL... In theory it sounds great but after reading a few reviews on the spa I saw that they also offer drug rehabilitation there and I'm not sold on finding my peace and being all zen-like when someone near by is going through withdrawals. Seems a bit conflicting no? Maybe if there was a 3 day package so I could a teaser but a whole week damn near??? I'm not sure about that. Anyway it's a great deal so if you're into those sorts of things I thought I would share. You guys let me know what you think? Maybe we can all go down to Costa Rica and get our zen on, meet, party while getting massages and colonics?

Speaking of colonics have you ever tried one? OMG.. I have a horror story for you. Now I've had a few colonics but my first time was the absolute worst experience EVER! It was like something from a comedy. We're all friends here so I'll share. I found a place near me in Jersey that offered colonics but I was new to it so I wasn't aware that there was an old method and a new method. I went to a house where an older woman had an office sort of set up like a medical office in home near the front entrance but she had cats all around (clue #1 that I should have walked out). Ignoring the multiple cats, she made me feel at ease and explained the entire thing to me although the machine she was showing me looked a bit antiquated. (clue #2) I undress get up on this machine and she inserts this tube in my ass it begins to insert warm water in me. Okay... this was how I envisioned it anyway but it was a bit uncomfortable. First attempt with the water was fine then it releases and you see stool through a clear tube (this is normal). Next attempt I felt a bit more pressure which she said was normal and then the release. Third injection of water was extreme pressure as she released too much water into me and I said "this feels really uncomfortable" but she insisted it was normal. After a few minutes of extreme pressure I had a full blown explosion! I mean shit was everywhere! No lie... the tube burst out from my ass due to the pressure and poo is just gushing out all over the place. Cats running around like crazy, lady is now panicked saying "this is a breakthrough" and me extremely embarrassed was unable to stop it. I screaming OH NO... I told you and she's running around getting cleaning supplies while a million cats look on. DISGUSTING was an understatement! I had to sit there while this naturally took it's course for a few minutes and then I was completely drained. When I looked around shit was literally everywhere. The walls, the floor, the medical bed, the ceiling... just everywhere! After I stopped leaking the lady comes over to me and says with a straight face... congratulations... you must have had a blockage and now you're free. I paid her, offered to help her out with the mess but she refused and I got the hell out of there. Afterwards I went home and was extremely exhausted. I slept for like 12 hours! Worst experience EVER! Crazy me though went to another place and got the procedure again but the next time it wasn't the same because they had machinery from this century. It was painless and relaxing.

Now with that said take a look at the resort overview video. LOL