Thankful Monday

I swear I woke up today not wanting to face the conflicts that I knew were awaiting me but through it all I'm thankful. Mondays are dreadful to think about on Sunday around 3pm. LOL But I'm thankful for what I have because it could definitely be a lot worse. Despite my mixed emotions on this Monday morning I am grateful and I've learned to not let the things I cannot change alter my emotional state but it's hard. It's difficult to not let the pressures of all those external factors impact how you feel but you must remain level headed and continue to do your personal best while understanding that you'll get through whatever hurdles life throws at you. Appreciate yourself, your family and your peace of mind and learn how to control your emotions with these simple steps.

4 steps that help alleviate stress and anxiety...
Exercise daily to help you feel good and maintain your health. Exercise releases good endorphins into our blood stream so make sure you get the heart pumping a bit each day for maximum benefits. It really does make a difference.

Laugh when you can. Laughter is always mood enhancer which is why I started out my post with a little bit of Debo for a chuckle.

Meditate. Meditation helps us to silence our brains so that we can calm our internal chatter and get centered. The less background chatter, the more we're able to concentrate and to really see what's going on. Silence is golden even for our internal selves so try practicing a bit of meditation 2 minutes out of every 3 hours and then increase from there.

It's all in perception. Try to take everything with a grain of salt. Remember we cannot change other people and their actions but we can always control how we react to what goes on around us. The trick is to not let everything get to you or you'll be highly upset and tense most of the time. Don't let the world do that to you.

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