Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday BFFers! Well I've been a little slow posting recently but if you recall I started a new job so I've been trying to get into a new routine and it's been difficult. Actually the new job is far from difficult. As far as functionality goes this new job is way less than what I previously did and it's a slower paced environment. My biggest draw back however is that it takes more time out of my day with the commute so I'm wondering if the extra dollars are worth it in the long run?

When I worked at my previous job I had down time but I feel that the people employed at my new employer have mastered the art of looking busy for appearance purposes only. They stay in the office for obscene amount of hours to appear that their actually over worked which is crazy to me. There are office hours for a reason and I like to adhere to those as much as possible for the most part. I do understand that occasionally, work demands that you put in extra time but it shouldn't be done for appearance sake. I will not be participating. Especially when it takes me over an hour to commute. I also discovered that many people have left the company and they suggested that the recent trend is due to managements push for a change in culture and that I'm a part of that "new culture". It's been described to me as people who are informed and are willing to push for more efficiencies to minimize overhead so I took that as they see me as a potential threat instead of an ally. Whatever right. We shall see about this one and it left me feeling like the picture below. Hahahha

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