Your favorite athletes are budding venture capitalist

Kobe Bryant has finally revealed what he'll be doing with all his time now that he's retired from the NBA. He's partnered with Jeff Stibel to form Bryant Stibel in which he's now a venture capitalist. The two have been actively investing in separate projects since 2013 but has partnered to officially form their firm based out of Los Angeles with a combined $100 million dollars looking to invest in technology, media and data which in today's market is pretty much all investor capitalist are looking for. Kobe joined the ranks of other athletes such as Carmelo Anthony and Steph Curry who have been known to invest in start up ventures but remain silent about their involvement.

With the rapid technological growth and advances, it seems that there will be no shortage in ventures for them to invest. Taking a look at what's being developed around the world recently and you'll possibly be willing to take a leap of faith as well. For example in Turkey a mobile device repair man has invented a privacy screen for your cell phone which only allows the user to view phone content if you're wearing the compatible glasses. To the normal eye the screen appears white but your phone is linked to custom eyewear embedded with a chip compatible with a chip linked to the phone. Small wonders indeed! So get to inventing guys. Maybe one of your basketball elite will invest in your invention.

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