Review of Essie Gel Couture

I love for my nails to look great with a manicure that's chip free but unfortunately I hate spending the money at a nail salon for a manicure because it typically last about 2 days before I notice the chipping. So I either take the time to do my own manicures at home or go without polish. Usually in the winter months, I will spend the time to manicure at home and redo them every 2-3 days because my nails tend to get really dry and brittle during the winter months therefore the polish protects them while retaining some length. Luckily doing them at home isn't costing me anything so I don't mind dedicating the time to tidy up my cuticles and add a bit of color. My only problem with home manicures is as a mom finding a free hour to wait for them to dry is a luxury most moms don't have.


Weekend Political Funny Skits

I'm so over the political messiness and I'm ready to vote and get it over with already. Most people already know who they're voting for and why they're voting for them so while watching the debate and seeing those people who supposedly haven't made up their mind yet baffled me. How can you honestly say that you haven't completely judged the characters of these two candidates so far? That's BS if I've ever seen it but hey. I know who I'm voting for but to be honest I'm not satisfied with either candidate and I honestly wish Bernie had won so there would be no doubts in my mind but that's water under the bridge.

One thing that has been consolation for the entire debauchery is the funny skits that have been circulating. I've compiled my favorites to share with you.


1st round picks in Smart Home Technology

I purchased a new home five months back and although the repairs we want to make are minor and cosmetic, my home still has a long way to go. When we were in the process of shopping I envisioned a contemporary smart home filled with tech wizardry. What we have now is not too far off from being up to par with the latest tech for smart homes but it's not entirely wow worthy either and that's what I think technology is missing today. When I think of improvements that I want, I think of meal prep like defrosting drawer in the fridge, or a vacuum that set to run at 1pm.

Although my house is coming together on the tech side, there are still a few gadgets that I definitely have my eye on for the future. Life and the nuances of chores should be getting less complicated as technology simplifies our days. Things like scrubbing tiles and meal planning should be getting easier as our time spent outside the home increases leaving less time for home chores. I'm also not a huge fan of wasting money either so I would be more willing to invest in the latest and greatest as long as it enriches my family and our time together. Let's face it, life isn't getting any easier but our daily choirs that have been the same throughout generations should be, so I've compiled a list of the gadgets that I found to be game changers for the market leading the way to the new and improved smart home.


Please get your Life!!!

Listening to the radio and they kept mentioning the "Slut Walk" which took place in LA this past weekend so I had to hit IG to see what the hell it was all about and I was not impressed. Sooo basically Amber Rose who became infamous for who she has slept with decided that she was tired of being branded a "whore" and decided to create an event to bring attention to "slut shaming" and rape culture. Which really means generate revenue for herself because she needs to earn an income somehow to sustain that Hollywood lifestyle. Despite that oversight  I in no way believe that her intentions were to bring light to rape culture which she claims and I'm not bothered by the way in which a woman makes her money. Go get it but what left a scowl on my face while browsing IG was the fact that so many women really don't see a problem with being affiliated with the term slut. No one should be allowed to brand you with a title and if they do happen to label you, why embrace it? People are going to say a lot of things about you in life. Some good and some bad but the key is to disregard those who have issues with you and to keep it moving as long as it's not impacting your well-being or livelihood who cares what people think.