Playboy features Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks... how can I sum her up for those of you who are unfamiliar with her? Loud and raw would be best but I really like this girl! Granted... she's young and a bit naive but she's only 23 years old and at that age most people are young dumb and full of ____! So I've heard (LOL)! I was a know it all 23 year old at one point in time too so I definitely can relate to her attitude and her fire. Despite all of her Twitter antics and candid remarks, I love her music and she is a musician for profit last I checked. I purchased her entire album on ITunes and that's something I rarely do. Normally I pick and choose only the tracks that I like and that's rarely an entire album but Broke with Expensive Taste is truly a great body of work. I may have been biased too because I actually liked some of her bold Twitter outburst. If not anything she's comical and candid and I love it! 

All of her antics have landed her on the cover of Playboy April 2015 issue and it's a real bold read! I'm not sure if the publication was the correct one to publicize her plight against middle class America especially since Playboy's core demographic is middle class American white men but hey! It is what it is right? And she's entitled to her opinion but I do feel that she'll regret doing the "All-American Classic" Playboy magazine for many issues. It may not be immediately because she's a controversial artist and again... she's 23 but I do feel that there are plenty of other magazines that would have been a better choice for her interview but if controversy is what she's looking for then seek and you shall find. Coincidentally, her article is featured in th
e same issue as their interview with Dick Cheney which I find hysterical! 



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