Tricks to beat the odds for your body type

My birthday past last week and naturally I began to think about how old I'm getting and my waistline. I swear I notice a difference in my shape each month damn near. I used to to just feel me gaining weight, now I not only feel when I gain weight but I see the weight that been there fall slightly differently. It used to be compact fat! Now it's getting lose and giggly and jello thighs is not the move. That's a birthday gift I don't need so I've been looking into if it's possible for your body type to change and as I suspected it can change over time!

I can no longer eat some of my favorite foods nor can I neglect some sort of activity if I just want to maintain the body I see in the mirror. It really is a conscious effort and I never paid this much attention to what use to be simply eating what I wanted when I wanted to stay the same or a salad to drop a few. Now there are rules and all sorts of trickery to try to keep you in shape. So I found a chart that really does spell it out for you and it's quite accurate. I tried it along with my usual spurts in the gym and I actually lost a few pounds.

The Ovary/Gonad shape - This is my personal body type category and I actually appreciate this body type because it's well proportioned. You just have to pay attention to detail because one can easily gain weight all over and spiral quickly down hill. This is labeled the ovary shape because the ovaries produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone which control the development of sexual organs and secondary sex characteristics, including the placement of the fat layer around the body.

The ovarian hormones also interact with other pituitary gland hormones and if these become dysfunctional and overly produce estrogen making more fat. When this begins to happen one of the most noticeable symptom excess storage in the lower abdominal area directly in the front typically labeled a pooch, hips and butt. People with this body type can often sea-saw back and forth between   thyroid shape when producing too much estrogen. When you have the ovary/gonad shape sugar is NOT your friend. Other side effects or symptoms to assist you in determining if this is your body type is: headaches, severe PMS, bloating, depression facial hair, heavy menstrual cycles, mood swings, constipation, fluctuating sexual desire  and acne which I've struggled with all my life.

Foods to avoid are chips, spices, heavy creams, butter, desserts, caffeine, fats, oils, pork, sugar, ice cream and fried anything and never begin your day with just a cup of coffee as you tend to really enjoy spicy, creamy foods that tend to stimulate the sex glands. .
To really see quick results in weight lose you should run or walk briskly regularly and incorporate weights to really see a change. Because you're weight tends to distribute evenly you'll see a more gradual reduction overall.

The Thyroid shape- tends to see their weight gain all over their body and not just in one place. Many thyroid body types are triggered by the hormone estrogen, and since estrogen slows over time the weight begins to creep up on you due to that lack in hormone. Thyroid hormones help speed up the body's metabolism for fat burning and energy production so when you're performing at your peak you tend to be able to pretty much eat whatever you like. When you begin to notice the slowing of your estrogen, some of those warning signs are hair loss, saggy skin under the arms, ridged nails, and loss of eyebrow hair. Your tend to have a fondness for breads which provide a quick pick me up.You also tend to get cold a lot and have low body temperature, can suffer from insomnia, dry skin, and can easily become diagnosed with high cholesterol.

Foods to avoid are sugar, white flour, bread, pasta and rice. Caffeine is not advised and neither is red meat. However you can eat more fish, chicken, eggs and vegetables.

Your body type will benefit most from aerobic exercise and water resistance training.

Adrenal body type- If you're heavier in your mid-section then you're most likely an adrenal body type.This body type is equally  Hormones produced by these glands help balance blood pressure and blood sugar. If your adrenal glands become exhausted, the body will no longer handle stress efficiently causing physical, mental and emotional symptoms. You tend to be a worrier and most of your growth hormone is released at night. If your adrenal gland is overly active and you're trying to lose weight by overly working out it may be actually counter-productive and it can make your body exhausted and stressed further. This can cause you to becoming extremely irritable.

Adrenal body types actually feel that they need coffee to stimulate and wake them. You tend to feel better after you've eaten a meal. You tend to be shaped with broader shoulders and strong legs and you crave fatty foods so you'll need to stay away from excessive fatty foods and salty foods as well.

Workout on your mid-section and do leg lifts for toning those mid section muscles work best to benefit your body type.  

The Liver body type- Your body type is usually categorized as having a "pot belly" and tends to be more common in men than in women. It's also called the lymphatic body shape. Your cravings are usually for alcohol, fried foods, soda and junk food which tends to be unhealthy and triggers weight gain. To avoid excessive weight gain it's best to make lunch your largest meal. High repetition weights, running, walking, and circuit training really does the trick for you when you're trying to shed pounds. You tend to gain weight rapidly because your weight can easily be categorized as water weight. You can be very irritable in the mornings and are prone to gas and digestive issues because of a slower digestive system.

To cut down on water weight naturally you should incorporate ginger and try cooking with lots of herbs including dandelion. You should also cut salt from your diet entirely and drink tons of water because it flushes your system.