Netflix and Chill???

The weather on the east coast has been brutal as of late so what better past time is there than watching Netflix. I've been Netflix and chilling for a minutes now with the recent holidays and timeoff from work so when I stumbled upon a documentary named "Requiem for the American Dream" and it was truly disheartening. At the same time it was an intelligent depiction of what the American Dream and democracy has progressed into. It really does a phenomenal job of explaining the illusion of democracy and how the elite keep the masses cloaked in fear and doubt to exploit the masses for cheap labor while lining their pockets like no other time in history. It summarizes our society up perfectly and explains that working for pennies on the dollar is actually the modern day slavery and has been so for a very long time. Narrated by Noam Chomsky a political activist and historian. It's definitely worth the time if you're looking for something good to watch and eventhough it's non-fiction and a bit dry, I highly recommend it.


New Year... New Office

We’re now 2 days into the new year and I’m officially about to head back into the office tomorrow but it’s daunting. I’ve become extremely comfortable browsing online stores for deals and staying at home with family. So much in fact that I’ve invested a few dollars in sprucing up my own home office for the new year and adding a few things that can transition from my home office to my actual office and I thought I would share.

I definitely believe in writing things down so imagine my surprise when I saw a super cute journal online for cheap. I mean I literally have “to-do list”, shopping list, personal notes and business notes on Post It’s all over my office and I needed a new cute notebook that I can carry around with me everywhere. Also my little comic desk top calendar ended so I was definitely in need of a replacement and I got both a notebook and a cute calendar from www.niftysgits.com. I mean it’s really cute stuff!!! How could I actually resist especially since I’ve been taking advantage of the all after Christmas sales? Take a look around and don’t say I’ve never done anything for you.


Is Watching Porn a Form of Cheating?

Do you or your partner watch porn? Does the question have stipulations and is watching porn apart from your spouse a form of cheating? I recently read numerous articles about porn being unhealthy for a relationship and I must say that I totally disagree with that analysis. People get hung up on the idea of porn interfering with their spouses sex drive and is believed to be addictive for some people looking for a quick dopamine high. However I do not think porn in itself can interfere with a healthy sex life within a healthy relationship. The key word that I keep reiterating is "healthy" and what a healthy relationship looks like is completely dependent upon the people involved. What's acceptable for me in my relationship may be cause of concern within another therefore what's considered "healthy" is debatable. However I believe porn can help remedy the routine that sometimes is associated with the monotony of a long term relationship.

One of the main arguments about watching porn was that the brain doesn’t differentiate between watching a sex scene and wanting to physically act out with the person they're watching. It's suggested that if a person is watching porn then they’re lusting over someone else and their spouse loses out because they’re not their primary source of desire but is that really valid? For me watching the act of sex in no way makes me want to partake in the session I'm viewing but it does serve as the catalyst for arousal which gets me in the mood. I can't speak for everyone but for me it takes more then just the physical appearance for me to want to sleep with you. 

To further dissect the theory that porn somehow is a form of betrayal we must first ask if the idea of your spouse getting aroused by something or someone other than you is a cause of concern? For me it is not. A relationship is not a form of mind control and we are constantly in contact with things or other people we may find to be appealing.  Many things can be sources for sexual arousal for both men and women. Something as simple as reading erotic passages or an intense glances can get the juices flowing or the imagination wondering. Cheating by definition is the violation of a partners expectations that triggers an emotional feeling of betrayal. So as long as you're honest with your partner about your likes and dislikes and collaboratively discuss what you both consider to be an act of betrayal then watching a bit of porn is completely fine.


Finding Great Leadership

It's annual review season which is either dreadfully agonizing or exciting depending on if you're expecting a bonus, raise or promotion. If you're one of the lucky people who actually like their jobs and manager then you should be okay but for those who begrudgingly work for a boss they dislike then it's a toss-up. You keep up the facade for now with a smile on your face but pay close attention to these key warning signs that enables you to decipher if your job is the place stay or if you need to update your resume.

If you're working for a job that isn't horrible but your manager is then this is usually a sign of the work culture. I've been here myself and the golden rule is to look for great leadership in a company that you respect and is respectful of you and your contributions to the company. In other words make sure you like your company's leadership or hatch a plan to seek employment elsewhere. If not you'll be forced one day to find other employment because the business will eventually fail.  One of the primary reasons businesses continually miss the mark with objectives whether those goals are minor or major is its lack of  investing in their leadership staff.  Seldomly do these types of companies progress long-term and that indirectly impacts your salary because if they're not progressing then how can you? Leadership staff needs to be solid because its the foundation on which the company is built and if these individuals are incapable of adequately leading teams then they are missing a huge mark. Too often people are pushed up the ranks due to seniority instead of having to actually prove that they're capable of leading and they ultimately lose focus or motivation. How can a company expect all of it's leadership staff to possess outstanding inherent qualities if they're not willing to invest in their staff? If management is lacking the fundamental leadership characteristics then the entire team will follow suite and you are on a sinking ship.

Great leaders should possess certain characteristics that have been proven to work. In turn once the quantitative goals are set, leadership sets the tone which flows down to their respective teams who in return meets expectations while crushing objectives.  If your management staff isn't focused on driving success then the team will surely follow. Let's delve into why these traits are great motivators on driving a successful team who are fully invested in the success of the collective objective.
inherent qualities of good leadership