Recap of Award Shows

Last night Black Girls Rock aired and as expected it didn't disappoint. Surprisingly there was only Tracee Ellis Ross who hosted unlike previous years where she shared the responsibility with Regina King. Despite being a solo host this year she still did a great job and I absolutely loved all the costume changes.

On Sunday if you missed The iHeart Radio Awards show hosted by Jason Derulo you honestly didn't miss much. Jason as a host just came across as trying entirely too damn hard to seem cool and came across as extra corny but hey... it's a check right and I'm sure his fan based liked it!

As for my favorite awards show of the entire year I loved Tracee.... She was paying homage to her mom here and she killed it. Get it Ms. Ellis Ross! Her body stay on 10! #bodygoals

 And ya'll know Riri's one of my favorites so here she is with her speech.

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