Beyonce's Lemonade

So Beyonce debuted Lemonade on HBO and it was interesting. It's been looping again and again as I type this out and more than an album, it's an artistic collage of expression. She expressed her love for her husband and family. The empathy and protest for the loss of black lives with a quiet tribute to those mothers impacted. She celebrated women and love. She expressed her dark side and crazy jealous womanly side! Haven't we all gone through those same range of emotions? But for those who are yearning for the new music, it was released at midnight on Tidal. If you have it then you received the ping! LOL I haven't listened to the released album on Tidal yet but I'm sure it includes the music from the HBO special. A few of the songs from the special seemed to be about her husband cheating on her which was a little odd because I hope that he isn't but who knows. She may have just picked songs from writers who followed a theme. Women sometime need motivation and a bit of stress to spark the creative juices so maybe it's just to make it spicy.

The best part to me was her little skit showing her and Jay displaying their matrimonial bond and really expressing their love. It was cute to see and then they incorporated their baby girl and clips from special days in their lives such as their wedding and the wedding of her mother. She also had a few guest appearances like Zendaya and Serena Williams displaying her body in full flaunt mode. while twerking.  I was like Ok now Serena... We see you... GET IT  Mama! Serena was unapologetic bold, curvaceous and definitely feeling herself as she should. That body takes work and is woman who has mastered her own craft so she has every right to display that work!

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