Drugs are bad... Okay

During a run to McDonalds with my kids, I heard a young man loudly boasting to his friends that his routine for partying was drinking followed by lines of cocaine so he exclaimed that he should cut out the drinking to get right to the "heavy hitter" and so many things rushed through me while listening to him reducing his potential. Im not surprised that kids find drug use cool especially listening to popular music but my concern was with the rationalization of him and his friends. Out of 4 young men there was no one in their lives to advise them on how drugs stagnant? When I was young, drugs were for junkies and in addition to voluntarily reducing your appearance and appeal to others, the shit cost major money. Why would anyone choose to spend their disposable income on something with such a fleeting effect is beyond me.

With all the obstacles that life provides naturally why do so many people choose to add shit like drugs into the mix which further complicates things? It's like a self inflicted wound. The long term issues it can lead to should foreshadow the temporary feeling of euphoria. In addition if you're young who the hell wants to date a burnout? Your pickings are narrowed because no wants to date someone they view as dead weight. Does young adults not think about their future? I'm grown and I still worry about mine. The price of necessities are continually increasing and that means you have to try harder to get more money for just the basics. Why waste money on drugs?

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