Beyonce put out personal pics on her website!

Just in case you haven't heard or seen the pics that Beyonce put out to commemorate her 37 bday here ya go! During the same time I figured we can chat about some fashion too because in some of the pictures she drop some definite fashion jewels and I love a good eye catching piece. Especially when it comes to accessories.

This diamond encrusted neck choker is the same that was recently worn by Gigi.
Super CUTE with anything!

Just thought these coats on both her and Hay were cute!

HAND CUFF that's blinged out and a nude lip.
Cannot go wrong with a nude lip and heavy on unique accessories

Ya'll gonna learn about a good waist bag Hunny!

look at that succulent plant wall
The matching set off the shoulder with the heart chandelier diamonds ain't too bad either!
Also you're going to need to invest in a pair of clear wedges that goes with EV-er-Y-Thing! 

I've always said investing in a Great Trench and coat PERIOD is a must!!!!
This trench is cute

Blinged out Clear Heels AGAIN and that WAIST BAG!!!
I'm a FAN of a great waist bag! Guaranteed to not lose anything


Top Fall Accessory Trends

I know we all hate to admit it but summer is officially coming to a close. However that doesn't mean that we have to submit to dull fashion. Typically we all tend to wear more layers when the weather starts to cool down so why not make the most of that fashion trend and layer up! With these layering tips you're definitely on trend and your definitely fall on the best dressed list no matter what you're wearing with these tips. Why settle for boring when you can stand out while keeping cost on the low.   

Statement Jewelry is definitely a trend that you can wear year round. Why not stack them? It also incorporates a bit of edge and a pop of color during the fall months when most tend to wear dull and drab colors. Punch things up a bit with an ear crawler that's blinged out! Or stack-able rings or ear cuffs. Paired with anything these are sure to get noticed. 

Pair your denim with lace socks! It's definitely a eye catching switch up that simple and chic! It can also bring new life to a boring shoe. If you're familiar with the site then you know I advocate for every girl to own a pair of cheap pair of black pumps or flats that go with everything! You don't have to break the bank on a pair of notice me shoes. A frugal basic shoe can easily take you from the office to happy hour or simply step out looking BOSS if you pair them with a lace bootie sock! You can even take it a step further by adding a bling ribbon to the top of the sock to hold them in place. If you haven't noticed  these are super sexy too! You don't even need to see the rest of the outfit.
So... are you catching what I'm throwing??? You DO NOT have to re-invent your wardrobe to be fashionable. Add a few key pieces to spice it up and all of them can be found on Nifty To FAB! Reasonably priced and has all your accessories to keep you DIFFERENT (in a good way). I swear by these!!!!

Another way to stand out is with your hair accessories. We all tend to drift towards the easy hair style that we're comfortable with. Make that easy style POP with hair bling! It's another super easy, fast way to take you from average to fashion goddess in no time. Trust me!!! I'm the most fashionable person in my office and it literally takes me 30 minutes or less each day to get dressed. I am not a morning person. I'm not super fond on spending hours on make-up either so that 30 minutes includes my make-up and skin care regimen. I tend to over accessorize and it's simply done with a few key noticeable pieces. 



This is a real dog toy!!! Which one of ya'll freaks out here letting their dog do this to them???


Jordyn and Megan... Living their Best Life!

I am not mad at Jordyn for solidifying her HOT GIRL SUMMER with the creator Megan the Stallion. I enjoy RAP music! That's my shit and Megan is definitely enjoying the fame off her Fever album. She dropped a few jewels in Pimpin because all women should take note because these are words to live by FOREVER!

"Damn I want some head but I chose the dough instead... I could never ever let a nigg* fuck me out my bread!       Ain't no dick alive that could make me lose my mind.."  
For those of you who need a translation, it basically means get your fucking mind right ladies and don't let any man discourage you from getting your money FIRST! Do what you feel is right for you and if he's not with it or can't see that you have ambition goals for financial freedom then he's not for you (PERIOD). I don't care how many butterflies you have thinking about him or enjoy his company for right now. The picture is bigger than how he makes you feel at the moment! A lot of  women let "feelings" control their actions. NOPE... don't play yourself. Didn't even like the song at first but once I heard the message... I was sold on Megan!
Jordyn's out here trying to get her a bag and I'm not mad at her! Keep them talking about you and people will keep trying to link up which will increase her exposure and secure those earnings. That's the business model she's following and it may not be for you or me... but it's definitely a recipe. Good luck to all the ladies out there paving a road to their own success. I love to see ladies WINNING!